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Step Forward With a Pure Heart

Let’s clean out the dusty chambers of our hearts today. Whatever old pains or wounds still lurk in the shadows, today is a perfect day to let them all go so that you can purify the love in your heart. We are in the Lion’s Gate, with a moon in Scorpio, and Venus about to exit her shadow. When our soul remains attached to the past, our heart is not open to receiving new love. Let the waters of emotion flow through you now because stagnant waters will only pollute the sea of your future.

The Five of Pentacles in the reverse indicates an opportunity to put an end to the energies of lack and scarcity in your life. Walk away from emptiness, pain, and sorrow. Fill your cup of love with fresh and pure new water. Gravitate toward things that fill your soul. Honor your heart. Be committed to your own joy.

Whenever we encounter pain in our lives, there is a place in our own hearts where we are self inflicting the same energy. Do you abandon your own dreams or needs at times? Be thankful for these messages because they are windows into our souls. Now you have the clarity to self-heal. The King of Cups represents mastery over emotion.

Don’t choose a memory of love. Don’t choose the possibility of love. Don’t choose the longing for love. Where is love in your life in this very moment? That is all that is real. Be love. Choose love in the present. The rest is illusion – a crack in the cup of love through which your heart will slowly empty itself. Fill your cup instead.

Daily Affirmation

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