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Daily Tarot – Celebrate Your Creations to Attain Abundance!

If you want your garden to flourish, tend to the flowers.
Celebrate your creations the empress tarot card meanings major arcana affirmation

Take this positive affirmation for abundance into your hands and watch it grow as you celebrate your creations!

The Empress takes the time to smell the flowers. She practices gratitude for the beautiful and joyful things in her life, and she takes the time to enjoy them.

So, embody this abundance as you say to the universe “I celebrate my creations!

If you want your garden to flourish, you must tend to the flowers.

Nourish the soil and give the plants plenty of water and sunshine. Give them plenty of room to grow. It is the same with your life, tarot friend. If we water the weeds our garden will not look the way we intended.

Celebrate your creations embody The Empress tarot card meanings if you want your garden to flourish tend to the flowers

Celebrate the flowers. Invest your time and focus in the beautiful things that bring you happiness and joy. Do not water the weeds.

The Empress celebrates her creations, so celebrate your creations too. Connect with your gratitude, and the rest will follow. Give yourself permission to be joyful.

And every time you choose to allow yourself to do something that brings you joy, say it out loud again: “I celebrate my creations“. This is how we embody the lessons of the tarot.

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