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Daily Tarot – You Are Infinite Possibility Like a Beautiful Seed!

Whatever we can imagine, we can create.
I am infinite possibility positive affirmation for manifesting the magician tarot card meanings major arcana

The first thing to remember when you’re manifesting is that your potential is infinite. You are infinite possibility.

Reflect on that when you use this positive affirmation for manifesting.

Whatever we can imagine, we can create. It may not always happen in the way we expect, and it may not happen on our timeline.

But without the dream, there is no vision. And without the vision, there is nothing to create.

Dare to dream, and then embody that dream every moment of every day. This is how we embody the magic of The Magician tarot card.

you are infinite possibility affirmation inspirational quote whatever we can imagine we can create embody the magician tarot card meaning

Remember that infinite possibility is available to you in everything you do. In every choice, in every feeling and perspective you choose to give energy and attention to.

The world can be as you dream it because you are infinite possibility. Go and embody this affirmation for manifesting. Be like the dandelion and let your seeds of dreams fly!

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