Free Tarot Readings

Check out some of these free online tarot card readings and first time special offers! If you have a quick question, or just want to get a sense of the energies around you, try one of these tarot games! Or, book a full reading if you want to know more!

Free Online Tarot Readings

Professional Tarot Readings

Need a personalized reading for some deeper insight? Professional readers have years of experience and know all of the subtle ways that the cards relate. Plus, they bring psychic and intuitive abilities to your reading. Here are some great places to start!

First 3 Minutes Free!
First 3 Minutes Free!

$9.99 Free Credits First Time!

Tarot Card Spreads

There are many different kinds of tarot card spreads! Some are designed for love relationships, others for a specific question, or matters like career and health. Some are simple and some are really complex. The more cards you use in your reading the more detailed the outcome will be!

Tarot Card Love Spreads

Some tarot card spreads are designed specifically to answer your questions about love and relationships. There are many different kinds of romance and love tarot card spreads! Check out the the tarot card meanings to fully understand the significance of each card in its placement. For deeper insight consider getting a reading by a professional psychic. They can dive into the deeper messages and can also tell you what the card combinations mean.

Tarot Card Reading Tips

If you’ve never seen or done a tarot card reading before, don’t worry! Here are some basic tips on preparation and pulling cards.

  1. Clear the energy of your deck: you can do this by knocking on the cards, smudging the deck with sage, sorting them back into their original order, or any other method of clearing away external energy.
  2. Shuffle the cards well while thinking about your question.
  3. Draw the cards one by one as you think of the question you are investigating and place them into the correct position of the spread in the order of the numbers.
  4. Interpret the meaning!