Tarot Flower

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

3 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Step 1:

Learn the Craft

Learn Tarot Cards, Goddess Rituals, Psychic Practices & More!

tarot flower divine feminine tarot for goddesses

Discover everything you need to get started with Tarot and other divine feminine practices! My Goddess Blog will teach you how to empower yourself to tap into your divine feminine intuition. 

Step 2: 

Transform & Empower

With Divine Feminine Goddess Yoga, Affirmations & Meditations

Vanessa Hylande Goddess Yoga photo credit Emzero

This is where true manifestation begins, sisters! Now that you’ve learned the craft, it’s time to put everything into practice! Check out this collection of divine feminine practices to help you embody the lessons of the Tarot: 

Step 3:

Join Our Community!

Goddess Retreats and Online Goddess Circles

Goddess Yoga Retreats 2024 Lago Maggiore, Italy

Join our Goddess Community! Share the magic of divine feminine practices with us on our private online community platform and at Goddess Yoga Retreats and events! We will embody the divine feminine through:

  • yoga & dance
  • live tarot card readings
  • goddess circles
  • meditation & sound baths
  • body work
  • rituals in nature.

“Vanessa does my tarot readings that are intuitive, inspirational & insightful. She is my go to tarot reader 🤗” – Jaci, France

“I never thought that a woman can change the way how I feel my body – mind – soul. Vanessa made me trust in my inner strength – made me get in touch with my inner goddess and grow in a way I never thought possible 🤍” – Tara, Austria

“Vanessa brings calm and joy to her yoga classes in equal measure. She is a true goddess, and every class leaves you feeling like one too ❤️” – Catriona, Scottland

Goddess Yoga Retreats

Join us in Lago d’Orta or Pantelleria this summer for an amazing week of yoga, dance, summer excursions, friendship. and spiritual practices!

This Summer’s Goddess Yoga Retreats!

Goddess Glow Up

JUNE 30 – JULY 6, 2024

Primal in Pantelleria


AUGUST 12-18, 2024

Work With Vanessa

Tarot Card Readings

Personalized Private Readings

Need some personalized guidance and support regarding big decisions in your life?

Goddess Yoga

Tarot Inspired Yoga Flow

Get inspired, rejuvenated and empowered with this Taort & dance inspired yoga flow method.

Energy Healing

Remove Energetic Blockages

Remove energetic and physcial blockages. In person and remote.

The Personalized Goddess Embodiment Program

Become Your Best Self

Vanessa Hylande Goddess Yoga photo credit Emzero

Want some personalized guidance? In this one-on-one, live program we will:

1. Connect to your spirit guides through intuitive tarot card readings, Goddess channeling, moon magic rituals, and more.

2. Liberate your mind from negativity with sound bath meditations, shadow work, journaling, and one-on-one support.

3. Strengthen your physical body through yoga, dance, and body conditioning.

4. Get introduced to a vibrant community of incredible human beings on their own Goddess path.

The Goddess Blog

Everything You Need to Know About Tarot, Goddess Embodiment and More!