Goddess Yoga Series

Tarot Inspired Yoga, Meditation & Music

Join me for tarot inspired yoga, ritual and sound bath meditation! Each class is 1.5 hours long and includes a tarot card reading, full dance inspired yoga class and soundbath meditation during shavasana. In person or online.

Vanessa Hylande tarot card readings goddess yoga

Hi beautiful! I’m Vanessa, and I’m on a mission to bring feminine intuitive practices into your life. I’m here to help you trust your intuition, access your inner power, and connect with the divine through Tarot and other divine feminine practices.

Here are 3 ways we can get started together:

1. Learn Tarot, Divination & Spellcasting Basics

2. Transform and Empower Yourself With Divine Feminine Practices

3. Join us Live and Become a Part of the Community

3 Steps to Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Step 1:

Learn the Craft

Tarot, Oracle, Ritual and More

tarot flower divine feminine tarot for goddesses

Discover everything you need to get started with Tarot and other divine feminine practices! Learn how to empower yourself to tap into your divine feminine intuition. In this free tool box you’ll find: 

Step 2: 

Transform & Empower 

With Divine Feminine Practices

Vanessa Hylande Goddess Yoga Tarot inspired yoga for the divine feminine

This is where true manifestation begins, sisters! Now that you’ve learned the craft, it’s time to put everything into practice! Check out this collection of divine feminine practices to help you embody the lessons of the Tarot: 

Step 3:

Join the Community

Goddess Retreats, Circles and More!

It’s all about community and sisterhood here! Share the magic of divine feminine practices with me at our Goddess Yoga Retreats in gorgeous locations around the world, where we will embody the divine feminine through:

  • yoga & dance
  • live tarot card readings
  • goddess circles
  • meditation & sound baths
  • body work
  • rituals in nature.

Goddess Yoga Retreats

Unleash your inner goddess and “Goddess Yourself” at Goddess Yoga Retreats! These yoga holidays will leave you feeling restored, empowered and beautiful!


Personalized Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reading $75
daily tarot oracle messages the fire element fairy wisdom oracle

I will channel the messages from your spirit guides and answer your questions on anything from major life decisions, love & romance, twin flame guidance, career & finances or messages from passed on loved ones.

Full 1.5 hr Tarot Inspired Goddess Yoga Group Classes – $22

Discover your inner peace and strength with a 1.5-hour Tarot inspired Goddess Yoga class (online or in person.) Feel inspired, rejuvenated, strong and empowered with this dance inspired yoga flow method.

Personalized Tarot Inspired Sound Bath Meditation – $55

Relax deeply and go on a spiritual journey with a restorative 20 minute, personalized sound bath meditation. I will pull cards and channel the messages from the divine for your sound bath meditation. Includes a recording for you to keep and reuse forever any time.

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