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What is Astrology?

Did you know that the Greeks named all of the stars in the sky? And when groups of stars, called constellations, reminded them of animals or strange creatures, they gave them names and stories too!

There are twelve constellations, that make up what is called “the zodiac.”  There is one constellation for each month of the year (they don’t all quite match up exactly). Each zodiac sign is supposed to have some special qualities. Are you curious to find out what your sign says about your talents and special gifts?


TFK – Capricorn Birthday Message!

Happy Birthday Capricorn kids! It’s time to go get your dream! Here’s your astrology and tarot message for your new solar year! Embody your dreams and they will come true!


All About Capricorn

The sign of Capricorn is a funny looking goat-fish, and includes anyone born between December 22nd – January 20th. Capricorn kids are very responsible and disciplined. I bet you’re a great student and always get your homework done on time!

Your Special Birthday Message!

Want to learn more about the zodiac sign Capricorn? You can also find your special birthday message here!

What Are Tarot Cards Anyway?

Tarot cards are a lot like books! But instead of telling our stories by writing words on paper, we tell our stories through the pictures on the cards.

Just like every good book needs a good author, a good tarot message needs a good storyteller! Tarot readers get their stories by listening to their imagination and feelings, which is called intuition.

Do you ever notice that something just feels right? Or maybe something feels wrong? That’s your intuition talking, and tarot readers let their intuition tell the story through their cards.


What Kinds of Cards Can I Use?

You can use regular playing cards like you would use for card games, or you can use tarot, or oracle cards. Maybe you can even use Pokemon cards! I’ve never tried that, but maybe we should! What do you think?


How Do I Play With Tarot Cards?

The way you lay out the cards is really up to you! There is no right or wrong way. Just like when we write a story, you can choose your own adventure.

The important thing is that you think about something specific while you mix, or “shuffle,” the cards. The same way that you imagine a story in your head when you read a book, you can imagine what you want to talk to the cards about while you shuffle them.


How Do I Pick My Cards?

Some people like to take the cards that ‘pop’ out while they’re shuffling, and others like to pick them out one by one. You can do it however you like! It’s all about what feels right and good.


How Do I Tell My Story?

When you go to read your cards, remember what you were thinking about and imagine each card as a little picture book of your own personal story. What do you feel or think of when you look at those pictures? Have fun!!!

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