Tarot Flower Kids

Capricorn Kids – Little Mountain Climbers

Capricorn Kids – Little Mountain Climbers

As an Earth sign Capricorn children are simple but ambitious, down to earth and appreciate the simple things in life. They’re ruled by slow moving Saturn so they take their time to process information in a gradual methodical manner. They’re like little goats climbing up a hill slow and steady. They frequently come across obstacles, making mistakes along the way but are quick to learn from them and continue relentlessly moving forward. Some might underestimate them during the process but once they’ve reached the mountain top, they are untouchable.

At Daily Tarot we love to talk about the current energies and bring you sage advice and inspiration through our free tarot card readings. These readings are general, but will always offer some beautiful and inspirational messages from the major arcana, minor arcana and oracle cards. We always consider the current astrology to give you the most complete assessment of the energetic landscape we are currently in.

Our Tarot Flower Daily Tarot blog will not only discuss traditional tarot, but will also explore ways that you can embody the tarot. This will enable you to begin manifesting abundance and flow in your life, by putting the lessons of the tarot into practice. It’s not always enough to understand things with the mind. Sometimes we need guidance on how to put our spirituality into practice.

If you’d like to learn more about embodiment, join us at our beautiful Goddess Yoga Retreats. Especially if you are an artist and prefer to learn in a holistic way, you have come to the right place. So, if you are ready to move beyond simply learning the tarot card meanings, read on! Enjoy!