Capricorn Birthday!

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Capricorn Birthday Message!

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Happy Birthday Capricorn kids! Welcome to your Tarot for Kids Capricorn birthday message! How old are you this year? What big plans do you have? I hope you have a wonderful birthday month!

When you were born, the sun was in the sign of Capricorn, so we call that your “solar return.” What awesome things do you have coming in for you this year? Let’s play with some oracle and tarot cards to find out!

Tarot for Kids: All About Capricorn

The sign of Capricorn is a funny looking goat-fish, and includes anyone born between December 22nd – January 20th. When you were born, the planets and start were all in one certain place in the sky. Just like magnets can push and pull each other, certain planets go well together and others don’t. Those energies are said to affect your personality!

Since you were born when the sun was in the sign of Capricorn, you’ve got Capricorn energies all around you! That can affect the kind of person you are! It doesn’t make you a certain way – everyone is special and different. But the same way that growing up by the beach might make you really love the beach forever, there are some things special to Capricorns that you might just relate to!

All About You, Cappy!

Capricorn kids are very responsible and disciplined. I bet you’re a great student and always get your homework done on time! Cappies follow the rules and like for things to be organized. You also like traditions and love family time, but who doesn’t, right? Isn’t astrology fun?

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Because Capricorn is an earth sign, and is represented by the goat, you have a reputation for being a little stubborn sometimes. Is that true, Cappy? Be sure to embrace your fish tail and try to stay open to new things and ideas. Sometimes wonderful things come to us in surprising ways – in ways we never could have guessed!

Ready to find out what your birthday tarot card spread says? Keep reading to find out!

Tarot for Kids Capricorn Birthday Message: Go Get Your Dream!

Go ahead and throw yourself into exciting projects with your friends this year. Have you been wanting to have that epic Pokemon battle or soccer game at the park? Do those things that really make you happy. Teaming up with your best friends is also going to keep your energy up this year. Are you liking this tarot card reading yet?

Last year might have been a little tough. Most of the world had big changes to deal with and not all of them were fun. Spend this year getting back what went missing. Whether its friends, family, or your favorite activities, try to find a new way to “replace what you’ve lost.”

But remember, don’t get stuck thinking that you can’t do it. There are always creative solutions to problems if you just think outside of the box! Go ahead and make the world the way you dream of it. But you have to dream it up first!

Remember That You Can Do Anything!

Be strong and confident this year! You have what it takes to make it happen. Any time you feel worry or doubt creep up, just remember to speak your truth.

Always speak with kindness and honesty, but never be afraid to speak up when something feels bad to you. Everybody has the right to be happy and to feel safe and loved! You know what is right and wrong. You know what feels like love and peace, and what doesn’t.

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Tarot for Kids Capricorn Tip: Embody Your Dreams

Close your eyes and make a wish. Send your dream out there and then go and make it happen. That second part is what is really important. It’s not enough to just wish for something. You have to work towards it in everything you do, every day. We call that “embodiment.” So, embody your dreams Cappy, and your dreams will come true before you know it!

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