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The Empress Tarot card meaning major arcana midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

The Empress tarot card is the Venus of the tarot. She represents abundance, fertility, creativity, and beauty. She is the divine feminine archetype, The Great Mother who channels the spirituality of The High Priestess into the physical realm.

The Empress is able to effortlessly manifest abundance all around her. When she turns up in your tarot card reading, you know that things are about to get good!

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The Empress Tarot Card Summarized

The Empress is the fourth card of the Major Arcana. The Fool began his journey and then learned how to manifest as The Magician. Then The High Priestess brought spirituality and intuition into the mix. Now the Empress puts it all together by making it manifest in the physical world. So, what what does the empress card mean? Well, she literally embodies abundance of all forms.

The Empress Tarot Card Upright Card Keywords

  • Abundance
  • Fertility
  • Beauty
  • Creativity

The Empress Tarot Card in the Past

The Empress Tarot card meaning major arcana midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

When The Empress tarot card appears in the past position, you had abundance and stability in your past. Whether it was a beautiful and plentiful childhood, or a fulfilling job that paid well, you come from a stable foundation. There was beauty around you and your creative pursuits were prioritized. You may also have become a mother or had to do with pregnancy and motherhood in some other way. Whatever the case may be, this is forming the foundation for your current situation.

The Empress Tarot Card in the Present

The Empress Tarot card meaning major arcana midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

In the present position, The Empress tarot card indicates that you are currently surrounded by abundance and beauty. Abundance is not always in the form of money. We can be abundant in love, creativity, beauty, health. Anything that supports and nourishes mind, body and soul.

The Empress tarot card in the present position illustrates that you are surrounded by this energy. Depending on the surrounding cards, it may be that you are being encouraged to recognize and embrace the abundance in your life.

Practice gratitude. Find the beauty in the small moments. Find abundance in your surroundings and nurture those things that speak from your heart and soul.

The Empress Tarot Card in the Future

The Empress Tarot card meaning major arcana midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

When The Empress tarot card appears in the future position, you are about to come into a period of beauty and abundance. This is definitely the best place for The Empress to show up!

You have some amazing things in store for you, beyond money and stability. You will be coming into abundance in all forms – love, creativity, health, and money. The Empress manifests abundance in the physical world, and soon you will be too.

The Empress in Your Love Reading

The Empress Tarot card meaning major arcana midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

Love and abundance tarot readings always welcome the appearance of The Empress. In your love reading, The Empress tarot card indicates a fulfilling, stable, and balanced energy.

Whether this is your energy, your partner’s, or the energy of the relationship as a whole, this is a fantastic card to get!

In a love reading, this tarot card indicates possible pregnancy and motherhood, so keep that in mind as you move forward!

But most importantly, we cannot find true love with another until we love ourselves, so always begin with self-love!

The Empress in Your Career Reading

the empress tarot card in love reading

Whatever you are pursuing in terms of your career, it is going to have a positive outcome. In your career reading, The Empress indicates that success, abundance and stability will be yours. You are on a good path that will lead to your fulfillment, comfort and happiness.

If this card is appearing in the advice position, be sure to stay true to those things that nurture your soul. Invest in your own creativity and choose a path that makes you feel beautiful and emotionally, spiritually, and physically fulfilled.

The Empress in Your Health Reading

the empress tarot card meanings major arcana embody
This beautiful The Empress card is from The White Sage Tarot Deck.

In your health reading, The Empress is a wonderful card to receive. She portends well-being and comfort. She is also a card of fertility and pregnancy, so you may want to schedule that doctor’s appointment if you’re not sure.

If she is in the advice position, take care of yourself. Nurture yourself with healthy foods, plenty of rest, fresh air and most of all laughter! Make the effort to pull yourself out of any funks or boring routines. The Empress is full of creativity and happiness. Make the effort to embody these energies.

The Empress in Your Spirituality Reading

The Empress tarot card in your spirituality reading indicates that you have progressed from The High Priestess. You have succeeded in bringing your spiritual gifts into the physical world. You are now ready to manifest.

The Empress Reversed

Practise self love with The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress reversed can be overindulgent, lazy and co-dependent. Too much of a good thing can lead to trouble. If this card appears in the reverse position, the energy of the archetype is out of balance in one extreme or the other.

Either you are living with a lack mentality that is blocking your abundance, or your over-indulgence has lead to self-destructive energies. Take a moment to reassess.

The Empress tarot card in the reverse is a sign that you need to self-reflect and make and effort to bring the energies of this archetype back into balance.

Symbology of the The Empress Tarot Card

the empress tarot card meaning rider waite deck major arcana

The Rider Waite Empress sits pregnant upon cushions on her throne. She is surrounded by fields of grain and a flowing river, and the symbol for Venus lays at her feet. She is adorned with fruits and wears eleven pentacles upon her head. Behind her, the sun illuminates the sky a lovely orange. She is the Venus of the tarot. The Great Mother. And although different decks depict her differently and may focus on different aspects of her archetype, the meaning of empress tarot cards is essentially the same – she has arrived in her fullness, integrated and abundant.

How to Embody The Empress Tarot Card

the empress tarot card meanings major arcana affirmation

Practice self-love. Nurture yourself, but not in excess, for excess of any kind is self-destructive. Provide yourself with everything you need to feed your mind, body, and spirit. Abundance comes in all forms, not just in money.

Practice gratitude for all of the abundance you have in your life. Be grateful for the loving relationships you have, and cherish them. Be grateful for the nourishing foods you have available to you and consume them with care and attention. Treat your body with exercise and rest. Fill your heart and soul with laughter and joy. This is how we embody The Empress.

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