Tarot Card Meanings

Divine Feminine Tarot
embodied goddesses embody the tarot

Curious to learn how you can embody the tarot with all of its elements and spiritual guidance? The journey of the querent through the major arcana is one of self betterment, physically and spiritually. Therefore, beginning with The Fool and completing the cycle with The World, the tarot is about our journey and personal development as we go through life. It is not always clear how we are supposed to implement the lessons of the tarot. We may understand the lesson, but actually applying them to our daily lives can be challenging. That is why it is helpful to go beyond learning and hearing about the tarot card meanings, but actually embodying the lessons of the tarot.

Embodiment means to actualize your dreams and passions into the physical world by integrating your mind, body and soul. That’s a complicated way of saying that as long as our dreams are just dreams and we don’t know how to implement them in our physical reality, we keep hoping and trying and taking detours. If you’re interested in learning not only how to receive the messages from divine sources, but also how to go beyond learning the tarot card meanings and manifesting them in your daily life instead, then take a look at Goddess embodiment