Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot cards don’t literally predict the future – we all have free will to change our lives at any time! But the cards do reveal the hidden forces working behind the scenes. A tarot card reading will guide you toward living your best life by bringing the hidden mysteries that surround you to light.

Major Arcana

The twenty-two tarot cards of the Major Arcana represent the lessons we learn through spiritual enlightenment. Each of these tarot cards embodies a powerful archetype that represents a stage of personal growth.

0. The Fool

The Fool dances through life without a care in the world. His free spirit brings him new beginnings as he travels the world.

the magician tarot card

I. The Magician

The Magician has everything at his disposal to manifest his desires. With the powers of the cups, pentacles, wands, and swords, the world is his to make.

the high priestess tarot card

II. High Priestess

In stillness, The High Priestess explores the sacred knowledge of her unconscious. Her intuition informs her wisdom and her teachings reveal the mysteries of life.

The Empress tarot card

III. The Empress

The Empress is the Venus of the tarot, representing abundance, fertility, creativity, and beauty. She is the Divine Feminine archetype, The Great Mother, who channels the spirituality of The High Priestess into the physical realm.

the emperor tarot card

IV. The Emperor

The Emperor represents structure and control. His archetype brings authority, leadership and stability. In his benevolent manifestation, he is The Great Father, the divine counterpart of The Empress. He is a protector and represents The Establishment.

the hierophant tarot card

V. Hierophant

The counterpart of the High Priestess, The Hierophant, symbolizes tradition, conformity, religion, and institutions. His systems of belief provide comfort and security to the collective and he is responsible for passing down spiritual knowledge and tradition.

the lovers tarot card

VI. The Lovers

The Lovers is a card of divine union and typically indicates an important choice is to be made. With honest communication and the alignment of values, a pure and evolved union can be achieved.

the chariot tarot card

VII. The Chariot

After a long journey over difficult terrain, The Chariot arrives victoriously. The lessons of this archetype are to learn to balance opposing forces and to persist in your objectives. Your persistence is paying off and triumph is yours.

strength tarot card

VIII. Strength

The Strength card goes beyond using force to control your environment, and teaches the value of compassionate persuasion and influence. Our inner strength gives us the calm to overcome challenges with grace and poise.

The Hermit tarot card

IX. The Hermit

A time of retreat and self-reflection is upon you. The Hermit journeys deep into his own soul to find the answers. He must rely on himself at this time and nobody can predict how the journey will unfold.

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card

X. The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents change and good luck! Just like the seasons, our lives move in cycles which cannot be controlled. Surrender to change and end enjoy your new beginning.

justice tarot card

XI. Justice

If you have been struggling with an injustice, the truth is about to be revealed. The Justice card brings balance and karma and can represent the resolution of legal matters or contracts. If you have been acting honestly and fairly, this card will benefit you.

Hanged Man tarot card

XII. Hanged Man

The Hanged Man pauses to look at the world from a new perspective. When life won’t bend to our control we are wise to follow the guidance of The Hanged Man. Look at the world from another angle and new possibilities will be revealed to you.

Death tarot card

XIII. Death

The Death card is metaphorical and represents the ending of something that no longer serves you. Just as the phoenix is reborn from the ashes, this archetype brings positive change by purging the old in order to make room for the new.

Temperance tarot card

XIV. Temperance

The Temperance card represents the ability to maintain calm and serenity in the face of challenges. It teaches us the benefits of moderation and patience. The angel depicted on the card mixes the waters of the super and subconscious minds achieving unity and infinity.

The Devil tarot card

XV. The Devil

The Devil represents the attachments we cling to in our lives. Whether it be materialism or addictions to carnal, base instincts, we have given up our power and choose to remain chained and bound.

The Tower tarot card

XVI. The Tower

The Tower represents false foundations that have led to collapse and destruction. Although it sounds frightening, this change should be welcomed, because it allows us to build something solid from a clean slate.

The Star tarot card

XVII. The Star

The Star is a message of hope and optimism after the trauma of The Tower. It represents a deep connection to your true self and encourages an authentic pursuit of what you truly love and desire. This feminine card represents purity and vulnerability.

the moon tarot card

XVIII. The Moon

The Moon shines the light on the darkness and hidden truths are revealed. Deep emotions are unleashed as we explore our shadow side.

The Sun tarot card

XIX. The Sun

The Sun brings optimism and success to any tarot card reading. It indicates that you are in alignment with the universe and things are going your way.

Judgement tarot card

XX. Judgement

You have begun a spiritual awakening that was brought on by honest self-reflection. This card represents a profound transformation with no looking back.

The World tarot card

XXI. The World

When you arrive at The World card, your spiritual evolution through this chapter of your life is complete. Your inner and outer worlds are now unified in perfect balance.

Minor Arcana

The tarot cards of the Minor Arcana are divided into four suits: the cups, the pentacles, the wands, and the swords. The cups, or chalices, represent our emotions and the element of water. The rods, or wands, represent our creative power, or fire. The swords represent the mind, intellect, and communication, and are ruled by the element of air. The pentacles represent abundance in all forms within our physical world, including money, but also security, stability, nature, and health.


Ace of Cups tarot card

I. Ace of Cups

You have something beautiful to look forward to! New love, relationships, or creative projects are about to blossom. The Ace of Cups is a card of compassion and creativity, as the element of water represents emotions.

Two of Cups tarot card

II. Two of Cups

Love is flowing between two people in this beautiful card of partnerships and unified love. The Two of Cups tarot card represents mutual attraction and forms the basis of a beautiful union in the future.

Three of Cups tarot card meaning

III. Three of Cups

It’s time to celebrate! The Three of Cups indicates that friendship, sisterhood, and creative collaborations are coming into your life. Enjoy time with your friends, relax and have fun! It’s a time of joy and gratitude.

Four of Cups tarot card meaning

IV. Four of Cups

You’re feeling like withdrawing to contemplate a situation or relationship. You may be getting offers that don’t appeal to you or just feeling bored and apathetic. The Four of Cups encourages you to listen to your feelings.

Five of Cups tarot card

V. Five of Cups

You’re having a hard time letting go of past hurts or trauma. Regret or disappointment might be plaguing you. The Five of Cups asks you to try to remember that loss is always followed by new beginnings.

Six of Cups tarot card meaning

VI. Six of Cups

This is a time of revisiting happy childhood memories and getting back in touch with your inner child. When the Six of Cups appears, your relationships are harmonious and cooperative, so enjoy being spontaneous, joyful, and creative!

Seven of Cups tarot card meaning

VII. Seven of Cups

You have a lot of options before you. Which ones are real and which ones are illusion? The Seven of Cups asks you to be careful not to fall into wishful thinking. Make a decision and take concrete action on your path.

Eight of Cups tarot card meaning

VIII. Eight of Cups

You’re walking away from hurt and disappointment. When the Eight of Cups appears in your spread, take the time to contemplate what brings you true happiness. Some things must be left behind.

Nine of Cups tarot card meaning

IX. Nine of Cups

You’re in a wonderful place in your life at the moment. The Nine of Cups tarot card indicates that you’re content and your wishes have been fulfilled. Be sure to express gratitude and appreciation and be flexible when change inevitably comes along.

Ten of Cups tarot card meaning

X. Ten of Cups

You’ve achieved a harmonious and joyful family life. The Ten of Cups minor arcana tarot card can indicate long-term commitment, marriage, or starting a family together.

Page of Cups tarot card meaning

XI. Page of Cups

You might be getting some unexpected news or an offer around love, intuition, or creative projects! The Page of Cups asks you to remain open to new possibilities!

Knight of Cups tarot card meaning

XII. Knight of Cups

Get ready for travel or an unexpected proposal! The Knight of Cups is romantic, creative, and compassionate and puts feelings to action.

Queen of Cups tarot card meanings

XIII. Queen of Cups

You are intuitive and caring, so listen to your intuition and emotions when dealing with others. The Queen of Cups is a nurturing mother archetype, who leads with her heart. Listen to your dreams and any other messages you receive.

King of Cups tarot card meaning

XIV. King of Cups

The King of Cups balances logic with emotion. He is compassionate and empathic, and creates strong bonds with others through his patience and understanding. He may appear as a mentor or guide in your life.


Ace of Pentacles tarot card meaning

I. Ace of Pentacles

You are being presented with a new career or financial opportunity. The Ace of Pentacles urges your to nurture this new beginning to bring abundance into your life.

Two of Pentacles tarot card meaning

II. Two of Pentacles

It’s time to balance your resources and remain flexible. A time of juggling is at hand. The Two of Pentacles asks you to narrow down your priorities for better focus.

Three of Pentacles tarot card meaning

III. Three of Pentacles

You will have great success with a project by embracing collaboration. The Three of Pentacles indicates that there is a coming together of skills that will support your goal.

Four of Pentacles tarot card meaning

IV. Four Pentacles

You’ve worked hard to get to the level of success you’ve achieved. The Four of Pentacles represents security, but also warns of not holding on too tightly, to avoid becoming possessive or greedy.

Five of Pentacles tarot card meaning

V. Five of Pentacles

You are in a time of loss and poverty, and perhaps you feel that you’ve been left out in the cold. In examining The Five of Pentacles tarot card, we see that there is safety that they simply are not seeing.

Six of Pentacles tarot card meaning

VI. Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is a card of charity. Whether you are giving to others out of generosity or you are the one receiving, it is important for us to be comfortable in both positions.

Seven of Pentacles tarot card meaning

VII. Seven of Pentacles

You have been putting great effort and diligence into your projects, and soon you will reap the rewards of your labor. The Seven of Pentacles reveals the benefits of patience and long term vision.

Eight of Pentacles tarot card meaning

VIII. Eight of Pentacles

Once we have set our long term plans into motion, The Eight of Pentacles teaches us the need to become masters of our craft. High standards, commitment, and craftsmanship will all serve you well.

Nine of Pentacles tarot card meaning

IX. Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles celebrates the luxury and financial independence that you have worked so hard to achieve. Enjoy the fruits of your labor – you earned them!

Ten of Pentacles tarot card meaning

X. Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles extends the financial security of the Nine of Pentacles to include being able to support your family and loved ones. This card reminds us that we must balance the financial and emotional aspects of life.

Page of Pentacles tarot card meaning

XI. Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles represents a new financial beginning and a possible young person in our life. You might be getting some good financial news now, so embrace the opportunity with dedication and loyalty.

Knight of Pentacles tarot card meaning

XII. Knight of Pentacles

The slowest moving of the knights, The Knight of Pentacles is responsible and reliable. He is committed to his projects and will get the job done. He’s practical and hard working, though he can sometimes be stubborn.

Queen of Pentacles tarot card meaning

XIII. Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is grounded, nurturing and wise. She is abundant in all that she does, and is able to balance home life with business. She is calm and has earned everything she has achieved. She is a provider and a powerful feminine energy.

King of Pentacles tarot card meaning

XIV. King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is a wealthy business man who is practical and patient. He provides security and abundance, and may represent a father figure or boss in you your tarot card reading. He embodies the masculine energy of financial stability and success.


Ace of Wands tarot card

I. Ace of Wands

If you’re thinking about launching a new creative project, The Ace of Wands is a wonderful card to receive! A time of inspiration, potential, and growth is coming to you!

Two of Wands tarot card meaning

II. Two of Wands

It’s time to explore your options and make a decision around career, travel, or creative projects. The Two of Wands indicates that you have great opportunities on the horizon.

Three of Wands tarot card meaning

III. Three of Wands

You have the resources you need to bring your creative project to the next level. The Three of Wands can also indicate that you will have an opportunity to travel.

Four of Wands tarot card meanings

IV. Four of Wands

The Four of Wands represents joy, stability, happiness, and success. It also indicates positive relationships and sometimes is interpreted to foretell marriage.

Five of Wands tarot card meaning

V. Five of Wands

When working on creative or business projects, change often comes with conflict. The Five of Wands indicates opposing views and conflict, so try to channel the energy into constructive adjustments.

Six of Wands tarot card meaning

VI. Six of Wands

The Six of Wands is the victory and success card and is a welcome one to receive in any kind of tarot card reading! At work, this card indicates that you might be getting a promotion!

Seven of Wands tarot card meaning

VII. Seven of Wands

There are times when we need to stand up for ourselves and assert our boundaries. The Seven of Wands indicates that you will be facing some challenges, but you will overcome if you stand firm.

Eight of Wands tarot card meaning

VIII. Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands indicates fast moving energy. Based on the surrounding cards of your tarot card reading, this card suggests that things are going to be moving forward very quickly!

Nine of Wands tarot card meaning

IX. Nine of Wands

Even if you have to go it alone, keep going! The Nine of Wands indicates that there are some challenges ahead, and you might feel isolated, but don’t give up. Lean on those who support you.

Ten of Wands tarot card meaning

X. Ten of Wands

You’ve been working really hard and shouldering too many burdens. It’s time to delegate and lighten the load. You’ve reached a point of completion with some obstacles. It’s time to tend to yourself too.

Page of Wands tarot card meaning

XI. Page of Wands

You’re ready to start on a new project or journey, but there is still some planning to do. The Page of Wands is inspired to action, and appears in your reading to remind you to follow your dreams with a solid plan.

Knight of Wands tarot card meaning

XII. Knight of Wands

You are ready to proceed with passion! Just don’t let your enthusiasm turn to aggression, and be careful not to trample the feet of others on your path! The Knight of Wands is full of movement and adventure!

Queen of Wands tarot card meaning

XIII. Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is in your tarot card reading to encourage you to pursue your projects with determination and confidence. You have what you need to accomplish your goals, just be bold and remain optimistic!

King of Wands tarot card meaning

XIV. King of Wands

The King of Wands is a leader, who successfully enlists others to bring his creative ideas into fruition. He has a bold vision and can can plan for the long term. Use your charisma to inspire others to join you on your path.


Ace of Swords tarot card meaning

I. Ace of Swords

As with all aces, The Ace of Swords represents a new beginning. The suit of swords symbolizes the mind, so you will enjoy clarity and a new perspective.

Two of Swords tarot card meaning

II. Two of Swords

It’s a time of making a big decision, and receiving The Two of Swords suggests you might be trying to resist or delay making that choice. Just remember that choosing is the hardest part.

Three of Swords tarot card meaning

III. Three of Swords

Heartbreak and sorrow are the energies of this card. Although breakups and conflicts in matters of the heart are painful, The Three of Swords reminds you that your pain will be short-lived.

Four of Swords tarot card meaning

IV. Four of Swords

Receiving the Four of Swords puts you on notice to take some time out to rest and recover. Create some sanctuary for yourself for meditation and reflection.

Five of Swords tarot card meaning

V. Five of Swords

This is a card of hollow victory. Conflicts loom on the horizon, but winning for the sake of winning seldom leads to happiness and contentment. Focus instead on reconciliation.

Six of Swords tarot card meaning

VI. Six of Swords

You are moving on to calmer waters from a very difficult conflict or situation. The Six of Swords speaks of suffering in silence but moving toward peace by leaving conflict behind.

Seven of Swords tarot card meaning

VII. Seven of Swords

There’s a lying trickster in your midst, so beware. The Seven of Swords puts you on notice that there will be some betrayal and deception in your life. Remember that karma always holds people accountable for their choices.

Eight of Swords tarot card meaning

VIII. Eight of Swords

You are feeling trapped and imprisoned, especially by negative thoughts. But this victim mentality is a choice. The Eight of Swords depicts a blindfolded woman who could easily walk out of her prison should she choose to remove the blindfold and take responsibility.

Nine of Swords tarot card meaning

IX. Nine of Swords

This is a card of mental anguish, anxiety and nightmares. You might be experiencing racing thoughts and doomsday anxieties. If you have suffered trauma, you may be ashamed to share your grief, but doing so will free you from its clutches.

Ten of Swords tarot card meaning

X. Ten of Swords

You might be undergoing a “dark night of the soul” after a period of terrible betrayal and trauma. You may feel like you want to give up, but remember that as the phoenix rises from the ashes, The Ten of Swords brings a new dawn.

Page of Swords tarot card meaning

XI. Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is all about communicating new ideas with enthusiasm. You may be engaging in a new field of study or enjoying clever debates with others. This is a great time to start a new project.

Knight of Swords tarot card meaning

XII. Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords comes in fast and determined. He’s assertive and nothing will stand in his way. Be careful not to lose sight of the consequences of your choices and remain connected to your heart.

Queen of Swords tarot card meaning

XIII. Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is objective and perceptive. She embodies mental clarity and intellectual power, but is unbiased in her judgement. She is an independent truth-seeker who communicates directly.

King of Swords tarot card meaning

XIV. King of Swords

The King of Swords represents clarity of mind and logic, and embodies diplomacy, integrity and morality. You will need to use your intellect to make a fair decision and should strive to remain objective.