Manifesting the Divine Feminine

Discover the Power of Self Love

Affirmations are powerful statements that you can use in meditation, moon magic rituals and embodiment dance to reprogram your subconscious mind and create powerful internal change that will be reflected back to you in the external world. Try some of these powerful divine feminine affirmations and inspirational quotes in your next goddess ritual.

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes can help to raise your energy vibration because they remind you of your personal power and potential. They can help to lift your spirits, boost your confidence, and remind you of why you are working towards your goals in the first place. They can also help to reframe your outlook on difficult situations, and help you to keep your focus on the positives. Inspirational quotes can be a great source of motivation when youre feeling down or uncertain.

Self Love Affirmations

Love Begins with Self Love. Self love is the foundation of all love. When we practice self love, we open ourselves up to loving and nurturing relationships with others. It helps us to take better care of ourselves, to be more confident in making decisions, and to be more accepting of our flaws. Self love allows us to be more open to giving and receiving love. It helps us to be more connected with our own emotions and needs, which in turn helps us to be more compassionate and understanding with others. Ultimately, self love sets us up to have healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationships.

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Why do we include affirmations on our tarot flower website? Well, the journey of the querent through the major arcana is one of self betterment, physically and spiritually. Beginning with The Fool and completing the cycle with The World, the tarot is about our journey and personal development as we go through life.

It is not always clear how we are supposed to implement the lessons of the tarot. We may understand the lesson, but actually applying them to our daily lives can be challenging. This is where affirmations come in. At Tarot Flower, we have carefully designed affirmations that will help you to embody the tarot.

What is embodiment and what does it mean? Embodiment means to actualize your dreams and passions into the physical world by integrating your mind, body and soul. That’s a complicated way of saying that as long as our dreams are just dreams and we don’t know how to implement them in our physical reality, we keep hoping and trying and taking detours.

By practicing our beautiful affirmations you will learn how to embody the lessons of the tarot, so that you can go beyond listening to tarot card readings to actually manifesting what you desire. Tarot does not predict the future, we are not just along for the ride. Tarot paints a picture for us of the energy flows available to us in the universe and it is up to us to use this insight for our own progress. Our affirmations will get you on your way through the beautiful journey of the major arcana.