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The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning: Welcoming Karmic Change and Good Luck

by Jan 13, 2021Tarot Card Meanings

Life cycles, karma, good luck, destiny
the wheel of fortune tarot card meaning white sage tarot deck
This Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is from The White Sage Tarot in a Tin Deck.

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents change and good luck! Just like the seasons, our lives move in cycles which cannot be controlled. Surrender to change and end enjoy your new beginning.

Chance is what you are looking at. That is what the Wheel of fortune is. Of course, chance is a wheel that keeps spinning at random and you never really know if it will point at you or not. So, forget about control and be mentally prepared for unexpected events.

And look out for significant moments that could be the turning point in your life, for this card represents changes as well. In this regard, The Wheel of Fortune is similar to The Tower tarot card, in that the underlying message is to be open to change. However, this tarot card usually indicates positive change and good luck. And it will also behoove you to embrace the lessons of The Fool tarot card in this moment.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning Summarized

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is a powerful symbol of fate and destiny. It signifies the cycles of life, the ever-changing nature of circumstances, and the power of fate to bring about change.

In a tarot card reading, it can represent a time of great transition and upheaval, as well as a period of great opportunity. It is a reminder that, no matter how difficult the circumstances, the wheel of fortune turns and we must prepare for the unexpected.

  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Astrological signs: Fixed signs

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card urges us to accept the ebb and flow of life, and to remain open to change. We are reminded that it is our choices and actions that determine our fate. Remain mindful of the decisions you are making, and trust that the universe will provide you with the support and guidance we need to make the best choices.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning in Astrology

In astrology, The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is associated with the planet Jupiter, ruler of luck and destiny. Through the power of Jupiter, the Wheel of Fortune brings sometimes unexpected, but often positive changes that can serve as an opportunity for growth. Its promise is that with change comes progress, and those who make the best of it will be rewarded.

According to ancient belief, Jupiter is a Roman god, the Greek counterpart of Zeus, who is the all father of the Greek pantheon. He is the one that reigns supreme over all the other gods, and was formerly assumed to be the creator of everything.

But since Jupiter is the astrological twin of The Wheel of fortune card, it essentially makes ‘Fire’ its basic element because it is the direct product of lighting, Zeus’ power. The element of fire represents life or the source of life, as well as it defines its true nature.

In short, the Wheel fortune tarot is saying that fire is the essence of our existence. It made us. It is our soul, if I may even say. And as it is a never extinguishing fire, like Jupiter’ or Zeus’, whenever we die, our body fades away but our soul remains and we are reborn again later on like a phoenix with a new physical structure. In other words, our life is cyclic. We live, we die, and we live again.  

This is where the Hindus’ theory of reincarnation takes form as we live on forever, eternally finding ourselves in different circumstances varying accordingly the rules of karma (fortune and misfortune) while the overpowering hands of destiny keep sketching our new fate to add and complete the big scheme of the cosmos.

The Symbology of The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

the wheel of fortune tarot card meaning Rider-Waite

All life, without an exception, was created with the same essence. This interdependently links them to one another. What the Wheel of fortune intends to entail is this intricate, symbiotic relationship of the human life with everything else, and a clearer outline of it can be found in the five key symbols of the Wheel of fortune tarot.  

The Symbology of the Rider-Waite Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

On the traditional Rider-Waite Wheel of Fortune tarot card, we see four figures on the sides scattered in the four corners of the blue sky to represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac (Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus). Each figure is perched on a cloud and holding an open book in their hands.

The overall idea being carried by this image is the vastness of the cosmos and the knowledge it holds in its midst, along with the uncountable mysteries it hides and the mystical forces and celestial beings willing those forces that it evokes. The Wheel of Fortune card is exposing the grandeur of our world.

Then, at the center of it all, is the Wheel with the letters T-O-R-A inscribed on it and the three totems surrounding it—the Serpent, the Sphinx, and Anubis. If we read it clockwise, making the letters read R-O-T-A (which means ‘wheel’ in Latin), the Serpent comes first. And unlike what most people believe, it does not portray any kind of evilness or knowledge as it does in Christian symbolism.

The Symbolism of the Serpent on the Wheel of Fortune Card

The idea behind the Serpent representation is similar to the Ancient African belief. For them, the Serpent is a highly valued creature. It refers to fortune. We can see this reference in the entire African culture with the Twa, the African Druids and high-ranked officials of their governments wearing the Uraeus as a headpiece.

Because of this and also for its ability to shed its own skin, the snake was a symbol of spiritual power, birth and rebirth and, by extension, immortality. It is the beginning of the human journey as he or she enters this plane of existence.   

The Symbolism of the Sphinx on the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card   

After that, there is the Sphinx, at the top of the wheel colored in blue and holding a sword. If we follow the same reasoning as before, not forgetting that the creature know as the Sphinx were the representation of the Sun God Ra-Horakhty in Ancient Egypt, it incarnates royal power and protection. Therefore, here, it symbolizes life in its pic, a person who is strong and who has all the knowledge he needs to decipher life’s riddles and go through it unharmed.

The Symbolism of Anubis on the Wheel of Fortune Card   

A little down on the right, there is Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead, who rules over the underworld and who is known as the carrier of soul from the world of the living to the realm of the dead. Some say this figure represents your shadow self. And to a certain level, it is accurate. But the whole idea being conveyed here is death. Plain and simple. It marks the end of the day, the final destination, the last checkpoint of the human journey. I mean, everything that lives must die one day. It is a natural phenomenon.  

The Message Behind the Symbolism of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

But where the Wheel fortune deviates from popular conception is when it loops the wheel of life back to the Serpent as, in the image, the continuity of existence is never interrupted. Thus, it circles back at the Serpent, closing the loop, to tell us that Death is not the end. It is a new beginning. After it, we are reborn and the wheel of fortune will keep on rotating. Symbolically, when the loop is closed, one can read the word T-A-R-O-T written on the Wheel as a message. It concentrates everything back on the wheel as its major piece.

We, our existence, are at the center of it all. All the forces of the universe are rotating around us as we, on our end, rotate in an infinite cycle of life and death. We are born, we grow up strong, we gain knowledge about the world, and then we die. It’s the basic course of things set by the universe.  

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Upright

Normally, when you find the Wheel of fortune upright in your card spread, it signals an upcoming change in your life that you are going to have to deal with and might be very decisive for your future. 

The nature of the change depends on the querent’s question. It’s not that change is going to be a bad one or something. It simply may present itself in a way that you would never have expected.  

So, remain unmoved in your positive attitude and let the karmic force work out the rest to make blessing come your way while preparing yourself for a transformation of your current situation. 

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning in the Past

The position of the tarot in time is crucial in order to understand its meaning, for the latter may vary in each temporal context. For instance, in the past spread, the Wheel of Fortune card is mostly a reference to the tumultuous changes that you have previously faced in your life.

Only you know what it is about. But whatever it is, these events have helped shape you into the person who you are today and to be in the situation you are in now. The Wheel of Fortune is telling that you have come this far and you can face it again as another obstacle might appear in your road ahead. That’s how things go.   

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning in the Present

The Present position marks for celebration with the Wheel of fortune tarot card. It indicates that chance is about to smile in your way. All the adversities you have faced is about to be worth their pounds. Appreciate your blessings because naturally the Wheel of Fortune will inevitably spin the other way around.

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning in the Future

Any future stance of the Wheel of fortune card is to alert you that a big change will occur soon. Do not try to predict it, it’s no use. And there will be no way to be ready for it either. The only thing you could do is to remember the Karmic law that rules this universe—what you are sending away is what will come your way. So, focus on spreading positive energy everywhere you go and in anything you do. Go with that and following the waves of future will not be a problem for you.

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning Reversed

In the reversed position, there are two interpretations to the Wheel of Fortune. On one hand, it could mean that undesirable changes are making their way to you and disturb your current situation. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. Do not cling to control. We are talking about forces that are greater than you. The same ones that govern the shifts of the weather, that made day and night exist, that constructed the air that you breathe. Simply remember that it is just the cycle of life. In the end, it will be beneficial for you as you would learn something out it.

On the other hand, it could mean that luck hasn’t been on your side for a while now lately and misfortune has been your daily lot. In this case, this card serves is telling you to be patient and stay steady because the wheel of your fortune will turn around in your favor soon enough. So, wait for it. Everybody has their turn. Yours will come eventually.

Your Health Reading and The Wheel of Fortune

The health reading of the Wheel of Fortune can show many things. Sometimes, it can foreshow a drastic shift in your health condition due to other external fact like working too hard or even mental stress. Or it could be something ultimately prior as a karmic retribution for past indiscretion. Whether causes the disruption, do not let it take over your mindset. Be optimistic. The pain is temporary.

Your Career Reading and The Wheel of Fortune

Let’s not forget that the principal theme of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card is luck. So, when you are trying to look at your career through the lenses of this car, remember that there are two answers to it. If you have been lucky in your work life recently, do not think that it will be constantly this way.

Therefore, seize the opportunity that presents to you which you think is most favorable to improve your career. Positive energy is the key. Be friendly with your co-workers. You might need their help when the tables turn. Show genuine attitude that makes others comfortable. And try to take a shot at that position you want. You have nothing to lose.

But if you are in a tough position right now, do not show outward negative behavior because of it, no matter how frustrating it can be. Exceed in being patient. Wait for the universe’s sign to make your career move. If things get worse, then try to be more positive about it all. Karma will tip the scale your way next time around.

Your Love Reading and The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

In other contexts, if the Wheel of fortune appears before you, it is a good omen as to take your relationship to the next level. Things are on your side right now, so go for it. Or you can start a new phase with your partner and realize some of the join projects you guys have been always talking about. The time is for action.

If you are single, however, the Wheel of fortune is a sign that your searching endeavor is about to end and you are going to find the partner you have been longing for or that things might be about to meet more points of stagnancy so you must resign in your condition for a time before meeting your other half. Whichever it is, work with the universe, and the universe will work with you.

The Wheel of Fortune in the Challenge Position in a Love Reading

In the reverse or in the challenge position, the signification of the Wheel of fortune tarot love is linked to misfortune and fortune and karmic reward or retribution. Often, the card signals a change in your romantic life. Perhaps, the commitment you have with your partner is about to be tested, and so you two may have to work extra-harder about your relationship just to stay together.

Of course, this will strengthen your bond as a couple because it taught you how to navigate the sea of love through the cold tempest of the night. It will make you feel more like a team than you ever did. Do not fix things on your own because the situation will not bend to your will. You might need to put things on hold for a time to really understand what is going on and find the right solution to the problem.

Your Spirituality Reading and The Wheel of Fortune

There is a reason for our creation and why all these celestial and superior beings focus their energy on us. There is an extraordinary value to our existence. We are important. So, stop limiting yourself. You have the potential to expand your knowledge beyond your imagination and to extend your spiritual power closer to the divine. You are infinity. That is your nature.  

How to Embody the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

If you want to embody the lessons of The Wheel of Fortune tarot card, you need to begin by practicing non-attachment. Like in the philosophy of yoga, when we surrender to the ways of the universe – all of those things that we cannot ever control no matter how hard we try – we become free and flexible to adapt to change. When we learn and really begin to know deep down that change always offers new possibilities, no matter how hard of scary it may be, then we can live in the flow. You can learn more about non-attachment, surrender and alignment our beautiful Goddess Yoga Retreats.

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