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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

the devil tarot
Physical and material temptation, addiction, dependency, and depression (Upright) Coming back from dark thoughts, freedom from restraints (Reversed)
I have the power to walk away inspirational quote the devil tarot card

The Devil tarot card represents the attachments we cling to in our lives. Whether it be materialism or addictions to carnal, base instincts, we have given up our power and choose to remain chained and bound. The devil tarot card meaning is one of caution and taking responsibility for one’s choices and self imposed limitations.

The Lessons of the Devil Tarot Card

It is definitely normal to assume immediately the Devil Tarot Card only brings with it a negative connotation. It can represent something negative you are struggling with, which makes you feel beyond your control. However, there are possibilities of positive meanings behind this defeating card. Showing up on a reading, it implores you to take a closer look to those things and find effective ways to improve the situation as you have total control of your life, beliefs, and choices. Keep on reading to understand more about this powerful, tricky and ominous Tarot card.

The Devil Tarot Card Summarized

The Devil Tarot Card is the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana, after the Temperance. It is one of the most misunderstood cards in the tarot deck. In fact, it embodies human desires, especially material ones and physical pleasures. At its core, it highlights somewhat negative, deep and dark human feelings such as temptation, addiction, obsessions, dependency, and depression.

A card of illusion, it is a sign of how these negative feelings can make you lose control. When you receive, it is telling you that you are the only responsible for your choice to have become a slave to your own desires. It urges you then to ask yourself how your shadow manifests in your life and try to defeat it, as you are more powerful than your inner shadow.

It calls your attention to the behaviors and self-limiting thoughts of which you are a prisoner, and that keeps you from being the best version of yourself. Nevertheless, only when you do not rationalize these behaviors away anymore, can you free yourself from them at any time. In one word, the Devil Tarot Card implies that it is time to stop satisfying your desires and redirect your attention toward what really matters. 

The Devil in the Past Position

The Devil appearing in the past position of your spread is telling good news. In fact, it indicates that you have been able to free yourself from the chains that are keeping you to move forward. Perhaps you have successfully broken free from an abusive situation, a relationship for example, or you have decided to have control over your desires. Whatever the way you made it, it is already a sign that you are ready to let those things behind and move forward for a better and brighter future, full of harmony and happiness. 

The Devil in the Present Position

When it appears in the present position, it is a sign that it is time to make a change and overcome strong urges. You need to take a moment to see how things are really happening and be strong and courageous enough to break free. For example, your relationship or marriage has become toxic. It requires you then to do some work. We should also be fully aware of the fact that we can become slaves to anything. It can include spending money, drugs and alcohol, workout routines, etc. Those activities are what keep us chained down and prevent us from being the true version of ourselves.

The Devil in the Future Position

In the future position, the Devil messages a warning. It is a sign of tough and testing times ahead. It urges you to prepare yourself for a situation that may cause harm and troubles. Perhaps your current relationship will turn out toxic in some ways and controlling in other ways. It means then that a strict and honest contemplation of your own thoughts and desires is necessary for making the right choice.  

Your Love Reading and The Devil

When it comes to your love and relationship reading, the Devil Tarot Card represents your partner’s bad behavior or yours as well as your physical pleasures and lusty desires. It may include selfishness, unfaithfulness, etc. If you feel trapped in any abusive situation, remember you have the power and strength to break free. In case of addiction and mental health issues, which may be playing a part in the relationship too, it is vital that the both of you search for the best help for your individual struggles. Do not forget you should prioritize healing. 

Perhaps you are single and it seems like you will never find your soulmate, or maybe you are committed and things do not go right as you want it to be. Instead of taking the decision to give up quickly, spend some time doing the things that you really love and interested in with a single or couples. You will see this is really worth it for a reset.  

Your Career Reading and The Devil Tarot Card

When the Devil Tarot Card appears in your financial and career readings, it means you do not like your job and you do not feel at ease and happy at all. You feel like you are a prisoner or a slave and you are not able to escape. It seems like you are powerless even though you make constant movement. In such stressful situation, you need to proceed into a kind of evaluation of how things are currently.

Moreover, you should talk to a person you are sure you can rely on about the next steps. This person can be one of your friend or family member. Then, if you made up your mind to stay in your current job, you need to make whatever changes in order to improve your working life. Do not forget this is your choice! In case that if you want to leave, you should have hope and faith that something will come up.    

Your Health Reading and The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil tarot card in a health reading can symbolize the impacts of your risky behavior and lack of self-care on your body and mind, and even more importantly, on your overall well-being. Perhaps there are areas in which you are over-indulging or to which you are addicted. Then, it is time to think about how you can improve in these areas a little at a time, how to get rid of these bad habits. In case that you are struggling with mental issues like anxiety, depression, etc. you need to seek help, make it a priority!

Your Spirituality Reading and the Devil

When it comes to your Spirituality reading, the Devil Tarot Card indicates that you have been exploring dark thoughts, anxiety and stress feelings but you are now finding your way back to light. As you become more and more connected with the universe, do not go back anymore. 

Furthermore, if you believe that connecting to metaphysical things and divination is the work of Satan, it is time to stop thinking so. Only when you deal more with your personal value system, can you grow spiritually.   

The Devil Tarot Card in the Reverse

inspirational quote the devil tarot

The Devil appearing in the upside-down position carries a lot of positivity in its meaning. In fact, when you receive it in a reading, it means you become aware of the things that have been trapping you, you are tired of running in cycles and you are preparing to a journey of self-improvement. In other words, it expresses recovery from a bad situation as you start to be motivated to change your life.

However, if you want it to work in your favor and if you want to reclaim your freedom and power, you must first get rid of malicious and unhealthy attachments that slow you down and prevent you from blossoming into a better version of yourself. For example, you have to let go of habits and relationships that are not serving you in a positive way. It could also mean leaving a job with which you are not motivated at all and which is only making you feel anxious and sad. 

Like in everything, patience is very important if you want to succeed in it. It is undeniable that change is good, whatever it is. Nevertheless, it will always be difficult in the beginning but it is necessary. Therefore, instead of dealing with things all at once, you had better proceed one by one. This way, as you move on, you will see you will get better results soon. Avoid falling back to your old risky behaviors. 

Symbology of the Devil

the devil tarot

On this Major Arcana card, the Devil depicts Baphomet, a half-man and half-goat creature. He was originally representative of the balance between good and evil, male and female, and human and animal. Crouched on a pedestal with his right hand raised and his left hand lowered holding a torch, he has wings that show in figuratively that when we focus on carnal desires, we may have a parasitic life cycle. There is an inverted pentagram on top of his horned head, which symbolizes the darker side of occultism and magic. He also has a glazing hypnotic stare in the illustration. This hypnotic stare and the lit torch in his hand are signs and reminders that unhealthy things can lead to temptation. 

We can also see two humans, a man and a woman, chained to the Devil’s throne and standing naked. They both have chains around their necks that signifies the dominion the Devil has over them. However, when we look closer at the figures, the devil in the image does not seem so threatening as we can actually notice that the chains are quite loose, which enables the two humans to step out of them at any time and to be free of him whenever they choose.

They both also have small horns which are a sign that the longer they stay here, the more they are becoming like the Devil.  Their tails are symbols of their enslavement to the animal parts of their nature. The animal nature actually manifests in the form of anger, fear, jealousy, excess, etc. The flame on the man’s tail and the bowl of grapes on the tail of the woman evoke their addiction to lust and pleasure. What is more? Their nudity is symbolic of their shame at being involved in the vice represented by the Devil.

How to Embody the Devil Tarot Card

To interpret the Devil Tarot Card, you should evaluate in terms of temptations that are not so good for you. This card actually encourages us to define our addictions, those things that take us apart from ourselves. It also asks us to think of how we as humans hold power over these petty addictions and indulgences. 

If you feel stuck on someone or something, it may be a person, a situation, or even a substance in the form of an addiction, the Devil tells you that the only chains that hold you back are the ones you allow to hold you back. Perhaps you are not truly happy with your current job, and hence you find yourself feeling trapped. Keep in mind that you are wrong feeling so unless you allow yourself to be so.

Nevertheless, no matter what the case is, there is no need to freak out because you have different options available to you and you are not as trapped as you think. What you have to do is to keep yourself away from what is wrong and try to do some evaluation of what you would like to change. This step done, then you should take all the necessary steps. Alternatively, if you have been holding yourself back, it is time to get yourself free from all negative patterns and have some fun as the key to freedom and release lies nowhere but within us. 

When it comes to the Devil, another point to learn is to defeat shadows and there are many ways to do so. One of them is to embody love. You should show love and kindness to yourself and to others, even those you cannot quite seem to forgive, through offering help and service. 



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