Journey through the Zodiac

astrology and tarot
Did you know that astrology and the tarot are like spiritual sisters? Although there are many different interpretations, there is a lot of astrological symbolism in tarot card meanings. Beginning with the elements represented in the four suits of the minor arcana, fire, water, air and earth, all of these elements are also significant when interpreting the zodiac. And in astrology, the various Gods and Goddesses associated with ruling planets are also categorized into the elements. Astrology is a wonderful tool for understanding the energetic landscape that we are operating in. Much like we can anticipate that in winter it will be colder and in the summer it will be warmer and things will grow, the astrological calendar can also make such general predictions, though they are much more intricate. When we use tarot in combination with astrological knowledge, we can really get a beautiful snapshot. A tarot card reading that incorporates astrology is often more refined and detailed. It adds an extra layer of interpretation that can add a lot of color to a black and white picture!