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justice tarot card meaning, major arcana, lady justice, Libra, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

If you have been struggling with an injustice, the truth is about to be revealed. The Justice tarot card brings balance and karma and can represent the resolution of legal matters or contracts. If you have been acting honestly and fairly, this card will benefit you.

In a tarot card reading, the Justice card holds significant meaning and serves as a symbol of fairness, balance, and impartiality. Represented by the Lady Justice, holding a sword and scales, this card embodies the concept of justice and the consequences of one’s actions. It signifies the need for truth, integrity, and ethical decision-making in various aspects of life.

The Justice card reminds us to approach situations with objectivity and to consider both sides before passing judgment or making important choices. It encourages us to seek equilibrium, make fair choices, and take responsibility for our actions.

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The Justice Tarot Card Quick Facts

justice tarot card meaning, major arcana, lady justice, Libra, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Planet: Venus
  • Number: 11
  • Element: Air
  • Justice Yes or No: Yes
  • Characteristics: Fairness, balance, impartiality, truth, integrity
  • Symbolizes: Justice, consequences, decision-making
  • Key Meanings: Legal matters, accountability, ethical choices
  • Associated with: Law, contracts, negotiations
  • Depicted with: A figure in judicial robes holding a sword and scales
  • Often associated with: Karma, cause and effect, making just decisions

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Libra compatibility zodiac astrology dates and traits midjourney art Vanessa Hylande

The Justice tarot card holds significant meaning and serves as a guiding force in matters of justice, fairness, and equilibrium. Represented by the number 11 and associated with the zodiac sign Libra, this card aligns with the harmonizing energy of Venus, the planet of love, balance, and justice.

When this Major Arcana card appears in a tarot reading, it speaks to the principles of truth, integrity, and impartiality. It emphasizes the need to make ethical choices and seek fairness in all areas of life. The number 11 symbolizes spiritual insight, awakening, and the pursuit of higher wisdom.

As the scales of justice symbolize, this card highlights the importance of balance and equilibrium. It prompts us to evaluate situations objectively, devoid of personal bias or hidden agendas. The Justice card encourages us to consider all perspectives, weigh the evidence, and make informed decisions based on truth and integrity.

In legal matters, contracts, or disputes, the Justice card indicates the need for legal proceedings to unfold and justice to prevail. It advises adherence to the laws of society and emphasizes the consequences of our actions. This card also reminds us to honor our commitments, fulfill our obligations, and strive for fairness in our interactions.

Beyond legal contexts, the Justice card extends its influence to personal relationships. It urges us to embrace equality, respect, and harmony in our connections. This card prompts us to examine our own behavior, motivations, and values, encouraging us to rectify any harm caused and seek reconciliation. By embodying the qualities of justice and impartiality, we can foster healthier relationships and contribute to a more balanced and just world.

Justice Yes or No

justice tarot card meaning, major arcana, lady justice, Libra, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

In a yes or no tarot reading, when the Justice card appears, it indicates a strong likelihood of a “yes” answer. The Justice card represents fairness, balance, and the alignment of actions with moral principles. Its presence suggests that justice will prevail, and the situation will be resolved in a just and equitable manner.

The Justice tarot card symbolizes the need for truth, integrity, and making decisions based on objective reasoning. It encourages you to trust the legal and ethical processes at play and have faith that the outcome will be in your favor. The Justice card affirms that your actions have been fair and just, and the universe supports you in achieving a positive outcome.

The Justice Tarot Card in a Twin Flame Reading

twin flame sex, twin flame union, twin flame journey, twin flame separation, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

In a twin flame reading, the Justice tarot card holds significant meaning. It signifies the importance of balance, fairness, and harmony within the twin flame connection. The Justice card reminds us that relationships are built on mutual respect, equality, and understanding. It emphasizes the need for both partners to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, ensuring that they are just and honorable.

This card suggests that in a twin flame relationship, there is a strong emphasis on karmic lessons and soul growth. It prompts both partners to examine their own behaviors, motivations, and intentions, encouraging them to act with integrity and fairness towards one another. The Justice card reminds us that each individual has their own unique journey and lessons to learn, and it is essential to honor and support each other’s growth.

In a twin flame reading, the Justice card may also indicate the need for resolution and balance within the relationship. It prompts the partners to address any imbalances or conflicts that may have arisen, seeking solutions that are fair and just for both parties. This card reminds us that open communication, honesty, and compromise are essential in maintaining a healthy and harmonious twin flame connection.

Overall, the Justice tarot card in a twin flame reading serves as a reminder to approach the relationship with fairness, equality, and compassion. It encourages the partners to take responsibility for their actions, make decisions based on integrity, and strive for a balanced and harmonious union.

How to Embody the Justice Tarot Card

To embody the energy of the Justice tarot card, try to incorporate the following practices into your life:

Libra compatibility zodiac astrology dates and traits midjourney art Vanessa Hylande
  1. Seek Balance: Strive for balance in all areas of your life. Find equilibrium between work and play, giving and receiving, and your personal needs and the needs of others. Practice making decisions from a place of fairness and objectivity.
  2. Embrace Truth and Honesty: Cultivate a commitment to truth and honesty in your thoughts, words, and actions. Be authentic and transparent in your interactions with others, and hold yourself accountable for your choices and behaviors.
  3. Practice Non-Judgment: Release judgment and embrace a compassionate and non-judgmental mindset. Understand that everyone has their own unique experiences and perspectives. Practice empathy and strive to understand different viewpoints without attaching labels or criticism.
  4. Stand Up for Justice: Advocate for justice and equality in the world around you. Speak up against injustice and support causes that promote fairness and equality for all. Use your voice and actions to make a positive difference in your community.
  5. Make Ethical Choices: Consider the ethical implications of your decisions and actions. Align your choices with your values and principles. Prioritize integrity, fairness, and accountability in all that you do.
  6. Practice Active Listening: Listen attentively and empathetically to others. Seek to understand their perspectives and validate their experiences. Engage in open and respectful dialogue, fostering a sense of understanding and cooperation.
  7. Resolve Conflicts Peacefully: When conflicts arise, approach them with a calm and balanced mindset. Seek resolutions that are fair and just for all parties involved. Strive for compromise, finding win-win solutions that promote harmony and understanding.

By embodying the principles of the Justice tarot card in your daily life, you align yourself with fairness, balance, and ethical conduct. Remember that embodying these qualities is an ongoing journey, requiring self-reflection, awareness, and a commitment to personal growth.

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The Justice Card as Feelings

justice tarot card meaning, major arcana, lady justice, Libra, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

The Justice tarot card evokes a range of emotions and feelings, reflecting the inherent nature of fairness, balance, and truth. When this card appears, it may signify a sense of equanimity, objectivity, and inner harmony. There is a deep recognition of the need for justice and the pursuit of what is right. It can bring forth feelings of integrity, accountability, and a desire for fairness in all aspects of life. It may also invoke a sense of empowerment, as one aligns their emotions with their moral compass, embracing a strong sense of personal responsibility and the belief that justice will prevail.

However, it’s important to note that the Justice card can also evoke some unease or discomfort, as it highlights the consequences of past actions and the need to face the truth with honesty and integrity. Overall, the Justice card invites us to explore and navigate our emotions with fairness, seek balance, and make choices that align with our values.

The Justice Tarot Card in the Major Arcana

Libra compatibility zodiac astrology dates and traits midjourney art Vanessa Hylande

The Justice tarot card holds great significance in the querent’s journey as it follows the Wheel of Fortune and precedes the Hanged Man. The Wheel of Fortune represents cycles of change and destiny, where the querent experiences both ups and downs in their journey. As the querent approaches the Justice card, they reach a pivotal point where they are called to seek balance and fairness in the face of these unpredictable shifts. The Justice card serves as a reminder to the querent that their actions have consequences, and they are now being asked to take responsibility for the choices they have made.

Having encountered the Justice card, the querent is then led to the Hanged Man. This card represents surrender and a change in perspective. The journey from Justice to the Hanged Man signifies a transformative process where the querent learns to let go of their need for control and embraces a different way of looking at the world. The Justice card prepares the querent for this shift by teaching them the importance of fairness, objectivity, and making choices aligned with their true values. It sets the stage for the querent to release their attachment to outcomes and embrace a more profound understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The Justice Tarot Card in the Rider Waite

Justice tarot card meaning, rider waite deck, major arcana

The Justice tarot card in the Rider-Waite deck is rich in symbolism, reflecting the core themes of fairness, balance, and the consequences of our actions. The central figure seated on a throne represents the embodiment of justice, wearing a crown adorned with the symbol of divine authority. In one hand, she holds a sword, symbolizing the power of logic and reason, while the other hand holds a scales, representing the need for impartial judgment and weighing the consequences of our choices. The figure’s red robe signifies passion and action, while the grey pillars behind her denote stability and impartiality.

The presence of the double-edged sword signifies the potential for both justice and accountability. It suggests that our actions have consequences, and the decisions we make will ultimately determine the outcomes we experience. The scales highlight the importance of fair and objective judgment, reminding us to evaluate situations and people with clarity and unbiased perspective. The symbolism of the Justice card encourages us to seek truth and balance in all aspects of life, promoting integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior.

Overall, the Justice tarot card in the Rider-Waite deck serves as a powerful reminder of the universal principles of fairness and cause and effect. It invites us to consider the consequences of our actions and decisions, emphasizing the need to act with integrity and take responsibility for our choices. By embodying the symbolism of the Justice card, we can strive for balance, make decisions guided by fairness, and ultimately create harmony within ourselves and in our interactions with others.

Justice Past Position

the justice tarot card meaning
The Justice Tarot card pictured here is from the beautiful White Sage Tarot Deck.

When the Justice tarot card appears in the past position, it signifies that the seeker has experienced a significant event or situation in the past that was associated with justice, fairness, or a need for balance. It suggests that the seeker may have encountered situations where they had to make important decisions based on fairness, integrity, or ethical principles.

In the past, the Justice card indicates that the seeker may have gone through a period of seeking truth, seeking justice, or trying to resolve conflicts. It could represent a time when the seeker stood up for what they believed was right or acted as a mediator in a difficult situation. The seeker may have faced challenges that required them to make choices that aligned with their values and the greater good.

The presence of the Justice card in the past position can also indicate that the seeker has learned valuable lessons about the importance of fairness, equality, and the consequences of their actions. It suggests that the seeker’s past experiences with justice have shaped their present perspectives and behaviors.

Overall, the Justice tarot card in the past position indicates a history of seeking justice, making fair decisions, and striving for balance. It highlights the impact of past experiences related to justice and fairness on the seeker’s current situation. It serves as a reminder for the seeker to draw upon the lessons learned and apply them to their present circumstances.

Justice Present Position

When the Justice tarot card appears in the present position, it signifies that the seeker is currently facing or will soon encounter a situation that requires fairness, balance, and impartiality. It suggests that the seeker is in a phase where they need to make decisions based on objective judgment, moral principles, and a sense of equity.

In the present, the Justice card indicates that the seeker may find themselves involved in legal matters, negotiations, or situations where truth and integrity are of utmost importance. It signifies the need to assess situations objectively, weigh the facts, and make choices that align with fairness and justice. It encourages the seeker to approach their current circumstances with a clear mind, considering all perspectives and seeking a balanced outcome.

The presence of the Justice card in the present position also highlights the importance of accountability and taking responsibility for one’s actions. It reminds the seeker to act with integrity and honor their commitments. The card serves as a reminder that justice will prevail and that the seeker should trust in the fairness of the universe.

Overall, the Justice tarot card in the present position suggests that the seeker is currently navigating a situation where fairness, balance, and impartiality are key. It serves as a guide to make decisions based on ethical principles and to seek truth and justice in their actions. The card encourages the seeker to trust in the natural order of things and to maintain their integrity in all endeavors.

Justice Future Position

When the Justice tarot card appears in the future position, it indicates that the seeker will encounter a significant event or situation in the future that is linked to fairness, balance, and accountability. This card suggests that the seeker’s actions and choices in the present will have long-lasting consequences that will manifest in the future.

The Justice card in the future position serves as a reminder that the seeker’s commitment to fairness, honesty, and ethical behavior will play a vital role in shaping their future experiences. It suggests that the seeker may need to make important decisions that require careful consideration of the consequences and a commitment to doing what is right.

The presence of the Justice card in the future position also indicates that justice will prevail in the long run. It suggests that any past injustices or imbalances will be rectified, and the seeker will experience a sense of equilibrium and fairness in their future endeavors. This card encourages the seeker to have faith in the inherent justice of the universe and trust that their actions aligned with truth and integrity will be rewarded.

Justice Reversed

When the Justice tarot card appears in a reversed position, its meaning takes on a different tone. Reversed, the Justice card suggests imbalances, unfairness, or a lack of accountability. It may indicate situations where justice is not being served or where the scales are tipped in favor of one party at the expense of others. It can also suggest a tendency towards bias, dishonesty, or a disregard for the truth.

Reversed, the Justice card serves as a reminder to examine our own actions and motives. It prompts us to reflect on any unfairness or lack of integrity within ourselves or in our dealings with others. It may indicate a need to rectify past wrongs, seek reconciliation, or address unresolved conflicts. It also serves as a cautionary card, urging us to be mindful of the consequences of our choices and to consider the ethical implications of our decisions.

However, it’s important to approach the reversed Justice card with discernment. Its meaning can vary depending on the context of the reading and the surrounding cards. While it generally signifies imbalances or unfairness, it can also indicate the need to challenge societal norms or structures that perpetuate injustice. It calls for a deeper examination of the situation and encourages us to seek a fair and equitable resolution.

Overall, the reversed Justice tarot card serves as a reminder to restore balance and fairness, both within ourselves and in our external circumstances. It invites us to reflect on our actions, seek truth, and make amends where necessary. By acknowledging and addressing any imbalances or injustices, we can work towards a more just and harmonious existence.

The Justice Card Love

In love readings, the Justice tarot card still operates under the principle of cause and effect. There are three possible interpretations when this card appears. If you’re in a happy relationship, it could mean that you’ve been treating your partner well and that things are going smoothly. Alternatively, it could indicate that your partner may not be completely truthful with you.

If you’re in a toxic relationship, the Justice card urges you to consider your options carefully and make a decision that will bring more balance and peace into your life.

For those who are single, the Justice card suggests taking a step back and reflecting on past relationships to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Honesty with yourself is crucial in this process.

The Justice Card Meaning Health

When the Justice tarot card appears in a health reading, it suggests that you need to balance and make fair decisions regarding your health. It may be time for you to take a closer look at your lifestyle and make necessary adjustments to maintain overall well-being. The card reminds you that your health is interconnected with your choices, and you need to take responsibility for them. It also indicates that you need to be objective in your approach and not make hasty decisions without proper research and consultation with healthcare professionals. By embodying the qualities of the Justice card, such as fairness, balance, and logic, you can make informed decisions and maintain good health.

The Justice Card Meaning Career

If the Justice tarot card appears in a reading about your career, it indicates that you need to make fair and impartial decisions. This is a time to weigh your options and consider all factors before making any moves. It also suggests that you may need to seek legal advice or consult with an expert in your field to make the right decisions. Justice also reminds you to be honest and ethical in your professional dealings. If you have been mistreated or taken advantage of in the workplace, Justice is telling you that you will get the justice you deserve. Trust in the universe and keep doing what is right. Success is on the horizon.

The Justice Card Meaning Spirituality

The Justice card is all about Karma, but it’s more than that. It’s about the inevitability of Karma and how you can learn from it. Karmic events are lessons from the universe that hold a deeper meaning for you to decipher. By analyzing these events and seeking out their true meanings, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.

This understanding can lead you to a better way of living, a brighter future, and a higher level of consciousness. That’s the essence of the Justice card. It’s not just about Karma, but also about the lessons that come with it and how you can use them to grow and evolve as a person. So, embrace the lessons that come your way and use them to become the best version of yourself.

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