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The Justice Tarot Card Meaning

karma, truth, balance, fairness

If you have been struggling with an injustice, the truth is about to be revealed. The Justice tarot card brings balance and karma and can represent the resolution of legal matters or contracts. If you have been acting honestly and fairly, this card will benefit you.

The Justice Tarot Card Summarized

When the Justice card shows up in your tarot reading session, just remember that it is a card signaling karmic force. So, it is time for you to weight your past actions with your present choices and have a long reflection on how each of it is going to affect your future.

However, there is nothing to worry about. Like all the cards in the Major Arcana, The Justice tarot is also meant to guide you on a better path of life, to help you become a better kind of person. It is a cosmic message directed you to manifest more positive energy, to be fair in your judgment about yourself and others, and to be more responsible in your life.   

Summary of the Justice Card

This universe that we live in, although seemingly chaotic and random on the surface, is ruled by a few unbreakable and absolute laws. Laws that exist to establish and keep a natural order to our very existence. One of those heavenly rules concerns Justice and the causative relationship of the latter with our own act.

The basic principle of this cosmic decree is that every action has a consequence, that each choice one makes throughout one’s life will ultimately cause a later situation or event as an effect. For this reason, you should always consider every single decision you take and every single act you make, because whatever you do will come back to you. What goes around comes around, as the saying goes. 

Life is a question of balance of good and bad choices and their aftermaths. The Justice tarot card serves as a reminder of this equilibrium of force pre-set in the macrocosm. That the amount of energy that you receiving is constant to the amount of energy you have been sending out into the world. And the nature of the latter strictly depends on the former. Meaning, if you have been giving out negative energies around you, prepare to be swarmed by more negative energies from around you.

Therefore, if you have done more negative actions than positive ones in the past, you must mend these past mistakes by ameliorating your present choice in order to brighten up your future. But if not, then you should not worry about any karmic reprisal. Simply keep on maintaining a positive behavior. 

Symbolism in the Justice Tarot Card

the justice tarot card Rider-Waite

In the Rider-Waite deck, traditionally, the Justice card shows a graceful Lady dressed in a long red robe, sitting upon a plain, stone between two pillars, and holding an evenly balanced scale in her left hand and a double-edged, swords, pointed right up to the sky in her right hand. 

Sounds familiar, right? Well, that is because it is the same as the representation of social justice that we can see inside and outside any court house around the world. This image is the typification that carries the core idea of what Justice is. But let’s analyze that for a minute, beginning with the Lady Justice itself.

Symbolism of the Justice Card Explained

As can be seen on this card, and in most culture, there is an underlining association between femininity and Justice. For example, the Egyptians had Maat, the daughter of the Sun God Rah, as the goddess of cosmic order. The Greeks have Themis, the female deity gifted of wisdom. The Ghanaian, West Africa, has Akonadi, the female divinity for good counsel and protection. And the list goes on. All of them are the personification of justice.

That is because, in ancient beliefs, femininity was perceived as the quintessence of innocence and purity – purity thought and soul. In other words, they held them up as to be holy. As such, they always represent women to be the guardian of truth, of what is just, of what is right.

Following this ideology, Lady justice is carrying a balance in her left hand. This balance is a reference to the Zodiac sign Libra to which the Justice tarot card is connected to on an astrological level in terms of energy. By association with this symbol, the Justice card is advocating for harmony and fair play. It means to say that your actions and choices on this earth should always aim to go towards what is just. Be more righteous.

To add to this, in this tarot card, Lady justice is branding a double-edged sword right up to the sky to demonstrate the power of Justice. The main idea being that the only way to know what is the right thing to do in a situation, you must use your logical reasoning to separate fact from fiction and get the right answers. In a way, the sword, here, signifies sharpness of mind—a quality the card deems to be important in order for someone to live righteously.

The Lessons of Lady Justice

However, its double-edged nature represents impartiality. On this, the Justice tarot card is telling us that Justice does not discriminate on any basis. It judges and punishes the guilty all the same. That is its nature.  Its main purpose is to maintain the equilibrium between the good and the bad, as these two things are interdependent. The same way light cannot be without darkness. Things cannot be all white or all black. Both exist in a constant battle to dominate the other. Only the hand of Justice makes sure that it never happens. So that the natural order of things can be maintained. This is what the Justice tarot card is attempting to portray.

Justice Upright

The Justice card appearing upright in your card reading session is no cause for alarm. I can assure you. On the contrary, it is telling you that Karma is about to intervene and resolve the troubles you are facing. It’s card of relief. Of course, this will only be the case if you have been walking straight through your path or if you have been wronged.

But if your actions made other suffer, the Justice card is here to warn you. That a retaliation is coming your way as a direct effect of your wrongdoings. The time has come to account for your actions. Or that you need to pay attention to something. It could be about your career, love, or health, or just your life, but surely a decision of great importance that you have to make. Once and for all, you need to stop being doubtful and find a solution to whatever it is.

Sometimes, her presence can mean a chance for repentance. It is giving you the opportunity to change what you have done before it is too late to be fixed. You can clear up your errors and have a brighter future.

Apart from that, in some context, the Justice card can also signify truth. It is saying that there is a truth that you need to find out. Except, you will not get it from anyone. Ignore the gossips and do not be hasty in passing judgement without knowing everything you need to know. Instead, use your mind and base your research on facts. By following this procedure, you will understand it all so that you can be fair in all your deeds.

Justice in the Past Position

When it is about the reading of Justice card according to its spread in time, you must always look at the causal effect relationship that is embedded in the main idea of the card—the interlinked influences of the past, present, and future.

So, when the Justice card appears in the past position, it is meaning to tell you that your current situation results from a major past decision. It’s not about whether it was a good one or a bad one. Moral judgement is not the point here.

It’s simply an advice for you to reflect more deeply on the major think back to significant turns you previously took that might be at the source of the situation you live in today.

Justice in the Present Position

It could be about anything—your romantic life, your study, your work, etc. Only you really know. The sure thing is, it will have a definite effect on your life. Therefore, the Justice card is suggesting cautiousness in your life choices. Be sharp in your thinking and keep your eyes set on the future and on your vision of what you want it to look like before making your decision, because this one will be the ground base of your life in the upcoming years. 

The primary idea behind the Justice card spreading itself in the present position is to signal you about a very important life decision that is at hand.

Justice in the Future

Justice in the Future position is pointing toward a big change. It wants you to prepare for it. All the things you are working on right now, however insignificant it may feel to you, are slowly pushing forward. At one point, you will come to a crossroad and the direction you take will transform your life forever and beyond recognition. Rely on your Karmic energy. It will come to your aid.

Still, be attentive to your surroundings. Think more and talk less. Observe with objectivity, while remaining faithful to what is morally just. This is fundamental to leading a truthful life. 

Your Health Reading and The Justice Tarot Card

For health reading, if you have been feeling sick lately, the Justice tarot card is saying that your health issue is caused by spiritual and physical unbalance.

It could be guilt of past wrong doings that had severe consequences on other people’s life, causing you to be depressed. And the depression contributes to weakening you physically.

You need to arrive at a certain mental stability. Start by taking your responsibility for what you have done and advance from there.

Justice and Your Career Reading

When it’s about career, the Justice tarot is attempting to tell you, you need to balance your work life and your personal life properly. It is undeniable that work is important. You have your ambition. Plus, it helps you pay your bills and live. Although, giving all the spaces that you have in your life to work is not good.

There are equally important things, if not more, you need to handle, such as family, friends, and yourself. It all matters and you should give these things as much room in your life as you do with your job. Only, if this doesn’t apply to you, then the Justice tarot can simply be a reminder to always act with integrity in the face of work conflict. You might be treated unfairly. But you have to remain reasonable. Do not react impulsively. Stay logical in your actions.

Also, always be honest and responsible, that way you will always have the trust of your co-workers. This can help you boost your career.

Your Love Reading and The Justice Tarot Card

Even with romantic relationships, the Justice tarot still follows the same premise concerning the cause and effect.

Therefore, the reading of this card for love can be summed up in three distinct contexts:

  1. If you are in a good relationship at when you received this card in your reading, then it either means that you have been faithful to your partner and that you have been treating him or her well, so things are okay. Or that despite what it may look, your partner might not be completely honest with you.
  2. If you are toxic relationship, the Justice card is asking you to think it through with a clearer mind. You might be on the verge of having to take a decision. Therefore, you must take by keeping in mind which one will bring more balance and peace into your life. You will need stability going forward.
  3. If you are single, the justice card is perhaps pointing at the possibility that there is a reason for this situation. In fact, you need to be retrospective about why your previous relation failed and how it all went down before you are going to look for a partner. Be honest with yourself so that you will not repeat the same mistake all over again.

Justice Reversed

A reversed Justice tarot could mean a lot of things. What you must not forget is that it is a card of Karma. In that case, the meaning of the Justice reversal is denial of the Karmic Justice. You are not willing to take accountability for the consequences of your past actions and decisions. You are avoiding your guilt. Although doing that is quite useless, for Justice will be served no matter what. You are simply postponing things.

But be aware that these are past actions. By definition, it is already done. What is done is done. Stop judging yourself. You should put all your focus on your present tasks and choices. Your future depends on it. You can tip the scales in balance again so that it can be even if you do things the right way.

Where the Justice tarot card takes the place of another person, it means dishonest. Someone is not telling you everything. However, in legal matters, the appearance of the Justice card could point towards an unfair outcome of a current case of yours that you will not accept.

Your Spirituality Reading and The Justice Tarot Card

Spiritually, the essence of the Justice card is Karma. But that is not all. Because the idea on which it stands on is the inevitability of such higher force. So, all you can do is to endure. But what you must never forget to do is learn from it.

Karmic events are lessons send to you by the universe itself. It holds deeper message that only you can decipher. And the moment you analyze them intending to find out their actual meanings, you will come to understand yourself and how the world you live in works a little better.

This comprehension will uplift yourself to a better standard in your manner of living, to a better future, and to a higher kind of consciousness. In the main lines, such is what the Justice card is all about.



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