I meet resistance with love and surrender
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A Powerful Trio of Opportunity

Venus emerges from her shadow today and The Sun, The Magician, and The Three of Pentacles herald the beginning of something new and beautiful in your life. The Ten of Cups sits at the bottom of the deck foretelling a joyful ending. When we release darkness, the beautiful light shines in. We must be courageous and tenacious enough to see it through though.

Although this week may still be wrought with intense and complicated energies due to the current astrological movements, remember that change always brings opportunity. Be brave and bold as you embody everything that you love and deserve. The Sun is smiling upon you as you manifest your dreams.

Daily Affirmation

I meet resistance with love and surrender
I choose love
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Step Forward With a Pure Heart

Let’s clean out the dusty chambers of our hearts today. Whatever old pains or wounds still lurk in the shadows, today is a perfect day to let them all go so that you can purify the love in your heart. We are in the Lion’s Gate, with a moon in Scorpio, and Venus about to exit her shadow. When our soul remains attached to the past, our heart is not open to receiving new love. Let the waters of emotion flow through you now because stagnant waters will only pollute the sea of your future.

The Five of Pentacles in the reverse indicates an opportunity to put an end to the energies of lack and scarcity in your life. Walk away from emptiness, pain, and sorrow. Fill your cup of love with fresh and pure new water. Gravitate toward things that fill your soul. Honor your heart. Be committed to your own joy.

Whenever we encounter pain in our lives, there is a place in our own hearts where we are self inflicting the same energy. Do you abandon your own dreams or needs at times? Be thankful for these messages because they are windows into our souls. Now you have the clarity to self-heal. The King of Cups represents mastery over emotion.

Don’t choose a memory of love. Don’t choose the possibility of love. Don’t choose the longing for love. Where is love in your life in this very moment? That is all that is real. Be love. Choose love in the present. The rest is illusion – a crack in the cup of love through which your heart will slowly empty itself. Fill your cup instead.

Daily Affirmation

I patiently give my dreams everything they need to bloom
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The Growing Pains of Blossoming Dreams

Stay true to the seeds of dreams you planted at the new moon, even if obstacles or resistance begin to appear on your path today. The first quarter moon always brings a crisis point where we need to support our manifestations with consistent action, so keep that in mind today!

This moon is in Scorpio, which incites us to probe into emotions deeply. As you get to the bottom of things you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of options before you. The Seven of Cups suggests that you might be wondering which of your options are real and which are illusions.

This might lead you feel like there is a conflict between what you want and what you need, but if you stay true to your heart, your intuition will guide you well. The Star encourages you to remain hopeful! Your dreams will take time to grow, so use any obstacles you encounter to fuel your dedication. Don’t get distracted! Stay focused on the actions that support your manifestation just like The Eight of Pentacles. With patience and dedication, your dreams will soon bloom!

Daily Affirmation

I patiently give my dreams everything they need to bloom
Four of Swords tarot card meaning
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We Are Infinite Possibility

From stillness it is born. This dark moon in Cancer beckons you to honor your deepest and most intimate feelings. Stand with your soul’s authenticity, whether irrational or not. It doesn’t matter. Like the crab, The Four of Swords retreats into sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. It is from that place of deep stillness that we manifest.

We are in the midst of a ten day Mayan portal, the re-triggering of the eclipses, along with powerful retrogrades and oppositions – these are life-changing times. Go deep. Release everything that no longer serves you so that you can make way for a new chapter in your life.

Daily Affirmation

I am infinite possibility.”

Nine of Wands tarot card meaning
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Boundaries That Honor Your Soul

Today’s tarot card is The Nine of Wands, the resilient protector, the setter of boundaries. The authenticity of the life we lead is revealed by how we face our challenges. Do you stand firm to protect your principles, limits, and standards? Or do you change your boundaries when someone expresses their displeasure over them? Do others have a say as to what your boundaries are or should be?

Boundaries protect, they are not actions toward others. We do not do anything to anyone when we uphold them. Any judgments about their existence stem from conflict within the beholder. That is not your burden to shoulder.

Boundaries honor our wellbeing. We dignify our energy by choosing how to give and take wisely. It is deeply personal and it is our right, and people who truly care about you recognize that hurting yourself for the sake of others brings nothing good into the world.

The Nine of Wands must remain persistent in the face of judgment or opposition. But when we truly know the value of our needs, it is not difficult. When your personal boundaries are met with resistance or condemnation, just remember that this is simply a projection. Our boundaries are about ourselves. They are neutral. The simply are.

Daily Affirmation

My boundaries are perfect.”

Ten of Pentacles tarot card meaning
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Riches Grow From the Seeds in Your Heart

The seeds of abundance that we have planted in our hearts are manifesting for us in the physical world. The Ten of Pentacles represents stability, family, affluence – a successful arrival or completion. Abundance takes many forms, and its gifts can be financial, emotional, or spiritual in nature. What kinds of seeds are planted in your heart?

True fulfillment always comes from within, so in order to arrive at a place of stability and abundance in the physical world, we must nurture these traits within ourselves first. The world is our mirror, and whatever we project, will return to us. Our focus and attention is the fuel for growth.

We cannot grow peace from conflict. We cannot grow riches from a sense of lack. If we want others to respect our needs, we must honor our own needs first. Practice the honoring. Honor yourself and others. If we want our lives to be stable, we must nurture stability within ourselves. Practice stability. Put your energy into stable situations and steer clear of ones that are not. If we desire wealth, we must first discover our own inner riches through our connection to gratitude and responsibility. Be abundant with yourself and others. Withholding will not engender abundance.

Look within to find the seed for growth. Embody the outcome you desire and it will manifest from the inside out. When we look to the self for answers, instead of finding problems to fix or control on the outside, the real magic happens.

Be The Ten of Pentacles today. Share your gratitude and your blessings with those that you love. Be the best foundation there has ever been.

Daily Affirmation

Abundance blossoms from within.”

Knight of Wands tarot card meaning
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Be Your Own Knight in Shining Armor

Today’s tarot card is the Knight of Wands, so if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to set something passionate into motion, now’s the time! This is a card of inspired action, energy, and adventure. This Knight chases down his dreams fearlessly.

We’ve been spending so much time in deep reflection. Many of us have been too trapped in the mind as we strive to make sense of the deep shadows that have been surfacing all around us and in our own hearts. Change is always a little messy and chaotic. But by now, you are certainly more clear about what you do want, not just what you want to cut away.

The Knight of Wands says “Go for it!” Start chasing your dreams. Nobody else is going to do it for you!

Daily Affirmation

I choose to take action toward my dreams.”

Seven of Wands tarot card meaning
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Challenges Are the Learning Ground of the Heart

Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are all retrograde in Capricorn right now begging the question and self-reflection: What is your truth, what brings you joy, and what are you willing to commit to? The answers are always inside of us when we learn to temper the voice of fear in favor of the voice of the heart.

The Seven of Wands stands up for what he believes in and holds his ground even if he is the last one standing. He forges his own path and defends his position. Are you willing to fight for what you love? Are you willing to stand your ground and hold out for what you deserve?

Are you really under attack? Could the threat be a product of your fears rather than reality? Are you fighting demons of the past in your present situation? Don’t allow protection to devolve into defensiveness. There may be more trust available to you than you realize.

Persevere in the pursuit of your desires. Stand your ground and uphold your standards. Challenges purify the will of the heart by teaching us what we really care about. If you are clear on your truth, it’s time to step up and represent. Embody that which you want in order to make it manifest. If you are clouded or uncertain, allow the challenge to be your teacher.

Daily Affirmation

I embrace challenges”

Page of Swords tarot card meaning
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It’s Time to Talk

Integrity is the word of the day today. The Page of Swords indicates that some kind of a challenge may be headed your way, but with the sword of truth, your directive is clear. Honest communication and follow through are supported by the youthful enthusiasm of the Page.

The Sun is now opposing Pluto, which indicates the revealing of deep unresolved issues. Just as the Sun illuminates whatever it shines upon here on the physical earth, in astrology it means that the characteristics of the planet, house, or zodiac sign in question will be put in the spotlight. Pluto, the God of the Underworld, is the planet of mystery, sex, birth, death and destruction. It’s time to look into the muddy waters and then step forward courageously to speak your truth.

The Scorpionic phoenix always wants to look below the surface, and the Page of Swords is your perfect companion for this mission. A conflict may come to a head today. Hold your sword with integrity and speak your truth. The journey below can be uncomfortable, but the reward is freedom from illusion.

Daily Affirmation

I speak my truth”

Four of Wands tarot card meanings
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Celebrate Your Creations!

Celebrate your creations because the Four of Wands indicates that you have a stable foundation! With Mars conjunct Chiron today, we’ve got the drive to take action toward our healing. You might be feeling a renewed sense of mission and purpose, so use that energy to cultivate all of those things in your life that bring you joy and fulfillment.

We also have the moon in Taurus today, so indulge in the earthly pleasures. The energies are supporting endeavors that lead to your peace and contentment. Take comfort in familiar and reliable things. Stability and happiness go hand in hand today.

The Four of Wands can also indicate marriage, so whether or not you’re looking to get hitched, its a great time to strengthen your relationships. Wands are the fire of creation, so if you’re building a business or other important project, go ahead and celebrate what you’ve built so far. Keep moving forward because you’re on the path to success.

Daily Affirmation

I celebrate my creations!”