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Surrender at the Lion’s Gate

by Dec 25, 2023Daily Tarot

Originally published August 4, 2020
The Altar of devotion poetry by Vanessa Hylande

What are we taking with us, and what are we leaving behind as we surrender to transformation at this divine Gate of the Lions? What will our new world look like once we purify our relationships? Perhaps with our hearts realigned, our priorities will be better defined.

The Eighth House of Sexuality

This great transformation is happening in the eighth house of mystery and sexuality. Under the rulership of Pluto, we behold a unique opportunity to restore the Divine Feminine to dignity. From the deepest parts of her sexuality and intimacy, to the darkest shadows of her psyche, let the sun shine!

A deep heart cleansing coupled with honesty, empowers us to wrangle the ego back into moderation. It’s amazing how much more peaceful life is when the volume is turned down on its ramblings. The temperate voice of intuition is a much wiser guide, especially when it comes to enlightenment about what is in store for us on the other side.

The Priestesses of Hestia and Sacred Sexuality

Before the takeover by the patriarchy, the priestesses of Hestia practiced sacred sexuality. Using the healing powers of kundalini, they “took the war out of men” by transmuting their pain and suffering into honoring the feminine. Their healing powers turned trauma into the sublime.

The priestesses channeled their inner Goddess to create unions that were divine. Later they would be known as the Vestal Virgins and were forced into chastity and confined. We’ve seen this history repeat itself time after time.

The sacred flame of purification is alive and well today in the womb of every woman. It has just been forsaken and forgotten. Instead of being revered, this divine ability has been shamed and feared.

It seems that the two greatest gifts of the feminine – seductive sexuality and non-religious spirituality – have been scapegoated and blamed for all of the world’s pains. Poor Eve never even had a chance. Society has been too deeply programmed.

Embody the Goddess Divinity

This Lion’s Gate portal is beckoning us to embody the divine, so let’s invite the Goddess to restore balance – it is time. Receptive creation and flow will balance the masculine energies of strategy and control. The darkness of the womb that brings forth life is home to a great inner knowing. Let us follow the divine feminine path for a change and lead the world from battling to bestowing.

The darkness of the womb that brings forth life is home to a great inner knowing. Let us follow the divine feminine path for a change and lead the world from battling to bestowing.

Let’s open up our hearts and heal collectively. Let’s dare to embody the Goddess in all of her empathy. This is The Great Consecration. Let us brave the flames of purification. And then stand in our power once more.

Return to your sacred temple and never again forget that these divine powers were always alive in you. You just need to look into your soul to remember what you always knew.

The greatest rouse of all time is that our Inner Goddess is something we have to find. We were taught to believe that we were born blind, so many of us never even tried to open our eyes.

But all we really have to do is allow the Goddess within us to be free. That’s what it means to embody.

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