The Major Arcana

The Great Archetypes of the Tarot

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The Major Arcana are the called the majors because they have a powerful long-term energy. Each card of the Major Arcana is an archetype that represents a stage on the journey toward spiritual ascension.Therefore, as you learn the lessons of each of the major cards, you come closer and closer to enlightenment and high-vibe living.

The Major Arcana is the most well-known and significant part of the tarot deck. Comprised of 22 cards, these archetypal images represent the various stages and challenges that we encounter throughout our lives. Each card has its own meaning, and they are typically divided into three groups: the Fool’s Journey, the Journey of the Soul, and the Journey of the Spirit.

The Fool’s Journey includes the first 11 cards, starting with the Fool and ending with the Wheel of Fortune. These cards represent the beginning stages of a journey, and the various obstacles and challenges that we may encounter along the way. The Fool represents new beginnings, and the journey that he undertakes represents our own journey through life.

The Journey of the Soul begins with the card Justice and ends with the Temperance card. These cards represent the middle stages of the journey, when we are faced with important choices and decisions. Justice represents the need for balance and fairness, while the Temperance card represents the need for moderation and self-control.

The Journey of the Spirit includes the final 10 cards, starting with the Devil and ending with the World. These cards represent the end of the journey, and the culmination of all that has come before. The Devil card represents temptation and the need for self-awareness, while the World card represents completion and the attainment of our goals.

Overall, the Major Arcana represents the journey of life, and the various challenges and obstacles that we must overcome in order to reach our goals. When these cards appear in a tarot reading, they indicate important events or turning points in our lives, and can provide valuable guidance and insight into the choices that we must make in order to move forward.

Check out the main energies of each archetype on their individual pages for a thorough explanation of these tarot card meanings! There we’ve outlined what each card means for you in your reading. So, whether it appears in the past, present, or future position, or within the context of a particular kind of tarot reading, you’ll always have a useful guide for interpreting your tarot card meanings. Have fun!