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The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

strength tarot
Inner strength, persuasion, compassion, influence.
true strength affirmation I lead with compassion and confidence embody The Emperor tarot card meanings

The Strength tarot card goes beyond using force to control your environment, and teaches the value of compassionate persuasion and influence. Our inner strength gives us the calm to overcome challenges with grace and poise.

Bravery, perseverance, inspiration, compassion, control, self-confidence—A few words which may help you grasp the idea embodied by the Strength tarot card.

It’s the card that represents the limitless capability of the human mind, the paroxysm of human potential on a spiritual level.

So, if the Strength tarot card presents itself in your your tarot card reading session, do not fear it and dont be hesitant about its meaning. The strength tarot card is a sign of good things to come, a good omen. It’s an invitation directed to embark on a spiritual journey. Obviously, there will be challenges along this arduous road of self-mastery. But if you advance with resolve, you will arise stronger and more at peace with yourself.

However, you must initiate a change of mentality to redefine your perception of your own existence.

Summary of The Strength Tarot Card

Traditionally, the Strength tarot card, also previously known as Fortitude, was not the 8th card of the major arcana. It was the Justice card that held this placement, while the Strength card was numbered the 11th card.

Only, upon a revision of the deck for more astrological accuracy, as it was believed to follow Leo or the lion zodiac sign for it represents ‘Force’ itself, it was re-ordered as the 8th card of the deck. This can be observed in the Rider-Waite’s version of the tarot deck, published in 1909. Still, in Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck, published in 1974, the Justice and the Strength still occupy their former positions.

All of that has no influence on its functionality or meaning. In both cases, with the Strength tarot, you always see a woman, or a maiden, elegantly dressed, and calmly petting a lion by caressing the beast’s head.

But following this change, the Strength tarot card can now be clearly seen as the direct extension of the Chariot, a developed form. For whereas the Chariot emphasizes physical efforts and power to be victorious, the Strength tips towards the other direction and suggests tapping into one’s inner-qualities to ensure triumph.

Symbology of the Strength Tarot Card

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For a better understanding of the meaning of the Strength tarot card, let’s focus on the four main elements illustrated in its characterization.  

The Woman on the Strength Card

As in many other cultures, women are often used as representational figures or symbols of purity, immaculateness, hope, harmony, understanding and divine power. It is the same with the symbology of Strength card.

With her peaceful posture, the woman is the quintessence of human strength. The highest degree of mental capacity one can attain through inner harmony and balance in our hearts.

The maiden represents the model of psychological equilibrium that we should strive to attain. 

The Mountains on the Strength Card

Then, there are the Mountains in the background, which are symbols of aspiration, courage and accomplishment. In the context of the Strength tarot, it evokes the challenges we all must face and overcome in our daily lives. Although, the message here is that what makes the climbing difficult or easy is the way we approach it. This is where the metaphor symbolism of the lion comes in.

The Lion on the Strength Card

The lion symbolizes our primal urges as human beings — our daily physical needs and cravings. It is the burning fire within us all, the intense flames that never withers. The one that blazes brighter with every year that passes.

Do not be fooled, that being said. Such a negative representation is merely purposeful because it helps to solidify the idea represented in this image. Like the mountains, the lion embodies adversity, an impossible task. An animal that is untamable. And yet, it is being tamed, as we can see.

The thing that we thought to be unrealizable is being realized. Therefore, it acts as a motivator for us to not be easily frightened in the presence of a seemingly unachievable labor, to not be paralyzed by fear and to go on and do it and achieve it to claim victory. It’s not because something seems impossible that it actually is. We have to be resilient in order to attain our goals.

The Lessons of the Strength Tarot Card

Through these images, the Strength tarot card is asking us this: how can you reach your goals if you do not pass all of these mountains? Would you stop because of fear or danger? Is your dream not worth the risk? Will you be steadfast in attaining your dreams? Is that a yes? Then, move your feet and advance! Go tame your lion; grab it by the head! Find the right balance inside of yourself, learn to discipline your emotions, channel your negativity. Then express them all positively, and turn them into your weapons to be used for your advantage.

This is what the Strength tarot is telling us. The key to glory is to know yourself, moderate your ego, and highlight your more divine nature. With the right mentality, you can overcome any type of difficulties. You can even control your destiny.

The Crown on the Strength Tarot Card

Such is what the crown on the maiden’s head confirms—completion. It portrays the idea of complete triumph, a total accomplishment of the mastery of the self. But not only that, because the circular shape of it also suggests infinity. It implies a culmination and the loop of constant achievement that can be obtained after you have reached this ultimate state of being.  

The Strength Tarot Card Upright

Depending on where and how the tarot cards present themselves in your reading, they will take on different signification. This is very important, as the Major Arcana has a large spectrum of meaning according to various circumstances.

For example, if you pull the Strength tarot card in the upright position, it signifies good fortune as it points out that you have fortitude to face distress and danger. The card also adds that you have been persistent in your pursuit while also showing affection for others by standing up for them. You are in charge.

Sometimes, a strength card can be a message that a great deal of will power is required for some obstacles ahead. But it is also a sign that you already have the strength that is necessary to overcome these challenges. The Strength tarot card pre-states the idea that we are already complete and everything we need is already within us. Take stock and manage your emotions and needs with care.  

The Strength Tarot Card in the Past Position

When the Strength card appears in the past position, it’s a congratulatory card for managing your issues gracefully and with composure. Your discipline, calmness, and persistence have paid off and have allowed you to master your environment with no need for physical assertion to dominate. You did great! Now, remember it.  

The Strength Tarot Card in the Present Position

In the case where the Strength tarot appears in the present position, it’s an excellent thing. It signifies that you are tenacious and that you have a strong will.

The strength card also means you are keeping your basic urges in check. You are doing well and you are in a good place.

Because of this, in your work, other people are going to cooperate with you. You have manifested such positive energy by demonstrating perseverance, sympathy, and love that you have shone into their eyes and exerted your influence on them. So, keep doing what you have been doing!

The Strength Tarot Card in the Future Position

In the future position, the Strength card is telling you that whatever circumstances may bother you at the moment, you will soon gain control over them. Just do not allow your animal instinct to overpower you. Balance is everything.

Anger, envy, – these are normal feelings. It’s natural to feel them. It’s what you do with these emotions that makes the difference. So, you have to be constructive about how you use it. You will achieve control over these circumstances if you remain peaceful and patient.

As the Strength tarot card can also be a presage of hardship, it is saying that no matter how difficult things will get, you can endure it. You have great stamina and persistence, balanced with underlying patience and inner calm. You will get through it.

Thus, be committed to what you need to do, and go about it in a way that shows the best side of yourself. Stay composed. Do not act impulsively, as it may get you into unwanted trouble. For that, you need to approach all situations that present themselves to you with a positive mindset.

And if you ever feel frightened to do something that you have to do, do it anyway! The Strength card is encouraging you to find your inner peace. Remember the limitless potential that dwells within you. Do not let it go to waste. You have got what it takes to see this situation through to its eventual end. The answers are already in you.

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The Strength Card Reversed

Commonly, in tarot cards, the essence of each card falls out of balance when it appears in the reversed position. The question you should ask yourself first is whether the characteristics of the Strength card points to a state of overabundance or a state of depletion? You must determine it according to the context of your situation.

Are you overflowing with self-confidence? If it is the case, then the reversed Strength card wants you to regulate your ego carefully. Yes, your power is limitless, but do not act thoughtlessly, simply basing yourself on that fact. A great power requires a great responsibility, right? In that spirit, put more consideration into your actions.

Have you lost your grip on your lion? Do you feel vulnerable? Have you been prone to an explosive burst of negative energy? Maybe the reversed strength card is showing itself to remind you to manage your raw emotions more efficiently. Do not let it override your will; you must re-take reins. Tune in to your feelings and analyze your recent setbacks and disappointments. It may be that your energy level is running low. So, take your time to restore. Make a lot more time for self-care. Make it a priority. Never forget that you cannot care for others, if you are not taking care of yourself.

Your Career Reading and The Strength

In terms of career reading, seeing the Strength tarot card only means one thing: an opportunity for career improvement. That is, if you harness the beast that is inside of you and turn all its raw energy into a constructive one and concentrate all of it into your job. Give it your all and success will be yours. You just have to make sure that you move forward with the right way of thinking. Ensure that you remain stable emotionally so that you can think sharply.  

Your Health Reading and The Strength Card

The Strength tarot card of the Major Arcana, in a health context, is mainly a sign of luck. 

If you felt ill or have been feeling unwell, it means you will soon overcome it and get your body and mind back in balance. 

If you are not sick, then you have nothing to worry about either. This card is only to remind you to keep on a positive lifestyle to remain healthy.  

Your Love Reading and The Strength Card

On a certain level, we can interpret the Strength tarot love as subtle eloquence about the dynamic of a romantic partnership and the balance of action that is needed within it to be a successful one. Let’s not forget that for tarot cards, you can never strictly rely on what you see on the surface. Very often, you need to read between every single line of how the card presents itself.

When seeing the Strength tarot card, for instance, you should first wonder: ‘Why a lion?’ Of all the creatures that exist or ever existed, why is the card that depicts this specific image of a woman standing beside a lion appearing? The lion is widely believed to be the king of all animals – the king. There is no other perfect symbolism for masculinity than it. It is strong and ferocious. It is a hunter, a ruler.

The Strength Card and the Power of Partnership

Nevertheless, the lion on its own is too wild and unbalanced. It can survive, but it could never reach its maximum potential for greatness by its own means. The same way a man could never become complete without a female partner. That is why in the strength tarot, the woman is standing side by side with the lion as to show their equality and the completion of their existence through the presence of one another.

Obviously, in this analogy, the male or female is not solely represented by one of the two characters of the Strength card, but the two of them are both symbolized in the link that exists between the two. Every king needs a queen, as every ruler needs a companion, an adviser, someone close to them as a steadfast friend.

I mean, isn’t that why we are all looking for somebody, someone who fulfills us? Otherwise, why would it would the right person be called a soulmate or as they name it in some languages, like in Malagasy, a “Silam-panahy”—the second half of one’s soul? 

Summary of the Strength Card in Your Love Reading

Typically, the Strength card in your love reading would indicate one of two things:

  • Your relationship is flowing smoothly. The apparition of the Strength tarot card shows you’re a loyal partner and a solid supporter. You are even holding spaces for the person beside you in order to share with him or her your strength and compassion that he or she needs.
  • Something is wrong. There is an imbalance in your relationship. It has lost its harmony. You might know it or not, but the problem is there. You have a partner who is very strong, spiritually. Subtly, the Strength card is warning you and advises you to match your partner’s energy or to tame their energy down to match yours. Put aside your ego and to approach your partner and talk to understand them so that you both can assess the situation and to find an efficient solution. Provide him or her with what they need, an ear to listen or a gesture of compassion. Something that lets them know that no matter what, they can count on you to preserve the balance in your relationship.

Your Spirituality Reading and The Strength

Have you ever felt like you were doing everything you could and still you failed? Like no matter what you do, you never really reach your utmost potential, as if something invisible was blocking your way?

Well, according to the Strength Tarot card, this is because you have not fully connected with your inner self yet. For a person to arrive at their true strength, they must elevate spiritually because true power resides within ourselves and not in the external.

This is what the Strength tarot card is all about—to solidify our bond with our inner self and to grow it to a higher-degree of consciousness. The goal being a perfect equilibrium between our metaphysical existence and our physical existence. The mastery of both planes would allow us to access a power that enables its wielder to have absolute control over one’s self and everything in his or her surroundings.  

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How to Embody the Strength Tarot Card

To embody the Strength tarot card, seek to liberate your solar plexus chakra. This chakra is your power center, your sacred masculine inner fire. This may involve solar plexus chakra healing techniques, such as unblocking or tempering the fire. Whenever we embody the tarot, we want to bring the energies of this archetype into balance, so that it is neither in as state of excess nor in a state of depletion.

Consider using such tools as solar plexus chakra affirmations and solar plexus chakra crystals. Want to learn more? You can explore how to empower and liberate this chakra and the lessons of the Strength tarot card in the Embodied Goddesses fifth module “Warrior Goddess,” handbook available on Amazon Kindle.



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