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A twin flame is your other half, your “Mirror Soul,” your unconditional love that defies gravity. It is beyond anything you have ever experienced – a connection between two souls that is so powerful that it completely rocks your world.

Twin flames have a deep, spiritual connection. The two souls are a perfect mirror of each other’s energy, and the connection is intense and powerful.

Twin flames are destined to be together, and will often experience intense emotions and spiritual awakenings when together. However, they don’t always make it to union in this lifetime. This can be one of the most heart-breaking and gut-wrenching aspects of the twin flame journey.

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Twin flame meaning

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It is believed that a twin flame is a soulmate on a much deeper level, and that the two souls were once part of a single source. Anyone who has experienced this kind of a connection realizes that it can be a blessing and curse. Nothing else compares to being with them anymore, but the connection itself is constantly faced with barriers, challenges, fear, separation and yet periods of blissful union.

Twin flames are said to have a strong bond, and are believed to be able to share each other’s thoughts and feelings. They are said to be able to communicate without words and to have a strong spiritual connection. This may manifest through various psychic channels, such as dreams, a ringing in your ear, a simple knowing, being overcome with emotions that come out of nowhere and are “not yours.”

Why did the universe bring you your twin flame?

twin flame sex, twin flame union, twin flame journey, twin flame separation, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

It is believed that the two souls have been together in past lives and that they are reunited in this life to continue their spiritual journey. This connection is often described as being incredibly powerful and even soul-shattering. It is said to be a love that transcends all boundaries and is unbreakable. 

The twin flame journey is also associated with a powerful feeling of completeness and harmony. When two souls come together in this way, they become whole and can find an inner peace and understanding that they could not find apart. It is a connection that is deeply intimate and can be intensely passionate. It is said that when two twin flames reunite, they are able to achieve great personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. 

A twin flame connection can be a very comforting thought. Knowing that there is someone out there who understands us and loves us unconditionally can be a very comforting feeling. It can provide us with a sense of security and peace in knowing that we have someone who is always there for us. It is a beautiful and powerful concept that can bring us closer together and lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Kundalini awakening – why sex with your twin flame is so mind-blowing

kundalini awakening twin flame union

A twin flame love connection often ignites a kundalini awakening between the two lovers. This can be scary, overwhelming and uncomfortable, even while it is exhilarating and passionate. This is one of the reasons that twin flames often wind up in a runner and chaser dynamic. 

One party may be more open to the changes, while the other feels out of control and maybe even addicted to the connection. This often causes one party to back off and even ghost. Giving the runner space to self-reflect and grow to understand is really important, even if it feels like torture.

What is a kundalini awakening?

twin flame sex, twin flame union, twin flame journey, twin flame separation, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

A kundalini awakening is a process of awakening the divine feminine energies, Goddess energies, within us. This allows us to access the wisdom and strength that lies within if we know what to do with it. It is an incredibly spiritual journey, as we connect with our higher self and learn to trust our intuition and inner guidance. 

A kundalini awakening can bring about a sense of peace, balance and harmony, helping to bring clarity and focus to our lives, but at the beginning it can be jarring and even scary. Because a kundalini awakening usually has physical symptoms, it can make people worried about their health and psychological wellbeing. Of course, one should always rule out illnesses with a qualified doctor, but if you’re certain this is all happening on a 5D level, then you might be going through a kundalini awakening.

Experiencing kundalini rising from a twin flame union

twin flame sex, twin flame union, twin flame journey, twin flame separation, Midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

Kundalini rising is a term used to describe the awakening of an individual’s kundalini energy.

This energy is believed to lie dormant at the base of the spine until it is awakened and allowed to move up the spine and out of the crown of the head.

It is associated with spiritual enlightenment and the unlocking of higher potential. It is often accompanied by physical and emotional sensations.

Physical and emotional kundalini rising symptoms

twin flame sex, twin flame union, twin flame journey, midjourney art by Vanessa Hylande

Physical sensations from kundalini rising may include tingling, heat, cold, vibration, movement, pressure, or a feeling of being stretched. Emotional sensations from kundalini rising may include deep peace, joy, love, bliss, clarity, creativity, awareness, and understanding.

When this is coupled with an intense psychic bond, such as feeling your twinflame’s emotions, sensing their presence, experiencing dreams and other sensations such as a ringing in your ear or sudden uninvited sexual arousal in completely non-related and random situations, it can be really scary! Some people think they’re going crazy, or that there is something wrong with them.

Twin flame separation and why we have to deal with the struggle

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The Kundalini awakening that we experience as a result of coming into union with our twin requires a profound level of self-healing, self-discovery and personal growth. By allowing ourselves to open up to our inner wisdom and power, we can learn to tap into the energy within us. Then we must use it to create positive changes in our lives, which is a requirement for the twin flame journey. 

A kundalini awakening is a powerful experience, as we begin to recognize our own personal strength and worth. It will help us to cultivate deeper connections with ourselves and others, as we learn to express our true selves with compassion and understanding. It is a truly transformative experience, as we learn how to honor and express our authentic selves with confidence and grace. But it is not easy.

Both twins have to do the work alone

The truth is that both parties have to evolve, and it can’t be done from within the whirlwind of the twin flame union. In order to learn true unconditional love, we have to be able to love our twin even in separation. And that does not mean endlessly waiting, hoping or chasing. We have to learn complete surrender to the universe, to divine timing (which means it may never happen in this lifetime), and gratitude for the opportunity to grow into our best selves. 

How to survive twin flame separation

If you’re struggling with a twin flame connection that is in separation, you may find support in affirmations for gratitude or courses and programs that will help you to embody your inner goddess and find your badass self!

Check out our Goddess Yoga retreats, where you can safely explore and awaken your divine feminine, and harness the power of your kundalini awakening.

Why your ‘mirror soul’ is your greatest teacher

twin flame is your mirror soul

Because a twin flame is your “mirror soul” your interactions with them will trigger personal issues. Whether those triggers are fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, jealousy, loss of control or any other low-vibrational emotions, you have to work with those issues on your own. 

Even if these energies are simply an inability or unwillingness to make the changes in life that will lead to happiness, a twin flame connection will brutally show you your own face in the mirror. Then it is up to both parties to go within and self-reflect like The Hermit tarot card, tap into their intuition like The High Priestess, until both come out on the other side full of abundance like The Empress.

Naturally, the twin flame kundalini awakening does not only apply to the divine feminine energies. If a person’s divine masculine energies are out of balance, the twin flame journey will require healing those. Whether you need to find groundedness and stability like The Emperor, or the courage to move forward toward your happiness like The Chariot, your twin flame journey will leave no stone unturned. 

What a twin flame union is not

A twin flame union is never abusive. A twin flame journey is never toxic. True twin flames always come from a place of unconditional love, even if the outcome is not what is desired. It can, and usually is, full of obstacles, frustrations, hopelessness and longing, but it is never mean, malicious or selfish. 

Do not mistake incredibly passionate sex and chemistry for a twin flame connection. If the love, kindness, and true psychic bond are missing, you may be dealing with a false flame. 

A false flame is a relationship that mimics the connection and chemistry of a twin flame relationship, but is not based on soul bond or deep spiritual connection. It typically involves intense chemistry and physical attraction, but lacks the spiritual and emotional connection of a true twin flame relationship.

Free tarot card readings for the divine feminine on a twin flame journey

twin flame is sacred union

Stay tuned to Tarot Flower’s Daily Tarot! I will be posting free tarot card readings regularly, for all of us beautiful divine feminine Goddesses on this most challenging and mind-blowing journey of the twin flame union. We will be taking a look at both the divine feminine and divine masculine energies, messages from the divine about separation and union, challenges and most importantly, sage advice to help you move forward in joy on your path to union.

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