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The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

by Feb 26, 2022Tarot Card Meanings

Joy, Optimism, Enlightenment, The Inner Child, Vitality, Confidence, Success
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The Sun tarot card brings optimism and success to any tarot card reading. It indicates that you are in alignment with the universe and things are going your way. The Sun tarot card meaning is one of joy, happiness and good things to come.

The Sun is the 20th card in the major arcana but is numbered 19 (XIX) because the major arcana of the Latin Tarot starts with 0 – The Fool. The sun is a symbol of light, and represents hope and energy. On this card, you can see the brilliant, bursting light that regularly comes after a period of haziness, like the primary brilliant day of spring after an especially dull and inauspicious winter. The Sun tarot card speaks to breaking through challenges and the unfolding of the new, which sparkles with possibility. The Sun tarot card is often associated with the accomplishment of important tasks.

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Astrological sign: Leo

Symbolism of the Sun Tarot Card

The Sun tarot card is a picture of positive thinking and is full of daylight after a long dull night. As the source of all of life on earth, it is additionally the source of life itself. On this major arcana card, the picture of the boy symbolizes happiness from the depths of our hearts which arises from following our true path.

Just looking at The Sun tarot card will leave you feeling cheery and upbeat. If you’ve ever experienced a brilliant sunny day after a period of dull weather, you’ll see how The Sun will flawlessly capture the feeling that emerges on the primary brilliant, sunny day after a long, dim winter. The imagery is filled with symbols of bliss and triumph. The card depicts a naked child sitting astride a white horse. Within the foundation, the sun blasts in a shinning blue sky behind a field of sunflowers in full bloom.

The Sun in the Upright

In the upright, The Sun represents the self – who you are and how you develop your identity and character. The Sun’s brilliance is where one’s unique nature can be experienced in wellbeing and security. The restrictions of time and space are stripped away, and the soul is revived and protected from external chaos. Beneath the light of the Sun, life recovers its primordial goodness, truth, and magnificence.

In the case that this card represents an individual in your tarot card spread, it speaks of a human incarnation of the divine. When two people are represented, the picture depicts a determination to overcome the pressure between alternate extremes. It’s as if this card is saying “You’ll be successful and a good outcome is assured!”

The Sun in the Reverse

The Sun tarot card traditionally has no negative meaning. So, when it appear in the reverse, it may be indicating that you should count your blessings and express gratitude to those who have contributed to your successes. Perhaps you can create a charity program, begin volunteering or include as many people into your good fortune as you sensibly can. Nurture and support your conscience by being a wise steward of your good fortune.

The Sun Card as a Person

The Sun tarot card speaks to individuals who are idealistic and full of vitality. They emanate inspiration onto all of those fortunate enough to be close them. They will leave their friends and acquaintances feeling elevated and reinvigorated.

These types of individuals are best suited to careers in which they are able to spread their positive impact. They have an ability to drive and inspire those around them to fulfill their life’s goals. Along with this positivity and encouragement comes clarity and healing. In some instances, the Sun’s shining and sparkling light can leave people blinded to the reality of certain circumstances. In any case, the Sun’s levelheadedness encourages you to make choices and select the path that leads you to victory.

The Sun Tarot Card as a Zodiac Sign

sun tarot card, leo astrology, tarot meaning

The Sun tarot card is also the ruler of the astrological sign of Leo. Its energy is one of fierce drive, and this zodiac sign thrives when pursuing and aligning with the the fiery energy that any Leo has at their heart.

Leo is a fixed fire sign, guided by the Lion/Lioness and ruled by the Sun. As the fifth star child, we find that Leo tends to isolate itself by shining brighter than any other zodiac sign.

Leos tend to be competitive and are at often odds within themselves and with other signs. Unlike their settled cousin Taurus, who is centered on consistent development, Leos are centered on forceful development. Not at all like their fire kin Aries, who clears pathways for others, Leos center more on clearing pathways for themselves. Not at all like their neighboring sign Cancer, whose sole expectation is to construct enthusiastic mindfulness, Leo’s sole aim is to construct more grounded self-awareness.

The Sun Tarot Card in the Past

You’ve got a history of bringing delight to those around you and you recently went through a period where you brought bliss with you wherever you went. Individuals were magnetically pulled toward you, which made you respected and admired by others. Your positive thinking and delight have brought you to where you are today, so keep these qualities with you as you move forward in life!

In the reverse, the Sun tarot card shows that there was a time in your past where your certainty was out of whack. It might have caused you to miss some opportunities. Wherever you are in your life right now, endeavor to establish a solid and balanced level of inspiration and drive, and victory will be yours.

The Sun Tarot Card in the Present

You’re shining just like the sun right now and success is following you in everything you are doing! Your relationships are joyful, your career is satisfying, and you’re receiving acknowledgment and respect from others. Whatever the position the Sun tarot card is taking in your tarot card spread, it’s message is positive and abundant. You’re full of energy and positive thinking right now, and the world is your claim. This major arcana card shows that you just are at your most capable right now and in a solid way.

In the reverse, The Sun card speaks to sound certainty, imperativeness, and control. This suggests that your efforts are merited and not at someone else’s expense. So, bring your certainty back to your efforts and rest assured that you are genuine in your pursuits. Then again, in the event that you’re behaving too self-assuredly or giving yourself as well much credit, this card asks you to bring your ego back into check.

The Sun Tarot Card in the Future

Whatever you’re dealing with right now, you’re guaranteed an amazing result! The Sun tarot card in the future position of your tarot card reading is telling you that everything is going to work out in your favor! In case you’re having a few inconveniences in your life or a few issues at work, don’t fuss. You’ll be celebrating your success soon enough.

If the Sun tarot card appears in the reverse position in your tarot card reading, don’t forget to stay positive! The Sun in reverse in the future indicates that you might be tempted to fall into self-pity or a state of victimhood. Keep up your faith and positive viewpoint!

On the other hand, the Sun tarot card in the reverse can also indicate that you might be behaving a little selfishly or your ego may be leading you astray. Keep your self-confidence i check and remain generous with others in the near future. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities!

Your Love Reading and the Sun Tarot Card

If you’re in a relationship, the Sun tarot card indicates positive energy and delight in your life. Take the time to revel in each other’s company and enjoy what you share together. In the event that you’ve been been committed for a long period of time, it is easy to forget what brought you together in the first place.

The Sun tarot card indicates that it is time to revitalize the energy in your relationship. As a result, the chemistry between you and your partner will become more grounded and dependable than ever. The Sun card also foretells of a celebration in the near future, such as an engagement or a wedding. If you’ve been considering of taking your relationship to the next level, this could be an extraordinary time to do so! 

The Sun Card in a Singles Love Reading

If you’re single, don’t stress! The Sun in a tarot love reading indicates that will find bliss and happiness in living a single life. A lot of times we believe that we need someone else in our life to bring us happiness. However, the truth is that we must first find happiness within ourselves before we can find balance and harmony in a relationship. True love occurs between two people who both have self-love. The Sun tarot card encourages you to first and foremost pursue your individual growth. It is time to find happiness within yourself.

If you focus on self-improvement at this time, you will benefit from the joy of reaping rewards for your hard efforts. This kind of happiness belongs only to you, and nobody can take it away. Not to mention, that when you are radiating authentic happiness from within yourself, you will attract others toward you. So, if you are single, stop searching for love and love yourself instead. You will have suitors knocking at your door before long! When your soul sparkles and shines, others will find you irresistible! Your cheerfulness will be infectious and will lift up others around you.

The Sun Card Reversed in a Singles Reading

A reversed Sun card reminds you to remain positive and happy when it comes to love and romance. You won’t meet your soul mate sulking at home! Step out with a positive attitude and have confidence in yourself! Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, but don’t hide from the world either. Be yourself proudly like Leo the lion. This way you are certain to attract love into your live. Remember the Law of Attraction, and radiate what you want to attract!

The Sun Tarot Card Summarized

sun tarot card, affirmation, tarot card meaning

The Sun may be a cheerful, positive card that brings success and abundance to any tarot card reading. It is a card of bliss and delight, where your inner child is coming out to play. The card brings a message of vitality and endless possibilities.

And if the Sun tarot card shows up in the reverse, don’t stress! You could be feeling down or overpowered, but this card urges you to come out to play and appreciate every aspect of your life. Everything will be okay.

Strive to bring yourself back to a place of centeredness. In some cases, the energies of The Sun can get out of alignment. In case you’re excessively confident or lacking positive thinking, the energies of this major arcana card are out of alignment. Bring your ego back into balance, whether you need more confidence or a little more humility.

A.E. Waite, known for his work in developing the famous Rider-Waite tarot deck, indicates that the Sun card is one of learning and accomplishment through experience and discovery. It is symbolic of the shining light of the Sun casting clarity and understanding over the illusions and fears of the unconscious.

How to Embody the Sun Tarot Card

When you embody the lessons of the Sun tarot card, you are looking at the world as the glass half full. It is not the same as seeing the world with rose colored glasses, but rather focusing on the positive aspects of your life. We do this by expressing gratitude and acting from a place of abundance.

However, if you want to allow your inner child to run free, you must first learn to love yourself. You can use tools such as self love affirmations and embodiment practices to assist you. Once you are grounded in the joy and abundance of your own life, then you can shine it brightly toward others.

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A Few Opposite Cards to the Sun Tarot Card

Moon – confusion, disorientation, illusion;

8 of Cups – leaving behind that which no longer serves you

6 of Swords – moving away to calmer waters

5 of Pentacles – being left out in the cold

A few support cards for the Sun Tarot card

The World – the completion of a cycle, stepping into a new chapter of life

2 of Wands – looking out to new shores, possibilities, new beginnings

6 of Wands – victory, success

Affirmations for the Sun

“Today and every day will be filled with joy and wonder”

“I radiate my true self with confidence and attract only positive people and circumstances in return”

“I walk through the world sharing my optimism and the Universe rewards me with abundance”

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better”

“Precisely at least, the softest, lightest, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a flash, a moment-a littlest makes the way of the best happiness”

“Radiate positivity and joy. Your warm energy will get you through tough times and help you succeed”

“It is good to have as many holds upon happiness as possible”

“I deserve happiness and success and they are always available to me” 



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