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Self love affirmations can help you to find inner calm, set boundaries, attract love and heal emotional wounds, but only if you know how to use them properly. We use self love affirmations throughout our Goddess Yoga retreats as a way to self heal and self nurture. And as a part of your embodiment practice self healing journey, these affirmations can have a huge positive impact. Whether you use them in moments when you need some upliftment or as affirmations of the day, the benefits of affirmations for self love are far reaching and long lasting.

Why Is Self Love Important?

In order to use affirmations for self love properly, you first need to understand why self love is an important aspect of your healing journey. Practicing self love has nothing to do with narcissism or the ego. It is a practice of nurturing our inner child, our deepest needs, so that we don’t look to others to do it for us. When we are aligned with our heart’s desire, we discover our inner light, our true identity, and we open ourselves up to true love. We cannot truly love another if we do not love ourselves. Instead, we wind up in toxic co-dependent relationships where we project our fears and insecurities onto others instead of taking care of ourselves. When we truly practice self-love, we can keep our inner light shining, even in the darkest places.

How Do Self Love Affirmations Work?

Affirmations are beautiful reminders of where we should be focusing our thoughts and energy in times of emotional difficulty. However, just reading them or saying them out loud is not enough. There is an entire practice of working through the emotions that arise when we say affirmations for self love. There are emotions that may be triggered and even physical sensations that might arise. The work comes with practicing mindfulness around these responses and then engaging in your embodiment practices to work through them.

What is the Voice of the Heart?

What is the voice of the heart and why is it important to listen? The heart is the receiver of information, the akasha. Our heart speaks to us from our soul center. When we are living a life that is in conflict with our heart’s true desire, the result is disharmony that manifests in emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger and fear.

Why is it Important to Listen to the Voice of the Heart?

If we want to manifest our dreams into the physical world, we must first come into alignment with our authentic nature and soul’s purpose. Once we are in alignment, we can manifest abundance of all kinds in harmony and synchronicity with the heart center. But first we must know that we are deserving of giving and receiving love. And this is not a knowing that is logical or rational. It is not an exercise of the mind. It must be felt deeply and completely in the heart in a way that is unshakeable.

By listening to the voice of the heart, we learn where our true happiness lies. Is it in money or status? Fame or beauty? Or are those merely things that society teaches us to value? Where does your true happiness really lie? It is unique to every individual. For some it is nature, for others it is music and art. For others it is family and storytelling or a combination of all of them. There are limitless answers to that question. However, the important take away is that without being honest with ourselves, we cannot discover where our heart feels at home. But discovering our true desires is the first step to manifesting true happiness in life. The next step is really believing that you are deserving and capable of achieving it.

What the Voice of the Heart is Not 

In order to truly understand and discover the voice of the heart, it is important to recognize what the voice of the heart is not. It comes from the inside, not from external expectations or obligations like “I should.” It doesn’t arise from comparing ourselves to others and it doesn’t come from a need to conform to society, whether out of habit, fear or lack of inspiration.

The voice of the heart, our intuition, speaks softly and is neutral. It doesn’t have emotions attached to it. Our emotions are messengers that are helping us to bring things into balance. But intuition is neutral. We don’t question or analyze whether it’s true or appropriate, we just know. It is a deep inner knowing. Sometimes the voice of the heart is something we don’t want to accept, but know deep down that it is inevitable in the end.

How do we separate our intuition from our thoughts and emotions? 

If you want to learn how to separate the voice of the heart from the mind, join us at our Goddess Yoga retreats to really learn these embodiment practices. With the use of affirmations for self love, embodiment dances, journaling, self-love meditations and more, you will be gently guided to reconnect with your heart center.

How will you benefit from separating the voice of the heart from your mind and emotions? 

There are so many benefits from learning to separate the voice of the heart from the mind and the emotions. First, you will no longer fear your emotions. You will no longer feel like you are just “along for the ride” on your emotional roller coaster or taken by surprise by them. Additionally, you will find yourself able to sit comfortably in silence, and you will be able to hold space for yourself and others, even when your emotions are stirring up.

You will also become aware of the effects that your emotions have on your thoughts, as well as the effects your thoughts have on your emotions. And most importantly, you will never lose sight of what you truly love, desire and want to dedicate yourself to in life. The voice of the heart will keep you aligned with your soul’s purpose, regardless of the feelings and thoughts that may be stirring about.

Self Love Affirmations and the Heart Chakra

As Rumi says, “Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces.” This is why we begin our journey of self healing with the heart chakra. Everything begins and ends with love. Even pain and suffering begins with love because it is the absence of love.

In order to heal our heart chakra, we must practice self love and self nurturing. Self love affirmations are a wonderful tool for learning where our strengths and weaknesses are. When we work with affirmations for self love, we discover discomforts, places where our self love is lacking. We also discover great strength in places where we are confident of our worth.

Self love affirmations can guide us on our healing journey and are a fantastic tool for you to carry in your embodiment practice toolkit.

Affirmations for Love and the Law of Attraction

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In the Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” embodiment dance course, we also spend a lot of time working with affirmations for love – affirmations for attracting love into your life. These affirmations for love are based on the Law of Attraction. We attract what we radiate out into the world. This is why it is critical that we self love. When we radiate love, when we choose love, when we are love, we attract love.

We all have a love language. And when we practice affirmations for self love, we learn what our own love language is. Sometimes it may not be what you think. Society has taught us to value certain things, but society’s values may not be in alignment with our authentic values. With affirmations love language secrets can be revealed. But you need to spend time with them to discover those secrets.

Affirmations for Confidence and the Solar Plexus Chakra

affirmations for confidence

There are many different kinds of affirmations that we can incorporate into our embodiment practices. Affirmations for confidence are centered around the energies of the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is associated with the sacred masculine, the fire, the power, taking action, and the color yellow.

When you verbalize solar plexus affirmations self confidence can get a boost. And if you feel awkward or insecure speaking affirmations about self worth and courage out loud, then you know you are on the right track. Stick with that affirmation longer – until it feels good! This also applies to affirmations for success or strength. Focus on the fire in your belly, the white light in your solar plexus chakra, and practice them until they come naturally.

Affirmations of Gratitude and the Root Chakra

affirmations of gratitude

Affirmations of gratitude are another beautiful tool for self healing. Associated with the root chakra, these affirmations will focus on your sense of security, abundance and connection to nature. Because the Great Mother is the nurturer of us all, it is important to focus on gratitude for what we have if we want to attract more of something.

Affirmations of gratitude are especially useful if you want to use the Law of Attraction to bring money and financial abundance into your life. The first step is recognizing that you already are and already have everything that you need right here within yourself.

Begin with expressing gratitude for everything that you have. Look to rein in any waste in your life, whether its is a disrespect of the earth through pollution and garbage, or allowing small leaks of money to be wasted. This does not mean pinching pennies. It means taking the time to cancel that subscription you never use, or paying off that credit card that is costing you interest, if you can.

When we do this, we show an appreciation for the money that we do have. Then we can consider using that money to help someone else instead. However, it all begins with our appreciation of the abundance all around us. Affirmations of gratitude can help you to stay aligned with this high vibrational way of looking at the world.

Affirmations to Manifest and the Crown Chakra

When we are connected to the divine through the beautiful white light of the crown chakra, we are in a position to manifest anything that our heart desires. As long as we remain in a high vibrational state and act from a place of unconditional love, affirmations to manifest can help us to bring our dreams into reality. But you need to be in alignment with the greater good and your soul’s purpose in order to manifest any kind of abundance or situation into your life. You must be fully embodying your life’s purpose.