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Affirmations for confidence come down to one simple thing – learning how to self-love. When you know how to practice self-love and you truly have learned how to self-care, your confidence will shine naturally.

When you love yourself and surrender to the flow universe, you also find your inner confidence. The solar plexus chakra, your inner power, will become activated and strong. And you will begin to shine from within.

Self-confidence affirmations will require you to stand up for yourself by listening to your own needs, setting boundaries with others, and making choices that are in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Use Affirmations for Self Worth to Be Your Authentic Self

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One of the first things we need to learn if we want to empower our self-confidence is to be our authentic selves. That means owning your feelings, whether other people validate them or not. Our feelings are our feelings and they are real.

When we suppress our emotions we turn into a pressure cooker. And usually, we blow up at someone or something else. The emotions always come out eventually, but usually in a toxic way.

When we deny our feelings, we deny ourselves. And this is an absolutely futile thing to do, because we cannot stop being ourselves. It’s like forcing ourselves to believe the sky is green. It makes no sense and only leads to other problems.

Therefore, never apologize for your feelings. Own your feelings, nurture your feelings, take responsibility for your own feelings and then take action to make a change. Never blame others for your feelings either. But if someone treats you badly, take responsibility for protecting yourself and steer clear. If you want to live happily, you must clean house inside and out. Therefore, you will benefit from using affirmations for self worth that encourage you to be your authentic self. These kinds of self-acceptance affirmations will boost your confidence if you use them regularly.

Use Self Esteem Affirmations to Remain Positive in the Face of Challenges

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Self worth affirmations can help you to stay positive even when life is challenging. Being confident and courageous doesn’t mean not being afraid. It means being strong enough to take action even when you are afraid.

Positive affirmations for confidence can help you to remember that you are powerful and strong and that you have what it takes to overcome whatever challenge may be facing you at the time.

Have you faced challenges before? Did you overcome them? Did you learn from the challenge and become stronger? Well, why wouldn’t you succeed this time as well? The point is we have to learn to really trust in our own capacity to survive and thrive. Only then do you unleash your internal power.

Use Affirmations for Self Love and Confidence When You Feel Drained

Positive affirmations for self confidence and self love will also help you to remember that the universe is there to support you when you’re feeling drained. We all feel so tired at times. And then when we look at the mountain we have to climb we can feel defeated before we ever begin.

That’s when it’s important to focus on taking one step at a time. Exhaustion is temporary and fleeting, as is energy and inspiration. We are all in a constant state of flux and change. So, when things are bad, remember that the universe will offer you loving every again at any moment. You just need to be open to it and ready to receive it.

Learn Positive Self Talk With Positive Affirmations for Self Worth

Positive affirmations for self worth won’t work if you’re constantly saying negative things. Why? Because if you keep telling the universe that everything sucks, guess what? It will!

Our perception is actually a reflection. Our outside environment mirrors our internal environment. If we are internally chaotic, our lives will be filled with chaotic events and circumstances. If we feel unworthy, we will attract people who treat us that way. It’s just how the law of attraction works.

So, begin by using positive self esteem words to help you change the way you talk to yourself. That’s why positive affirmations for self confidence can be a great place to start. Sometimes we are so used to talking to ourselves in an awful way, and we don’t even realize it! Begin by imagining you are speaking to your inner child next time you have an internal dialogue. Would you talk to a young child that way? I hope not! So, you should be that way to yourself either.

Raise Your Standards With Positive Affirmations for Self Love

So, one of the first things you need to realize is that you are worthy of compassion, love and abundance, not just from others, but also from yourself.

Until we really believe that we are worthy of love, which is different than knowing we are deserving, we won’t be able to manifest love in our lives either.

If we don’t really self love we often wind up in transactional love relationships or partnerships that are conditional.

If you really want to manifest love, begin with your positive affirmations for self love and build from there.

Respect Yourself By Surrounding Yourself With People Who Show You Respect

Once you regularly start using affirmations for confidence, you’ll begin to realize when people around you aren’t giving you the respect you deserve. You will suddenly notice when people are talking down to you or expecting less (or more!) of you than they should.

Basically, when you begin to develop a healthy level of self esteem, you’ll notice when others aren’t offering you the same. And typically this never has anything to do with you! People who are miserable inside treat others badly. They like to blame and shame others to avoid taking responsibility for themselves.

It takes courage and strength to look at yourself honestly! So when you are around people who treat you badly, just remember that they aren’t worth your time. They will only bring your energy down, or drain you. Politely excuse yourself and avoid them in the future. This is how you keep positive energy around you and keep the toxic energy out.

Affirmations for Confidence Will Protect You from Toxic People

It might seem like a silly question, but sometimes people can be super toxic while smiling right at you and complementing you. Therefore, it’s not always so easy to tell if someone is in fact affecting your energy negatively.

A narcissists manipulation tactics often include love bombing and gaslighting. If someone is being nice to you and treating you like gold, it can make you feel guilty about having negative feelings. But this is how narcissists manipulate.

Narcissist’s triangulation tactics will pit people against one another. One day they may be telling you how much better you are than someone else, but you can be sure they’s saying the opposite to the other person. This is to split you and make both of you only like the narcissist instead of each other. This is how the narcissists supply can be kept going. And it is in instances like these that your body can give you the warning signals.

Do you feel drained when you come home? Do you have recurring thoughts and find yourself ruminating over things that were said? Do you have a pit in your stomach or a general feeling of unease? Consciously take time to rest and listen to your body in order to always keep your energy safe from toxic people.

Now Go And Follow Your Dreams With Confidence!

It’s time to stop making excuses. Listen to your body. Listen to your heart. Get rid of the “I shoulds” and the I shouldn’ts.” It’s time to do for you.

Part of being confident is knowing that the authentic voice of your heart is necessary, intelligent and worthy of respect. That means what you desire is worthy of your consideration. That means your dreams are worthy of your time, attention and care.

So, give yourself permission to go inward and listen to your heart. Give yourself permission to take action on those dreams and then work hard every day to make them happen. And do all of this with confidence, because you are your own goddess of love. So, be confident in the decisions you make from this day forward, and follow those dreams from beginning to end!

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