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Did you know that there is much more to affirmations than the power of positive thinking? It’s true that our perception of the world, and whether it’s positive or negative, will influence our experience of it. And keeping a positive attitude is definitely important if you want to manifest abundance. But what if I told you that the practice of using affirmations goes beyond the “Law of Attraction?”

Here are 5 tips & affirmations to manifest abundance of all kinds in your life. From love to financial security, you can learn how to effectively use The Law of Attraction with embodiment principles to make that abundance manifest in your life.

Manifesting Abundance and The Law of Attraction

When we speak of “The Law of Attraction,” we are referring to the phenomenon that “like attracts like.” On a very simple level, if we walk the world in fear, we will notice scary things around every corner. If we believe at a core level that we will never accomplish something and are doomed to fail – we are right. We will fail.

Positively, if we believe in our ability and our path to success, we will not only notice opportunities at every turn, but we will begin to attract them. But is there more to affirmations than convincing our minds to adopt a more positive view? This is where embodiment practices come in. They are the key to your success in manifesting abundance.

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Affirmations as Messengers

Affirmations can actually guide us through our inner work, or shadow work. If we practice mindfulness and also engage in embodiment practices, our affirmations will give us a wealth of information about our inner world.

Ever feel cheesy saying an affirmation out loud? Ever get a knee jerk response like “this is dumb” or “how could this possibly work?” That means it is already working.

When we have a visceral reaction to an affirmation, it’s because deep down, we don’t believe it to be true. We might know in our minds, logically speaking, that we are worthy of love. But if we have a cringe moment when we try to say it out loud, it’s because, on the unconscious level, we don’t believe it.

This is where the affirmations become messengers. They can show us where we are living in lack and where we are in need of self-healing.

If we choose to listen, affirmations can become powerful tools for self-improvement and self-empowerment. And they can also guide us out of unconscious patterns of lack mentality.

“I listen to the whispers of my heart”

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What is Lack Mentality?

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Lack mentality is when we view the world from a divided perspective of what is missing. Similar to seeing the glass half empty, it originates from an “us and them” viewpoint of the world.

This viewpoint is based on the notion that what you have, I don’t have. It is a worldview born of fear that rests upon the assumption that there is not enough. I am not enough, others are not enough and there is not enough.

This inevitably leads to conflict because people respond by trying to exercise control over others and their environment. It is an ego based way of living that has lost sight of the power of community and does not know or understand unconditional love.

What is an Abundance Mindset?

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On the contrary, an abundance mindset understands that life is cyclical. The world and our environment is constantly renewing. The simplest way to understand this is with the lifecycle of plants.

From the branches of an apple tree, the fruit falls onto the earth. With the decay of the fruit, the bugs, the worms, and the soil, the seed is released to grow again and renew itself. Growth and decay are natural, and if we remain in balance with our environment, it will continually sustain itself. 

When we respect the limits of our needs and also our waste, when we practice “recycling” in all aspects of life, we discover that life is abundant. This is when we can begin to understand that there is always enough, the universe is infinite, we are infinite.

5 Tips and Affirmations to Manifest Abundance

1. Choose an Abundance Mindset Over Lack Mentality

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When we live with an abundance mindset, we attract abundance into our lives. This is done in many ways. By expressing gratitude, by being generous with others, by thinking collectively instead of solely for our individual ego, we can start to see the abundance flow.

In this way, we can move from the fear state of the lack mentality into the calm and serene flow state of abundance. And it is then that we can really begin to harness the power of affirmations. 

However, the most important first step to achieving an abundance mindset is recognizing that we are infinite potential. We must understand at a profound level that we are innately capable of providing everything we need for ourselves, and we can stop looking to others to fill that hole.

Whether expecting our partners to “make us happy” or seeing only roadblocks and problems around us as if life is happening to us, we must learn to “happen to life.” When we take responsibility for our own happiness and existence, we can begin to manifest and embody the abundance we want and deserve.

“I already am everything I can imagine”

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2. Embody Your Dreams with Embodiment Affirmations

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So, what are embodiment affirmations and how are they different from other kinds of affirmations? Embodiment affirmations are an integral part of your embodiment practice. They are similar to affirmations for self-love and affirmations of gratitude and confidence, but they are geared toward action and implementation.

Embodied learning is a holistic approach to learning that is all about going beyond the mind of logical understanding and reasoning, to actually practicing and feeling in the body, and then integrating our learnings body, mind and spirit. 

First, we must be in our authenticity. We must discover what we truly desire and not just what we have chosen because it is expected of us. This is called being in alignment with our heart center, our heart chakra. Then, once we are attuned to that voice of our inner child, we can take steps to actually embody our dreams and make them manifest in the physical world. 

“I embody my dreams”

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3. Develop Your Embodiment Affirmations into Actions

I am the creator of my own life affirmation

It is not enough to say your affirmations for confidence out loud. You must also be committed to your own happiness in your everyday life. You must confidently take charge toward your vision.

That means keeping your dreams in mind and working toward them every day. Even if it is the smallest step. This is how you tell your inner child that you value them enough to work toward their dreams.

Now, remember, courage is not the absence of fear. At times we may be scared to take a risk. We may be afraid of failure. But courage is the decision to do it anyway. For the sake of your dream, for the sake of your true desires, are you committed to your own happiness?

In order to manifest abundance, we must first embody abundance. And with that comes the self-loving self-confidence to believe in your own choices.

When we recognize the we create our own lives with every choice we make, we begin to happen to life. We begin to understand that we can have a positive effect on our life through our choices. The choices may not always be easy, but our free will is the one thing in the world that we do have control over.

But first, we must be confident in our own choices. And when our choices come from a place of alignment with our body, mind and spirit, we begin to manifest our dreams into reality.

“I am confident with the decisions I make”

confidence embodiment affirmation

4. Practice Gratitude and Generosity to Manifest Abundance

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Some people mistake self-love and self-care as selfishness, but nothing could be further from the truth. Self-love comes from an abundance mindset, where the best outcome is one that is the highest good for all involved.

It is about setting healthy boundaries and finding balance. Not over-giving and not over-taking. It is about moving away from “victim mentality” toward self-care and taking responsibility. Therefore, generosity and gratitude are important energies to embody if you want to manifest abundance in your life. 

When we practice gratitude, we are not being dismissive of the difficulties life may be presenting us with. We are practicing humility by noticing and giving thanks for every beautiful and bountiful thing we have in life, no matter how small. By focusing on abundance through gratitude, we are activating the Law of Attraction. Gratitude is a beautiful energy, and practicing it will bring high vibrational energy into your life.

Practicing generosity is equally important and has a similar effect. However, it is essential to make sure that your generous acts are not coming from a place of the ego. When we give for recognition, appreciation or have some kind of expectation in return, that is transactional. True generosity is unconditional. Like watching your young child eat, there is a happiness in seeing your child nourished, even though they are too young to appreciate it or extol you for feeding them. When you learn to give from a place of unconditional love, you will raise your own vibration and the vibration of those around you. 

“I give from my heart, not for my pride”

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5. Allow Yourself to Receive by Practicing Self-Worth

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If we want to receive abundance, we must be capable of receiving it. That might sound obvious and simplistic, but this is where a lot of people get stuck. We must, at our core, believe that we are worthy of receiving love in order to receive it. The same goes for anything else that we want to manifest in our lives.

Lack mentality can rear its ugly head as martyrdom, overworking, putting our needs aside, or always putting others first. It can be mistaken as generosity and kindness, but the other side of that coin is self-abandonment and self-sabotage.

Ask yourself: “Do I deserve to have what I want? Am I really worthy?” And if the answer to those questions is “yes,” then are you willing and ready to stand up for yourself and uphold your standards? Are you willing to say “no” the next time someone expects you to over-give? Are you willing to defend your own best interests? Are you willing to walk away if something is out of balance? 

Nobody is going to enforce your standards for you, we must self-love ourselves. And if we develop resentment or begin to blame others for standing in our way, we are creating toxic energies that we must take responsibility for. We always have a choice. We write our own story. Nobody can force us to adopt their world view. Yes, of course physical obstacles do exist and can be extremely challenging, but we always have the freedom to write the context for our experience. So, if you have trouble standing up for your own needs and desires think of your inner child – perhaps you can do it for them if not for yourself. I kindly accept offerings of love and generosity.

“I am worthy. I am worthy of abundance. I am worthy of love, kindness and respect.”

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