Three of Pentacles tarot card meaning
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Relationships are the Dance of Life

In solitude we simply exist, but in partnership and relation to others we become the alchemist. Our relationships are the basis of our wellbeing. When they are beautiful, supportive, and collaborative, we feel empowered and fulfilled. Together we can accomplish anything. When they are not, we may feel lost, unsettled, or empty.

The Three of Pentacles encourages collaboration, teamwork, and building something with community effort. Allow the empathic energy of the moon in Pisces to nourish your relationships. It is a time of cooperation, listening, learning, taking turns, and building together in the beautiful exchange that makes life a dance.

The essence of the Three of Pentacles is the ebb and flow of give and take in perfect harmony. In this way, we can invest in a shared dream together. Who is investing beside you? What is your contribution?

Daily Affirmation

My partnerships flow in perfect harmony”

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