Ten of Pentacles tarot card meaning
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Riches Grow From the Seeds in Your Heart

The seeds of abundance that we have planted in our hearts are manifesting for us in the physical world. The Ten of Pentacles represents stability, family, affluence – a successful arrival or completion. Abundance takes many forms, and its gifts can be financial, emotional, or spiritual in nature. What kinds of seeds are planted in your heart?

True fulfillment always comes from within, so in order to arrive at a place of stability and abundance in the physical world, we must nurture these traits within ourselves first. The world is our mirror, and whatever we project, will return to us. Our focus and attention is the fuel for growth.

We cannot grow peace from conflict. We cannot grow riches from a sense of lack. If we want others to respect our needs, we must honor our own needs first. Practice the honoring. Honor yourself and others. If we want our lives to be stable, we must nurture stability within ourselves. Practice stability. Put your energy into stable situations and steer clear of ones that are not. If we desire wealth, we must first discover our own inner riches through our connection to gratitude and responsibility. Be abundant with yourself and others. Withholding will not engender abundance.

Look within to find the seed for growth. Embody the outcome you desire and it will manifest from the inside out. When we look to the self for answers, instead of finding problems to fix or control on the outside, the real magic happens.

Be The Ten of Pentacles today. Share your gratitude and your blessings with those that you love. Be the best foundation there has ever been.

Daily Affirmation

Abundance blossoms from within.”

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