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Be in Service of Your Dreams

by Jul 2, 2020Daily Tarot, Tarot Card Readings

Energize and grow those things that you want to flourish in your garden of life.

Invest your energy into your dreams through conscious action today. The Eight of Pentacles reminds us that dedication to our craft will lead to success. Keep your standards high. While we pare away what is not in service of our stable foundations, we must also energize and grow those things that we want to have flourish in our garden of life. This is how you can be in service of your dreams.

Use the powerful energy of Mars transiting his own house of Aries to supercharge your endeavors. This creative force and determination will energize and support your progress. Just be sure that you’re putting your energy into the things that really serve the best version of your future.

Yesterday’s message from The Devil was to create positive structure in our lives, but to do away with restrictions or habits that are actually hindering us from pursuing our dreams. Put the power of Mars in Aries toward manifesting the finer details of your most beautiful dreams, and you will soon begin to see things blossom.

Today’s Affirmation

Dedication to my craft leads me to success.”

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