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Today’s tarot card is The Nine of Wands, the resilient protector, the setter of boundaries. The authenticity of the life we lead is revealed by how we face our challenges. Do you stand firm to protect your principles, limits, and standards? Or do you change your boundaries when someone expresses their displeasure over them? Do others have a say as to what your boundaries are or should be? Be sure to always set boundaries that honor your soul.

Boundaries protect, they are not actions toward others. We do not do anything to anyone when we uphold them. Any judgments about their existence stem from conflict within the beholder. That is not your burden to shoulder.

Boundaries honor our wellbeing. We dignify our energy by choosing how to give and take wisely. It is deeply personal and it is our right, and people who truly care about you recognize that hurting yourself for the sake of others brings nothing good into the world.

The Nine of Wands must remain persistent in the face of judgment or opposition. But when we truly know the value of our needs, it is not difficult. When your personal boundaries are met with resistance or condemnation, just remember that this is simply a projection. Our boundaries are about ourselves. They are neutral. The simply are.

Daily Affirmation

“My boundaries are perfect for me”