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Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are all retrograde in Capricorn right now begging the question and self-reflection: What is your truth, what brings you joy, and what are you willing to commit to? The answers are always inside of us when we learn to temper the voice of fear in favor of the voice of the heart. And although obstacles can be frustrating, challenges are the learning ground of the heart. It is through adversity that we grow.

The Seven of Wands stands up for what he believes in and holds his ground even if he is the last one standing. He forges his own path and defends his position. Are you willing to fight for what you love? Are you willing to stand your ground and hold out for what you deserve?

Are you really under attack? Could the threat be a product of your fears rather than reality? Are you fighting demons of the past in your present situation? Don’t allow protection to devolve into defensiveness. There may be more trust available to you than you realize.

Persevere in the pursuit of your desires. Stand your ground and uphold your standards. Challenges purify the will of the heart by teaching us what we really care about. If you are clear on your truth, it’s time to step up and represent. Embody that which you want in order to make it manifest. If you are clouded or uncertain, allow the challenge to be your teacher.

Daily Affirmation

“I embrace challenges”