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The Tower. One of the most feared cards in The Tarot. And yet the beauty of this card appearing at the moment of the final eclipse in Capricorn cannot be overstated. Although the scene depicted on this card will definitely strike fear into the hearts of some, it’s important to understand the message. This destruction leads to your freedom. So, don’t fear the leap to freedom. You do not yet know what awaits you on the other side.

The Tower card represents liberation from the illusions, false foundations, and structures in our lives that were sure to collapse at some point. Be grateful that this change is happening now. Embrace it, honor it, and look forward to the new dawn that always follows. Because after the fiery collapse that this card represents, The Star appears in the morning sky full of hope, renewal, and new beginnings.

Whatever this lunar eclipse in Capricorn takes away from you, rest assured that you will soon discover that something much better is available to you in your future. Allow yourself to dream and face this change with courage.

Daily Affirmation

I welcome change with courage, for it opens new doors.”