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Daily Tarot – Embodying Harmony

Grace, harmony, and balance.

Whatever obstacles or challenges present today, strive to approach them with grace, harmony, and balance. Instead of falling into the conflict, the alchemist harnesses the discordant forces for the creation of something new. Instead of viewing challenges from an “us vs. them” perspective, be reminded that there are always more than two options. The world is not black and white.

The Temperance card of the Major Arcana represents grace, patience, and tranquility. This alchemist seamlessly transmutes the diverse elements in our lives. With one foot in the water, one foot on the earth, and the alchemical symbol for fire emblazoned on it’s chest, Temperance remains calm and in the flow.

Instead of choosing sides, rise above. Create something new and beautiful. Embody this harmonious energy so that it fills up the world around you.

Daily Affirmation

I embody harmony”

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