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The Three of Swords is often seen as a card of heartbreak and pain, and it certainly can indicate a painful ending or harsh words. However, there is a deeper meaning that is much more relevant and profound as we ascend to higher consciousness. If you listen closely, the Three of Swords shows you the path toward freeing your heart from your mind.

The swords represent the mind, thoughts, ideas, and communication. There is no other in the picture. In fact, it may be your own thoughts and beliefs that are piercing everything that represents love and emotion in your life.

This card indicates a conflict between the heart and the mind. Are you silencing your heart’s desires? Are you talking yourself out of hearing the messages of love your heart speaks to you? Perhaps even the messages of others?

When the mind reprimands and cages the heart, there is typically only one reason: fear. And fear stems from a belief that we will not be able to protect ourselves from injury. Do you really believe you are so powerless? Do you really believe your heart has nothing trustworthy to say?

Strive to allow your heart and your mind to work in harmony. Transform your negative thoughts and beliefs about what you deserve or are capable of into statements of empowerment and positivity. Then engage in a healthy dialogue with your own heart. You might be surprised by what you find.

Daily Affirmation

I trust my heart.”