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We’ve been through a period of deep realignment. We’ve been recognizing what truly makes us happy. We’ve been admitting to ourselves where we stand in our own way. And as we take steps to manifest our intentions in the world by making tangible changes, we are often met with resistance from others. This is when we must stand up for ourselves, even if we are the last ones standing. If you want to succeed, you must be prepared to battle for your dreams.

Many people are afraid of change. Not only their own, but how the changes of others rattle the foundations of their sense of safety. Many react by using control to prevent change from happening, even if it means preventing others from changing their own lives. This is where our personal boundaries become vital.

You are entitled to your own boundaries. You are entitled to live your life in the way that you desire. Yesterday, The Ten of Wands encouraged us to lay down the burdens we carry for others out of a sense of obligation, guilt, or social conditioning. If you took action to lay down those burdens recently, you may be experiencing some backlash. Do not fear. These are just growing pains.

The Nine of Wands is advising you to stand firm in your truth. You may feel like everyone is against you or that you are embarking on a “crazy” path that leaves you feeling alone in the world. This is a test of faith. Stay true to yourself and honor your choices even if others don’t agree.

And do lean on those who support you. The people in your life who respect your choices and honor your unique path – those are the people who truly have your your back. As we near this final eclipse, there’s a kind of finality in the air. This is a completion. It’s time to apply what we’ve learned. Let your boundaries protect you.

Daily Affirmation

My boundaries protect me.”