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Saturn is returning to his temple of Capricorn tonight. Are you ready to slow down and re-evaluate? As he retrogrades through his own zodiac sign, he is at his most powerful. Saturn is the planet of restrictions and structure, and he asks you to take a look at the bones of your world. Are your foundations solid, or is your world built on dreams, illusions, and repressed shadows? Are you chained to your own metaphorical Devil?

It is time to prune the tree of your life. This is how we make room for the blossoming that will come in our personal Spring. Saturn’s boundaries protect us, but left to run wild, lead to oppression and control. Have you let structure devolve into a need to control? Or have you given up your personal power in exchange for the illusion of security?

We always have a choice, even when it seems that we are bound to what oppresses us. The chains around the necks of The Lovers are loose, reminding you that you play the part of acceptance in any toxic dynamic. Find the strength to lift those chains.

It’s time to clean spiritual house with honest self-reflection, courage, and sacrifice. Trade in your comforts for authenticity. Exchange your addictions for the courage to integrate your shadows. This is the way to build a structure that will be your support, and not your prison.