The Shape of Your Dreams

by Jul 7, 2020Daily Tarot, Tarot Card Readings

What do you require in order to establish yourself within your vision of the future?

The moment when a seed transmutes into a seedling is called “the establishment.” What do you require in order to establish yourself within your vision of the future? What is the shape of your dreams? The Hierophant represents those things that we can depend upon. Our collective consent to certain shared values and traditions creates the arms of the world that hold us.

Last weekend’s eclipse in Capricorn brought us The Tower. It shook up our foundations and opened the door for our hopes to grow from dreams into actual manifestations. But the seedling is only established if certain requirements are consistently met – sun, water, and air must be guaranteed. They cannot be fickle.

In the initial state of infinite possibility, we risk becoming so expansive that we lose form. The Hierophant is here to remind you to consider your traditions and values as a point of reference as you build your new, unique structure.

Consideration is taking an honest look. What are your true feelings about where you come from and what you have been taught to conform to? Which things resonate with your soul? Perhaps these things are worth carrying forward with you.

Our skin is the limit where our physical bodies end and the outside world begins. It delineates our shape. Our moral and spiritual limits trace the shape of our dreams. The brush must meet the canvas.

The Bones of Our World have now been realigned with some acute pressure and force. Our limits and responsibilities have been reset into alignment with our soul’s true purpose if we are courageous enough to embrace the possibility.

Some things we are joyfully encumbered with. Sacrifice is beautiful when given without attachment. Like a single soul blowing humanity the most tender kiss, it is a gift that is freely given from the heart.

What is the shape that your dream will take?

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I honor my own spiritual path, yet respect my traditions.”

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