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Are you feeling this shift in the energies? Many aspects of our lives are being transformed right now. Structures are changing all around us, and at the same time, we’re being guided to reflect on our deepest wounds and the best ways to heal them. Today’s tarot card is the Strength card, the gentle and compassionate inner power that does not require control or displays of bravado to be effective. True strength shines in our gentlest moments.

Mercury is about to turn direct tomorrow, and although that is great news for bringing clarity into our communications, it’s the moment of transition that can make us feel the most unsteady. Chiron, the wounded healer, stations and turns retrograde today, guiding us to revisit our deepest wounds and how to heal them.

All of this is happening under a waning moon in Cancer that is asking us to release things that don’t contribute to our emotional safety and our sense of feeling loved and nurtured in this world. It’s no wonder we feel a bit like we are spinning!

Maintain your graceful strength during challenging times. Use compassion to bolster potential and put your energy into those things that bring you joy, contentment of the heart, peace, and positivity. Instead of looking for security in control, allow your life to unfold organically.

True strength is not forceful. It is light years beyond sheer force of will and has no need for conflict or deceit. With a little humility and recognition that we may just not have the perfect solutions for everything, we can surrender some things to the universe. Remain poised in the pursuit of your dreams. This is how she tames the lion.

Daily Affirmation

My strength shines in my gentlest moments.”