Turning From Loss to Joy

by Jul 6, 2020Daily Tarot, Tarot Card Readings

After the storm passes, the sun rises in the morning and we step outside.

After the storm passes, the sun rises in the morning and we step outside. We see the destruction left behind and a sorrow washes over us. We remember what was, and must face those things that can no longer be. Often these memories are attached to great pain in our hearts – loss, regret, or anger. This is when it is most important to remember what turning from loss to joy can bring you.

Allow yourself to feel these emotions. They are your messengers, your guides. But once you have received their teachings, set them free. The Five of Cups looks at the spilled cups before him with sorrow. But behind him are two full cups upright. Don’t forget that they are there.

Remember that you feel the pain of loss because you loved so deeply. Be grateful for the powerful love in your heart. Remember that you feel anger because you felt such passion and desire. Be grateful for the fire in your soul. Remember that you regret because you had the most beautiful intentions. Be thankful for the purity and generosity in your heart.

You are still love. You are still passion. You are still generosity. All of this you bring with you into the next chapter of your life. Your pain is a testament to the richness of your soul, but you no longer need it. Embrace your new beginning and smile. It’s going to be more than okay.

Daily Affirmation

I release the pain of my past to see the beauty before me.”

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