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Aphrodite goddess embodiment mermaid

Aphrodite, the ancient Greek Goddess of love and beauty embodies the essence of the flowering divine feminine. She was birthed out of the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by seashells, and is often depicted with mermaids and flowers. She would gaze into a hand held mirror, brushing her long and luxurious hair next to the waters of the sea.

The Goddess Aphrodite represents the love and beauty within every one of us, and is a Goddess of the heart chakra. Learn how to embody this Goddess so that you too can radiate beauty and love. With her love, you will manifest abundance and joy all around you as your heart chakra begins to blossom.

Gently walk with your heart and authenticity, your truth, and really own it and be your own beloved. Be your own Goddess of love. You don’t need to seek it from the outside world.

Aphrodite the Goddess of Love

As the Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite will teach you how to listen to the whispers of your heart. In our Goddess Yoga live retreats, we will teach you how to find your own inner heart whisper. Then, as you reconnect with your heart chakra and your own self-love and love for others, the Goddess Aphrodite will become embodied in you.

Aphrodite goddess of love

The voice of the heart has always been there with you, it’s always been your honest, deepest soul self. It is the same voice that you had with you when you were a little child. It hasn’t changed. Your soul hasn’t changed.

But as we grow up and we learn things – and we are conditioned – we start to question. We start to think. So, we are going to go back and just find the voice of the heart, find the voice of your inner child and learn to distinguish it from the other voices.

Why We Should Listen to the Voice of the Heart

So, why is it important to listen to the voice of the heart? It is the first step to aligning to your identity, the first step to manifestation, your first step to alignment, to finding your desires, your truths. That is why it is so critical to come into that heart space and really connect to that loving place, so that we become the observers of our thoughts, our past, our conditioning, and our programming. It is the a fundamental part of Goddess embodiment – connecting to your inner divine feminine.

Goddess of the Heart Chakra

aphrodite goddess of love goddess embodiment

Working with the inspiration of the Goddess Aphrodite will help you to heal your heart. As you embody this goddess of love, you will begin to find your inner light and your true identity. You will not only radiate love, but you will also shine with self-love. And it is by embodying love that we also attract love into our own lives from others.

Aphrodite can also help you to learn how to anchor yourself in love before you journey into shadow work. It is very important to remain connected to our heart chakra as we explore any energies that might be in shadow resonance. This is important to avoid falling into any victim mentality, self-judgment, or shame.

We must always hold ourselves in the beauty and love of the radiant heart in order to heal from within. This way, you will keep your inner light shining, even in the darkest places

Journey to Your Blossoming Heart

heart chakra blossoming heart embodied goddesses

In the Goddess Yoga live retreats, we will journey through each chakra as we heal, liberate and nurture our inner landscape. As we explore our Blossoming Heart, we will reconnect you with your inner light and love as you practice embodiment dance, guided meditations, heart chakra affirmations and more. Based on the Embodied Goddesses method, the journey will:

“The focus of this module is finding our inner light, our true identity, through our love, what we love, and what makes us feel love through giving love. It is really important to do this because our heart center is going to be our anchor, our safe place that we can always come back to, especially when we start doing some deeper shadow work later on. Then we always know that we can return to this place. That is going to make us feel very safe and secure as we move forward in this course.”

Embodied Goddesses

Aphrodite Embodiment Dance

blossoming heart goddess embodiment dance

Dance your way into love and alignment and move like the beautiful Goddess Aphrodite! With our beautiful embodiment dances, you will experience the heart-warming, heart chakra opening, joyful and beautiful dance of the Goddess Aphrodite.

We have created these dances in a really, really beautiful way with exactly this in mind. Each move has a specific intention and it is so feminine. We’re really cultivating the divine feminine in this dance.

So, when you are dancing this, you’ll really embody all of the beautiful flows and feminine qualities – the loving qualities of the feminine. We are going to bring in the heart and integrate it. We are going to embody the heart through water movements. 

The water element is a beautiful symbol of our own element to heal everything in our body. So, when we are using the water element in our body or imagining water, you can imagine that energy is moving through you. We are going to release that stagnant, stuck energy – really allowing it to come out through the body. Our heart is like a flower, it is like peeling open the petals – it’s beautiful. 

Aphrodite Goddess Story

Aphrodite goddess of love goddess embodiment

Aphrodite, Goddess of love, will guide you toward your heart chakra opening. Learn how to embody her beauty and divine feminine essence. Enjoy this beautiful goddess story from Embodied Goddesses.

Aphrodite Goddess of Love

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful goddess named Aphrodite who was birthed right out of the waters of the Mediterranean sea. There she was, resting on the shells and rocks by the ocean with her mermaid sisters and friends. Embracing all of her naturalness, rawness and freedom.

Aphrodite sat there every day basking and luxuriating in all of her essence and love and beauty. She was alluring and magnetizing in every way. Her mermaid sisters were completely inspired by her essence. They would braid her hair and adorn her with pink and red roses celebrating her divinity. As Aphrodite held her mirror out, she was mesmerized and totally in ore of her own reflection, her innate divine beauty inside and out.

Goddess Aphrodite is there to remind you to embody this divine love and beauty also. Listen to her whispers as she is here to inspire you to know that you too are your own Goddess of beauty and divine love.”

Your Aphrodite Goddess Story Video

Music by Vanessa Hylande, Narrated by Jessica Angileri

Aphrodite Goddess Circle

aphrodite goddess circle

How would you make your Aphrodite Goddess circle? What would you use to create a sacred space that represents and invites the elements of the Goddess of love?

In the Goddess Yoga live retreats, we will share with you the flowers, crystals, essential oils, incenses, and the Goddess water recipes that you can use to create your beautiful love sanctuary.

We will also teach you how to make a beautiful Goddess circle in honor of the Goddess Aphrodite, so that you can dance and manifest love and abundance within its boundaries. Is there one right way to do this? No, of course not. But we will share our favorites with you that you can use for inspiration and experimentation.

Recipes for the Goddess of Love

aphrodite goddess recipes

Did you know that you can heal your heart chakra with nourishing, healthy foods? A really important element of the Goddess Yoga experience is its holistic nature. It’s a critical aspect of embodied learning. We need to go beyond trying to fix everything with the mind. Instead, we need to recognize that healing and happiness comes in all forms!

We can heal ourselves with guided visual meditations, embodiment dance, journaling and by using heart chakra affirmations. But we can also heal ourselves body, mind and soul through the foods we put into our bodies. Learn which heart chakra foods resonate with the Goddess Aphrodite so that you yourself can become your own healthy and radiant goddess of beauty.

When we practice self love, it is important to express gratitude for all that we have learned and accomplished. One of the best ways of doing this is through nourishment! Throughout our course, we will share healthy foods with you that support our learning and healing process. And we will take the time to nourish ourselves and all of the ways in which we embody the Goddess within us. We share some amazing, healthy recipes with you, in this course, so if you’re a health conscious foodie, you’re going to love it, so get ready to enjoy!

Aphrodite Heart Chakra Affirmations

heart chakra affirmation

What would an Aphrodite embodiment practice be without the use of heart chakra affirmations? The Goddess Aphrodite practiced self love in the same way that we practice self love in the course.

When you do affirmations you are consciously taking the time to choose words to alter the way you perceive yourself. However, choosing words that uplift and empower your divineness, does not come in isolation. Just because you say to yourself “I am love” or “I am enough,” for example,  does not necessarily mean it is true or that you really believe this. 

Heart Chakra Affirmations That Work

When we say affirmations, they only exist on the conscious level. The mind can’t hold all of the answers. You only believe your words if they come from your really feeling them. This is why we will support this notion throughout the course with embodiment practices to really reinforce the dialogue within the body. To then have a deep cellular knowing that you are enough or you are love. Your “deep knowing” lies in the feeling that is within the body.

If we want to radiate self love and beauty the way that the Goddess Aphrodite does, then we need to learn how to embody these heart chakra affirmations. In the Blossoming Heart module, we will teach you exactly how to do this, so that you can liberate all of the love in your heart.

Aphrodite Goddess Embodiment

We are all human, and sometimes we inadvertently use our heart or our emotions in a negative way for validation or to seek love. But that is because we are not checking in with our authenticity. We haven’t been given the tools and we don’t know how. But that is why we are here! We are going to give you those tools. Are you ready? We are! Are you ready to really check in with your heart space and let your inner child come through?

Goddess Yourself with our beautiful live Goddess Yoga retreats, based on the Embodied Goddesses method. Join us in using embodiment dance to achieve goddess embodiment for all of our beautiful students. Enjoy guided visual meditations, chakra healing dances, journaling exercises and worksheets, affirmations, recipes for healthy living and so much more! Learn how to manifest a life of abundance and joy the divine feminine way!

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