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Do you feel like you’re doing everything right but something is still missing? Yoga classes, healthy eating habits, meditation and more, but life is still not totally fulfilling? Our Goddess Yoga retreats will show you how to practice embodiment through the arts, in a way that is uniquely supportive of your own creative process and self-expression. Our program will show you how to bring that sparkle and shine back into your life!

When you discover how to embody your inner Goddess, you won’t need to look for fulfillment from the external anymore. Instead you’ll be able to find that joy, peace and serenity on the inside so that you can shine it out into the world!

A Holistic Embodiment Practice

joyful holistic embodiment practice inner Goddess

There are several reasons why embodiment is different from other practices such as yoga and meditaiton. First and foremost, it incorporates the benefits of yoga and meditation, but goes a step further.

Because embodiment practice is holistic, it allows you to integrate all aspects of yourself into one practice. That means your physical body and physical health, your rational mind, your emotional heartspace, your intuitive spiritual self and your very own unique creativity. And it is feeling of wholeness that will bring that sparkle and shine back into your life.

Embodiment Throught the Arts is Self Empowering

self healing with embodied goddesses self empowerment

Second, our Goddess Yoga retreats are focused on self healing. This is important because we aren’t giving our power away. We aren’t becoming dependent on others to fix us.

Instead, we are empowering ourselves to nurture and support ourselves to a place of alignment and flow. These are skills you can take with you wherever go you go in life, and you will never lose them. They will always be available to you. And this feeling of empowerment will also bring theat sparkle and shine back into your life.

A Creative Embodiment Practice

creative embodiment practice embodied goddesses

Third, our Goddess Yoga retreats allow you to express your unique self! There is no one way to self heal and ascend. Instead, every Embodied Goddess finds her own way with the support of the sisterhood.

Through self love and self care, an Embodied Goddess finds her unique self, her unique soul. And once you are embodying your own inner Goddess, you will be on your soul’s true path. And when we are on our soul’s true path, life is full of abundance, joy and serenity. That’s another way to bring that sparkle and shine back into your life.

Embodiment Through the Arts is Joyful and Playful

reconnect with your inner child embodiment practice embodied goddesses online course

One of the most important journeys you will ever embark upon is rediscovering and reconnecting with your inner child. As we grow up and assume more responsibilities, we often lose our sense of play. Life becomes heavy and tiring.

But when you reconnect with your inner child through play, you will reconnect to your inner joy. This is the most precious gift that our Goddess Yoga retreats can give you. And this is a gift that is already so eager to come out of the shadows! And guess what? Yes, this will also bring that sparkle and shine back into your life!

Let your inner child run free as you embody the Goddess that you are. We can’t wait so see you bloom into the Goddess Yoga community with us!

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