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Ever notice how some people just light up a room? Whether it’s their smile, the way they speak, or simply their energy in general, they brighten the environment around and them and also the people they come in contact with. So what is this “shine” actually? And how can you become bright? Well, through feminine embodiment practices, you will learn how to unleash your own inner divine feminine. Then you will begin to radiate your joy and abundance as well. And you will be able to share it with those around you.

What is a Feminine Embodiment Practice?

A feminine embodiment practice is an activity designed to help individuals reconnect with their feminine energy and tap into their feelings, intuition, and power. It can involve movement, such as yoga or dance, or creative expression, such as writing, art, or music. The goal is to create a deeper connection to one’s feminine nature and cultivate greater self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance.

Feminine embodiment practices use traditional embodiment practices to unleash the divine feminine within each of us. This is not a gender-based energy. Like yin and yang, everyone carries both feminine and masculine energies. Even if you are a very masculine man, you inherently carry divine feminine energies within you and vice a versa. Just like the world is made of light and dark, up and down, empty and full, there is always an opposite. And the balance or fulcrum, the point of harmony, is in the center of the two polar opposites.

What is the Divine Feminine Archetype?

The divine feminine archetype represents the creation of life, abundance, the Great Mother, the metaphorical darkness of the womb, the place where the seed is planted and the flowers grow. She is the chaos of which life is born, infinite possibility and also the receiver.

Whereas the sacred masculine energies are focused on action, thought and direction, the divine feminine represents our intuition, emotion, the receiver of information, the stillness, the hearth, the home. That home can be our internal emotional and spiritual state, or it can be our physical body or our physical space. Whichever aspect of the divine feminine we choose to explore, it is the container. She holds and she nurtures whatever is in her realm. Then together with the energies of the sacred masculine, the solar plexus chakra, ideas and thoughts lead to action and implementation through strategy, analysis and passionate drive and effort.

What is Embodiment?

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In order to delve into feminine embodiment practices, we must first look at embodiment as a practice itself. Embodiment is all about the way you hold yourself, the way you move, the way you might stand, the way you enter a room. It is how you make the soul of yourself, your unique spirit, manifest in the physical world through your physical body. It is exactly what the word suggests:

em: “to put in or into, bring to a certain state,” sometimes intensive, from French assimilation of en- “in, into” (see en- (1)) to following labial stop (-b-, -p-, and often -m-), or from the same development in later Latin in- (to im-).”

body: “Extension to “a person, a human being” is from c. 1300. Meaning “main part” of anything.”

When we talk about embodiment practices, our intent is to bring your physical body and existence into alignment with your authentic self, who and how you desire to present and walk through this world.

What are Feminine Embodiment Practices?

Feminine embodiment practices refer to our ability to nurture and care for ourselves. The Great Mother cares for others and provides abundance and resources, but in order to be truly abundant for others, we must first be abundant within ourselves. This is why feminine embodiment practices revolve around the themes of self-love and self-care.

However we self-identify in terms of gender and sexual orientation, we must all be able to care for ourselves, rather than depending on others to fill the void of our weaknesses. When we discuss feminine embodiment practices, we are referring to the emotional and spiritual self care and the great power of the feminine’s sacred sexuality.

Naturally none of this happens in a vacuum. We must also engage our masculine energies in setting boundaries, self-protecting, and taking action toward our dreams. But when we are operating from feminine embodiment paradigm, we first ensure that these boundaries and actions are coming from a place of self-care, self-love and alignment with our spirituality, intuition and inner child. Much like our mothers held us closely in love and comfort in our most tender years, before we learned to walk and run, we must also nurture our authentic selves, our dreams and desires into alignment and being, before we run with them. This way, we walk through life full of self love, self care and confidence the to shine.

Learning to Self Care With Feminine Embodiment Practices

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When we learn how to self care, we can begin to properly care for others. We must learn to listen to the messages of our body, heart and soul, so that we can properly take care of ourselves ina holistic way.

Feminine embodiment practices are naturally holistic in their nature, because the Great Mother understands that everything is connected. From the cycle of life, to the seasons and the stars in the sky, through feminine embodiment practices, we will learn to perceive the world inside of us and the world around us from a perspective of unity consciousness.

Feminine embodiment practices are a powerful way to learn to love and care for yourself. They can help you to become more aware of your body, your emotions, and your intuition. They can also help you to better understand your needs and how to meet them. Here are some tips for learning to self care with feminine embodiment practices:

1. Start by connecting with your body. Take some time to be present with your body, to tune in to your physical sensations and notice any tightness or tension. Allow yourself to become aware of your breath, your posture, and any areas that feel tight or uncomfortable.

2. Focus on your breath. Take some time to focus on your breath, to observe the rise and fall of your chest, and to notice any changes in it. Allow yourself to take long, deep breaths and to really feel the air moving through your body.

3. Connect with your emotions. Spend some time tuning in to your emotions and noticing what you are feeling. Notice any patterns that come up and if any emotions are connected to particular thoughts or memories.

4. Connect with your intuition. Pay attention to any feelings or impulses that come up and notice where you feel them in your body. Allow yourself to trust

Learning Self Love with Feminine Embodiment Practices

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Self care revolves around the things we do, whereas self love revolves around the way we feel.

Feminine embodiment practices will explore our inner world and guide us toward self forgiveness and compassion for our inner child.

Once we have achieved self respect and self love, we can offer the same empathy and kindness to those around us.

Unleashing Our Sacred Sexuality with Feminine Embodiment Practices

Once we are operating from a place of self love and self care, we can begin to self express authentically. Our true nature can finally express itself once we get rid of the blocks we create for ourselves. When you see yourself as a beautiful and perfect in your natural state, you’ll be able to express your passions and desires in a confident and loving way. There is no more room for self doubt and shame. And as log as you walk the world with empathy, kindness and love, you will shine brightly. This kind of embodied learning stays with you forever and will only grow if you continue to practice it.

What is Embodied Learning?

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“True embodiment requires an integration of body, mind, spirit and heart.” Embodied learning is truly a holistic approach. We do not just learn ideas and theories with the mind, we must also experience them. And beyond that, we must integrate the emotions that surround them and connect to our intuition and the divine energy supporting our practice. When we practice embodied learning, we approach our divine feminine embodiment practices from a holistic perspective to arrive at a beautiful synchronization and integration.

The 5 Elements and Embodied Learning

When we use the 5 elements in our feminine embodiment practice, we ensure that we will work within a holistic paradigm. Everything in our existence can be categorized into 5 energetic elements. Earth, fire, water, air and spirit, or aether. By incorporating all 5 of these elements into our practice, we ensure a balanced and well-rounded approach.

The 7 Chakras and Embodied Learning

When we use the 7 chakras through our feminine embodiment practice, we also ensure that we will explore the whole range of our existence. From our physical security and our abundance in this world to our connection to the divine, each of the chakras explores a different aspect of our being. When we balance, unblock, nurture and integrate all of our 7 chakras, we achieve an enlightened state of flow and happiness.