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What do we really mean when we talk about goddess embodiment? Is it a spiritual practice or something religious? Is it only for women? Can anyone do it? And why do we use the Goddess for inspiration? And what does goddess embodiment have to do with the divine feminine?

When we embody the Goddess, we create a whole new holistic paradigm. That’s because goddess embodiment is a holistic lifestyle, not just a practice or a program.

Goddess embodiment is not a religious practice. It is not a system of belief. There is no doctrine and there are no rules to follow. Rather, it is a method for self healing, self love and self improvement just like many other practices out there. Goddess embodiment is a guide, a community, a journey to alignment. So, if you’re ready to learn how to embody the divine feminine, keep reading!

Goddess Embodiment is a Practice of Self-Love

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Practice goddess embodiment and self love with journaling!

Similar to yoga, mindfulness and meditation, embodiment incorporates elements from all three, and is itself a practice of integrating the mind, body and soul.

However, when we embody the Goddess, we integrate the archetype of the divine feminine, and the artistic, holistic and empowering creativity of the Goddess into the practice. The Goddess within each of us can fill us with self love as she inspires us on our journey of self healing. So, we are looking specifically to the divine feminine goddess within each of us. Whether we are feminine or masculine, we all carry aspects of the divine feminine goddess. And when we learn to embody the divine feminine within, we unleash the creative, nurturing, loving aspects of ourselves.

Goddess Embodiment is Healing the Divine Feminine

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Goddess embodiment is based on the principle that every human soul has both feminine and masculine qualities. This has absolutely nothing to do with gender, but is rather an energetic frequency.

Everything in our existence has an inherent polarity. What goes up must come down. We have hot and we have cold. We have light and we have dark.

Both are necessary to provide a framework within which we operate. And when the opposites are in balance, we come into what is called unity consciousness. The more we realize that we are all made of the same stuff, the more we realize the interconnectedness of everything. And the more we begin to appreciate this beautiful balance, the more we come into alignment and flow.

What is the Divine Feminine?

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The divine feminine is the archetype of the mother. It is the nurturing qualities every human innately possesses. And, it is the beautiful emptiness that is the beginning.

The darkness that allows for the light, the infinite possibility that gets organized into something, the unknown, the flow, and the intuition.

Empathy, compassion, nurturing, birth, intuition, water, receiving – these are all aspects of the divine feminine, and they are present in every human being. These qualities are naturally balanced by the sacred masculine frequencies of ambition, direction, reason, strategy, organization, containment, fire.

Naturally, we must have both, yet in recent human history, the divine feminine has been repressed and rejected, devalued and discarded. However, since this is a quality belonging to all humans regardless of gender or sexual orientation, the repression of a fundamental part of ourselves leads to disease and disorders of all kinds.

The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

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So, whether repression expresses itself in shame, judgment, fear, or anger, it is a negative outcome for all. Therefore, when we embody the divine feminine, we reclaim the beauty of the great mother. We give ourselves permission to honor the great nurturer, from mother earth to the sacred feminine within all of us.

As we heal the divine feminine within our goddess collective, we open the door to healing and integrating the sacred masculine as well. The journey is one of inclusivity, love and compassion. Everyone benefits from balance and harmony.

Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose Through Goddess Embodiment

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When you are embodying your desires and dreams and you are taking action by stepping into your power and really showing up no matter the challenges behind them. Then you are really showing up as your divine goddess embodied self.

There is no force behind it, there is a flow that goes with it. It is almost like when you meet someone for the first time and you know there is an instant connection and it’s just easy. When you are completely in alignment, it is easy. There are challenges of course, but you have the tools to go ahead with them.  

When we practice goddess embodiment, we are not rejecting parts of ourselves. We are bringing all parts of ourselves up to the surface as a way to shine and to know where our gifts really lie. So it becomes about you shining your gifts and your goals, so you don’t come from a place of fear or shame, but are owning what you have.

We have all been given these gifts and we all have our own unique soul contract. And we are all divinely guided by our divine power, so we need to trust that this divine power is not only within us, but also everywhere in the universe. This comes with surrender and trust.

Goddess Embodiment and the Concept of Surrender

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There is a difference between working hard and investing yourself, versus stressing, fear and feeling out of control. It is a different kind of challenge and you will begin to recognize it when you progress through the Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” online embodiment course. When we know that we are doing everything that we can in service of our dreams, then we can also recognize that the things that are out of our control are simply out of our control.

There is no longer any need to worry, no need to have anxiety. If I am already showing up and I am already giving everything that I can, everything that I have, then the rest is out of my control no matter how much I stress over it. So, we need to trust that the universe is going to support us. And that is the notion of surrender, of being with the flow and vibrating high.

Goddess embodiment is really about having faith and just surrendering. Surrendering and allowing. When you know that you have done everything in your power to show up as your Embodied Goddess self, as your divine self, and you have incorporated both the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang, the light and dark, the soft and hard, the drive with the flow, then you have done everything that you can. Then you know that now it’s up to the universe to guide you. 

Manifesting Effortlessly Through Goddess Embodiment

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It is important to have faith no matter what faith you have. Keeping in mind that things do not always manifest in the way that you expect. Sometimes we have an idea how we want things to look but we forget that there are many ways of getting there. Sometimes the journey looks a little bit different.

So, if you find yourself pushing “No it’s like this. It needs to be like this,” then you know you are meeting resistance. Don’t give up, keep going. However, allow things to unfold naturally and the universe will never let you down.

The universe and the guidance that you have is never in the mind, as we explain throughout the whole course. It’s never in the ego, as much as the ego wants to make its way back in, and it will. And that’s okay, but your soul is the messenger and your heart is the receiver, so that is where we need to start, always. 

Manifesting Abundance

manifesting abundance goddess embodiment

In the eighth module of our Goddess embodiment course, Mother Earth, we focus on teaching you how to create abundance of all forms in your life. We explore this from the perspective of the divine feminine. Abundance can be about anything – it’s the plentiful availability of something. This can be money, it can be love, joy, food, security.

Anything can be in an abundant state. Basically everything that you are born with and everything that mother earth provides us is what creates abundance. It is everything that we require, and we are all given this natural security and feelings of joy and love. And we have to recognize that we are never really without any of it.

Nature provides everything we need, not only with food but with soil, medicine, beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables, sunlight and the ocean. They are all healing elements that we shouldn’t be taking for granted.

Embodying Mother Earth, The Great Gaya

Check out our Mother Earth root chakra goddess embodiment designs!

Honoring Mother Earth is a great opportunity to take a step back and start being mindful by honoring the present moment and showing gratitude for nature. We can also start to honor our own life cycles – just like nature and all of those beautiful things – we have our own cycles too.

When we self nurture, we generate abundance within our physical bodies or physical space in everything we do. This is why we are also bringing you recipes in our embodiment course. We focus on abundance in all aspects – because that is what embodiment is.  We don’t just embody partially, we practice embodiment in everything. It is a lifestyle and a mindset – a  holistic approach. 

Abundance Vs Lack Mentality

A lack mentality mindset is when we operate from a place of fear or unworthiness and believe that there is not enough. This can lead to many distortions around the energy of abundance. An abundance mindset is when we surrender to the deep inner knowing that the universe is abundant, there is enough, and we are worthy. We must still work toward our goals and dreams. Nothing comes to us if we do nothing. However, when we work from a place of positivity with an abundance mindset, instead of from a place of lack mentality, we begin to generate abundance effortlessly and painlessly.

Become Your Own Goddess of Beauty With Goddess Embodiment

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By nurturing ourselves we create abundance within, which will begin to manifest in the external world as well. Here are some ways to nurture your inner goddess. And remember, we should always self care holistically, body mind and spirit.

Goddess Skincare Tips

We can add wonderful skin care practices to our self-care routine directly from our own kitchens and gardens. When you know what kind of skin you have, you can create your own perfect goddess products for glowing skin. Facial oils can clean and rejuvenate your skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve elasticity without harsh chemicals.

When you find your perfect recipe, the combination that works perfectly with your skin, you can take your beauty care back into your own hands! In our beautiful goddess yoga and embodiment retreats, we will help guide you to discover your perfect goddess beauty care products. We will teach you recipes and instructions so that you can gently try out a few different combinations and see what works best for you!

Healthy Eating Tips

The first step to healthy eating is learning what works best for YOUR body. We are not all the same, and we don’t all respond to foods in the same way. In our goddess yoga and embodiment retreats, we offer you some general tips you can follow. We also offer you journaling exercises to help you discover how different foods and eating practices affect your body, mood, and energy level.

Explore Each Chakra Goddess with Goddess Embodiment

7 chakras goddess embodiment

We explore each chakra when we embody the goddess throughout the our Goddess Yoga retreats. Beginning with a third eye chakra goddess, the Goddess Theia, we connect to our intuition to create sacred space, both internally and in our physical space. Then, once we are in our sanctuary, we delve into the heart chakra goddess, the Goddess Aphrodite. With her love, we guide you to connect with your inner child. Then, by embodying the throat chakra goddess, the Goddess Amunet, we explore our deepest beliefs, thoughts and labels and learn how to speak our own goddess truth.

Thereafter, we continue with the solar plexus goddess, the warrior Goddess Artemis, to find our inner power and confidence. We liberate our sacred sexuality with the sacral chakra goddess Lilith, and we explore the triple moon goddess as archetypes of the maiden, mother and crone. Finally, we embody the root chakra goddess, Gaia, Mother Earth. And guess who the crown chakra goddess is? Yes, that’s right, it’s you! As your embodied goddess self, you will be in alignment with all of your chakras, embodying all of the wisdom and love of each of the goddesses.

Become A Goddess of Love With Goddess Embodiment

Like, Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, you can become your own love goddess. By embodying the archetypal qualities of Goddess Aphrodite, you will begin to radiate self love, which will attract love into your life. When we self love, we live on a high vibrational level. Then, as the Law of Attraction tells us, we attract others who are also healthy with self love. And it is only from a place of self love that we can give real love to others. You too will become empowered, liberated and confident with the goddess through the online “Goddess Yourself” dance embodiment program.

Ready to Learn How to Embody the Divine Feminine?

So, which Goddess do you want to embody? Are you looking to better protect yourself and those around you with the embodiment of Goddess Athena Goddess of War? The archetype of Goddess Athena has many inspirational lessons and words of wisdom in her mythical story. You can even invoke her as a protector and guide through a Goddess circle ritual. Or maybe you would like to attract love and passion into your life with the embodiment of Goddess Aphrodite Goddess of Love. Goddess Aphrodite can teach us how to radiate self-love and love for others, which through the Law of Attraction, will bring love and passion into your life.

Our Goddess Yoga retreats are an experience that you will take with you forever, because its not just a yoga experience, but a way of life. You will take all of these beautiful lessons and tools into the world with you, and the more you use them, the more liberated and joyful you will become! It’s time to invest in yourself, sister. Go ahead and manifest abundance in your life today. We can’t wait to see you there!

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