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I can sum up the reason why embodiment through the arts is holistic living in three little words: “artists of life.” When we become embodied through the arts, we make our entire life is a work of art. That means that the “art of living” itself is an art form, and an expression of our unique soul.

And why is a holistic approach so much more beneficial and fulfilling? Because every person is unique and has their own way of learning. Some of us are visual learners, others are emotional learners. Then of course there are logical learners and physical learners and everything in between. When you take a holistic approach to anything, you offer people flexibility to learn and progress in the way that suits them best.

Dance Integrates Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart for Holistic Living

body mind spirit heart embodiment is holistic living

In the Embodied Goddesses online course, we focus on the use of dance as the medium for connecting with and expressing ourselves through the body. When we dance, we integrate multiple facets of the human experience in an interconnected way. To put it simply, we must integrate body, mind, spirit and heart.

We move our physical body for fitness and physical health. We move to the music and express our emotions in an artistic fashion. Additionally, we use our mental capacity and reasoning to remember and execute choreography as well as calculate our movements through space and around others. And most importantly, we connect with spirit through our joy. This is also an important aspect of holistic living.

Embodiment Through Dance is a Holistic Living Lifestyle

dance is a lifestyle embodiment

Dance is more than a daily practice, it is a way of life. When we truly liberate our inner artist, we see the world in a deeply authentic way. We look beyond the superficial and practical details of life for meaning, purpose and inspiration.

When we talk about dance being a lifestyle, we are not talking about being professional dancers, although that could certainly be the case. We are talking about dancing through life. Expressing joy through moving your body. It is more than fitness, gym routines, or poses. It is a kind of flow that will affect every aspect of your life.

You will begin to hear music with your body. You will begin to feel the beauty in the movement of something as simple as a walk. And you will begin respect your body as a beautiful vessel for your soul’s expression. Things such as healthy diets, rest, and body care will become instinctive as you nourish the body you cherish and adore. By incorporating this, you’ll be one step closer to holistic living.

Dance Helps You Release Emotions From the Physical Body

dance embodiment practice to release emotions

When we suffer emotional traumas or intense emotions, they typically manifest physically in the body. We have all experienced how stress and anxiety can make our shoulders tight or give us tension headaches. And many of us are unaware of how much tension we are holding in various parts of our body.

By checking in with your body through embodiment dance warm ups, you will discover and meet with all of those places where your emotions are stuck. Then, through gentle movement, meditation, and dance, emotional release and other practices, you will learn how to transmute these feelings in to joyful dance. As we say, “the medicine is in the wound” but it does not need to be scary or painful to heal.

Life is a Dance for Which We Write the Music

life is a dance for which we write the music embodied goddesses

Once you are liberated in your body, you will dare to follow your life path toward joy. But there is another important thing that Goddess Yoga will teach you: How to remain grounded and rooted in yourself in any situation.

Finding liberation and freedom is an important part of becoming embodied, but we must also remain grounded. Your body and your dance will help you to manifest your dreams in the physical world. You can always return to your body anytime, anywhere to listen to the healing messages it provides. Then, your life can become a dance for which you write the music.

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