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Do you want to know who your best teacher, healer, mentor and guide is? Well, its you! And at our Goddess Yoga retreats, we will show you how to self-heal through embodiment practices.

Your body and your intuition have powerful messages for you when you learn to understand them. And these messages will help you to balance the voice of the mind and the feelings of the heart.

So, what exactly are we referring to when we talk about embodiment practices? Are we talking only about embodiment yoga? And what is different about the various feminine embodiment practices? Are the only for women? Can anyone do them?

Embodiment Meaning: What Embodiment Practices Really Are

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What are we really talking about when we discuss embodiment practices and how can we come up with the best embodiment definition? Embodiment is not always so simple to define, because you must be able to do more than understand the embodiment philosophy. In order to really understand the nuances of this beautiful practice, you must have a deep and profound relationship with your own body.

Embodiment practices are becoming popular now and therefore it’s a relatively new field for most practitioners. The trouble is that so many people – even self-proclaimed “experts” don’t actually have that much experience with the body. They may understand the concepts from reading a book or listening to talks about embodiment philosophy, but are they actually embodied people? Are they actually practicing embodiment in their daily lives? Are these psychologists and authors sitting in offices thinking about embodiment, or are they manifesting embodiment through movement?

Embodiment Definition: Embodiment Philosophy and Study

If you are looking for an embodiment synonym think about other words for the verb to “embody.” Words such as “incarnate” or “personify” come close. However as a practice, embodiment is closest to a kind of dance therapy, with aspects of psychology and spiritual practice. Read the works of Carl Jung to get a sense of the psychological and spiritual aspects of embodiment practice. And Eckhart Tolle has many wonderful talks on mindfulness and being in the present moment. These are fundamental aspects of authentic embodiment practices, but embodiment goes much, much further.

For example, there are many embodiment yoga practices popping up that incorporate elements of embodiment practices. In fact, yoga already inherently and naturally incorporates aspects of embodiment practice. But, there is a reason why dance is the best embodiment practice.

How is Self Healing With Embodiment Practices Different?

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Rather than always looking to the outside to others to fix the broken parts of you, it’s time to spend some time and energy looking within in order to self heal. So, what does that mean? How do we self heal when we don’t know what’s wrong and how to fix it?

The first step is getting away from the belief that you are broken and need fixing. When we approach our healing process from a place of self love and liberation rather than a place of being not good enough, we are on our way to embodying the Goddess within.

What are Feminine Embodiment Practices?

The Goddess within represents the inner divine feminine. Everyone has both feminine and masculine energies, the yin and the yang. This has nothing to with sexual orientation or gender. We use the Goddess as an inspirational archetype that can help us to connect and liberate our inner divine feminine. The Goddess within is the divine mother. She is within all of us regardless of gender or sex. We all have divine feminine and divine masculine aspects within us, and when we bring these two into balance, we begin to find our inner peace.

Divine feminine embodiment focuses on the blessings of the great Mother. The self nurturing, the self care, the self love that we all need in order to live in the flow. We explore the often shamed and repressed sacred sexual through sensual movement practices, and allow our inner goddess to guide us into alignment with our heart space. From there we bring the body, mind, heart and spirit into beautiful harmony and alignment.

Self Heal Through Goddess Embodiment

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The Goddess within is the nurturer, the loving, compassionate healer. And when you reconnect with her in your heart space, she will guide you on your path to self-love. Your own inner Goddess will be your divine teacher, healer and mentor. Everyone’s path to healing and abundance is unique. Everyone’s wounds are different, therefore everyone’s medicine is different. And nobody knows what is healing for you better that you do.

Join us on this wonderful, magical journey to Goddess embodiment and allow your inner Goddess to bloom. At our beautiful Goddess Yoga retreats we will walk with you every step of the way on your path to self love and ascension. Let us show you how to embody the Goddess to receive all of her healing, wisdom and love.

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