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Are you feeling exhausted? Are you feeling uninspired? Or maybe you always feel like your body is tense and stressed all the time? Here are four embodiment self-care practices for happiness that you will want to try!

Remember when our minds are constantly active and racing, we can’t hear the subtle messages that our divine feminine is sending us. And usually she is asking us to slow down and offer ourselves some time to practice self care and recharge our beautiful bodies, minds and souls.

There are many wellness and self-care practices that you can do to become less stressed, feel like you have more energy and become overall more embodied. Embodiment practices are at the core of our Goddess Yoga retreats.

Why Are Self-Care Practices Important?

Embodiment and self-care practices do take another level of awareness and a commitment to making changes. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Self-care is something we need to prioritize. Think of it like charging your phone. In the same way, if we are running on auto pilot, over working and not prioritizing self care, then yes, we will feel burned out. And eventually, there will be nothing left of your wonderful, glorious self to offer – to yourself, your children or your partner.

We have so many self care practices that we teach at our Goddess `yoga retreats, that will help you to feel inspired, more energized and more beautiful within. But here are a couple of our favorites that we know you can enjoy right now.

Embodiment Self-Care Practice #1 – Journal Your Thoughts

journaling embodiment self-care practice

When you write down your thoughts you may be really surprised with what arises. You may discover emotions and thoughts that you are bottling up inside that could be causing you stress. When you journal you may also discover some creative ideas, as well as your true thoughts and feelings about a certain situation. It is also a great to transfer these ideas, thoughts and emotions onto paper because it can be very healing and therapeutic. All it takes is 5 minutes of your day, wherever you are.

In our Goddess Yoga retreats, we will offer journaling prompts and tools to make your healing journey even more delightful and fun. And even better, they are beautifully designed to match each chakra and are an extension of our meditations and sound baths.

Embodiment Self-Care Practice #2 – Connect With Nature

connecting with nature embodiment self-care practice

This may seem really obvious, but connecting with nature, to Mother Earth, is also a beautiful way to connect with yourself. Nature is all around us, yet we don’t tend to make this a priority with our busy lives. But when you place your bare feet on the grass, you become more grounded. Practicing grounding or “earthing” is a therapeutic technique that involves activities to reconnect yourself to the earth. When you bring elements of nature into your space you also start to embrace the healing qualities of mother earth.

At our Goddess Yoga retreats, you will be guided into knowing which natural elements you can use to help uplift you in your life. You will also learn how to use these elements and they will guide you to spiritually connect with nature.

Embodiment Self-Care Practice #3 – Eat Nutritious Meals

chia recipe embodiment self-care practice

Eating healthfully for your body is a very personal thing as each body shape is different. When you place more emphasis onto eating healthy, nutritious meals, your whole mood can change.

You will also notice an increase in your energy levels, and you will also start to embrace not only food, but your beautiful, unique body. So we invite you to ditch the diets and just starting eating fresh, nutritious, food that will make your skin and heart shine.

Healthy recipes are another exciting component of our Goddess Yoga retreats.

Embodiment Self-Care Practice #4 – Dance to Your Favorite Playlist

dancing to music embodiment self-care practice

Nothing feels better than playing your favorite music and dancing around like no one is watching. Think back to those days when you were a little girl making up dances with friends or those fun, carefree days when you would play your favorite song as a teenager and sing and dance in front of the mirror.

Well that teenage girl still exists within you, and she is always wanting for you to come out and dance like no one is watching. Dance for no one else but you just because it feels good. This is by far one of our favorite embodiment self-care practices!

Want to Learn More About Embodiment?

Join us at one of our beautiful Goddess Yoga retreats! Life is just so much more fun when we women are dancing together. Just like Whitney Houston sings, “I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me.”

When you join our community, you will get to learn chakra healing dances that will leave you feeling free, inspired and more in love with life. Our retreats are full of wonderful embodiment self-care practices!

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