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So many of us are looking for activation and healing of our divine feminine. Whether it’s liberating our hearts, our minds or our bodies, with Goddess Yoga, you will experience all three in a beautifully integrated way. You’ll be guided and supported on a journey of activating your divine feminine so that you can confidently embody the beautiful Goddess that you are. Goddess Yoga Escapes take you on a spiritual journey of inner and outer healing. We will dance for joy, immerse ourselves in live sound bath music, incorporate spiritual practices such as tarot and Goddess circles, and also offer body healing practices such as reiki and somatic movement.

All About Goddess Yoga

Take your yoga practice to the next level when you embody the goddess in your yoga practice. In Goddess Yoga, we use sound bath music, mantras (kundalini based), chakra healing asanas, guided meditations for reducing anxiety and stress, chakra healing crystals, aromatherapy and more in each class.

Based on the Embodied Goddesses method, I will invoke the wisdom of one of the goddesses in each class. The Goddess, as an archetype, can be an inspiration to us all, male or female, as she encourages us to connect with our divine feminine powers of love, empathy and creation.

Regardless of gender or how we identify, every person has elements of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine within them. Receive the guidance and messages of love from The Goddess as you practice the asanas of yoga. You will reach a new level of peace and harmony as you build strength and confidence inside and out.

How Does Goddess Yoga Activate Your Divine Feminine?

I created the Goddess Yoga method for myself as a part of my daily practice. I have a love for holistic living through the arts and have always incorporated spirituality and music into my body strengthening practices. The special thing about this divine feminine yoga practice, is that it cultivates and nourishes every aspect of you – your physical body, your loving heart, your deep inner wisdom and your spiritual connection to the divine.

Not only is Goddess Yoga an opportunity to keep your body and mind healthy and strong, but by connecting with the goddess through meditation and practice on a daily basis, you can receive her guidance and wisdom. This beautiful practice will enrich you body, mind and spirit as you allow your inner divine feminine to bloom. As we learn to embody the goddess, we learn to self heal, self love and self liberate. That is the beauty of this kind of embodiment yoga.

Practice Yoga Within a Goddess Circle

Before each class begins, I will create a sacred space for us to practice yoga within. Working with the 5 elements, I will create a beautiful goddess circle that both physically and energetically holds sanctuary for us during our practice. You will be able to enjoy the serenity and love within this sacred goddess circle throughout the class.

Be Inspired by a Goddess

At the beginning of each class, I will choose a goddess to inspire our practice. Whether by using goddess oracle cards and tarot, or simply by channeling messages from the divine, I will share the goddess message of inspiration with you before we begin. Many of the goddesses are also associated with spirit animals, who will also inspire our practice when they wish to be present. Based on their teachings, I will set an intention for the day’s practice and beyond.

Yoga Asanas and Mantras from Kundalini, Vinyasa and Hatha

I’ve practiced many different styles of yoga, and in our Goddess Yoga class, I will incorporate my favorites. We will begin with beautiful mantras to the goddess. Then, we will mindfully warm, stretch and strengthen the body, first exploring the deep joints and then gradually progressing to standing. We will build heat and energy within as we begin to flow, gradually increasing the speed of our series. Then we will advance to balancing poses that are more rigorous. Thereafter, we return to the ground for deep stretches and will subsequently enjoy a guided meditation during shavasana. During the guided meditation I will channel the goddess through song, and also incorporate aromatherapy, crystals for healing, and light touch and energy work.

Every Class is Inspired by One of the Chakras

Each yoga series focuses on healing and opening one particular chakra, and although we always work with all 7 chakras in every class, I will choose one chakra to feature. I will mindfully craft the asana series to emphasize the balancing of that chakra, whether it needs opening, strengthening, liberation or calming.

Practice to Chakra Healing Music

sound bath healing music goddess yoga

This chakra healing practice will be supported by sound bath music in the corresponding chakra frequency. For example, when we focus our class on heart chakra opening, we will be using a 639Hz sound bath for love and compassion throughout the class. In this way, we will be working on both the conscious and unconscious levels of inner healing.

Practice Yoga with Crystals for Healing & Aromatherapy

In the heart chakra opening class, for example, I will incorporate crystals for the heart chakra, a guided meditation for heart chakra healing and essential oils for love, friendship, peace and compassion. We will be inspired by Aphrodite the Goddess of love, or one of her sister goddesses. We will allow her to fill our hearts and souls during our practice as we use crystals to support, heal and nourish the heart chakra and allow the intention of the day’s practice to manifest love in our lives.

Ready to go on a journey to your inner Goddess where you can heal your inner divine feminine and liberate your beautiful soul, min, body and spirit? Check our our beautiful upcoming Goddess Yoga retreats!