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Are you interested in yoga and meditation because you know they would benefit you, but you can’t find the time to commit? When you love something in practice as much as in theory, it’s easy to make time for it. That’s why dance is the best embodiment practice. When something is fun and joyful and not hard or exhausting, you don’t need to look for motivation.

If you’re still reading, you must realize that you’re stressed and that you need to incorporate more healthful practices into your life. But does making these changes seem daunting?

How is a Dance Embodiment Practice Different?

The Goddess Yoga embodiment yoga and dance retreats will spark joy in your life through the arts and playfulness. I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you are presented with things that bring you joy and happiness, you usually don’t need motivation or discipline. And that is how our method differs from the other embodiment courses out there.

Self-healing doesn’t need to be difficult or demanding. In fact, when done correctly, it is so rewarding that you will look forward to the practice every day. And before you know it, it will be a regular part of your life. That is what we mean by a holistic lifestyle program. It will brighten and affect every aspect of your life in a way that will stay with you forever more.

Real embodiment practice goes beyond mindfulness and meditation. It’s about also bringing the feeling body into your internal dialogue. There is so much information inside of your physical body, but most of us don’t know how to slow down and listen to what the body has to say. 

Dance as a Holistic Embodiment Practice

Dance is the best method of achieving embodiment, because it engages so many facets of your physicality but is also truly holistic. In addition to being healthy and good for your fitness goals, it is also artistic, intellectual, emotional and even spiritual. It is like art therapy, dance therapy, music therapy, psychotherapy and spiritual practice all wrapped up in one beautiful package!

Using dance as your embodiment practice will allow you to balance and interconnect the voice of the mind, the messages of your heart and emotional world, along with your rational mind and your intuition. It is the most holistic practice there is, and will positively impact every aspect of your life.

Make your life a living work of art so that you can bring joy and beauty everywhere you go. Our embodiment yoga and dance retreats will take you through each chakra with spiritual and inspirational music, guided visual meditations, journaling exercises, inspirational Goddess stories, and most importantly original choreography that we have crafted to bring your whole beautiful self into alignment physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Discover the Embodied Goddesses Method at Goddess Yoga Retreats

The Embodied Goddesses method begins with a daily practice warm up designed to strengthen and stretch your entire body. Then, each module focuses on healing, liberating and nourishing one particular chakra with original dance choreography. The movements are inspired by the spirit animals associated with each chakra, and every chakra dance includes a “free dance” section at the end, where you can express yourself freely in any way that feels good and joyful to you. This is similar to ecstatic dance, but much more refined in its objective.

Each module of the embodiment dance method is inspired by a Goddess and her archetypal wisdom and complemented by a selection of chakra healing crystals, flowers, supportive essential oils, incenses and candles. By dancing, meditating and journaling inside each of the beautiful Goddess Circles, you can learn to bring all five elements of your existence into loving harmony.

Sharing the Joy of Dance With the World

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