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The High Priestess and Pluto: Ten Steps From Darkness to Light

Anyone who follows the learned astrologers knows that the end of 2019 has not only been the ending of a year or decade, but also the ending of an age. It is not as simple as Jupiter’s bestowing of great rewards and our wishes coming true, although many astrologists out there reduce these alignments to this.

In fact, the big completion and rebirthing that will take place on January 10th, 2020 with the upcoming full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer, will bring a great deal more than that. These energies are revolutionary and will continue to manifest throughout the year.

The Moon, the High Priestess, and the Divine Feminine

The Moon, represented by The High Priestess in the Tarot, encourages us to tap into our intuition to navigate the unknown and the hidden aspects of the current energies. She carries hidden secrets, sacred knowledge, and the wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

The High Priestess delivers new beginnings, like the Mother brings life, and guides us to remain deeply connected to our feminine, watery side. This is especially true as the current hierarchical systems and structures are being challenged.

Expect to be emotional as you navigate the depths of your unconscious. Fumbling through the darkness toward a small light in the distance is often uncomfortable. But it is better to move forward than to succumb to the darkness and stagnate.

Pluto Descends to Discover the Hidden

In a beautiful and profound compliment to the High Priestess, Pluto will be conjunct Saturn in Capricorn during the lunar eclipse, and also conjunct the Sun and Mercury at the same time. These are big simultaneous energies that are bringing us to the tipping point of transformation, as we undergo the deep spiritual descent and release of Pluto, to be reborn anew with the Moon and the High Priestess as our guides.

But we must listen to what our intuition is telling us. We must, for a moment, get out of our minds and listen to our hearts for the answers. No amount of rationalization can solve this puzzle, for it is a puzzle of the soul.

Persephone Has Sacrificed Enough

As the God Hades brings Persephone down into the Underworld, the annual Winter ensues. Then as Persephone re-emerges, reborn, in the Spring, life above ground is also born anew. Only this time, this Persephone will remain above ground, for there is much work to do.

The sacrifice mankind has been making to the Lord of the Underworld on her behalf is much, much too great. The deal is off. Persephone will not return below. Let this Spring be as long as it needs to be for us to establish a new paradigm.

The Fool Leaps to Freedom

January 10th, 2020 will usher in profound endings, the release of that which has been needing to die. It will simultaneously unleash the supportive energies of transformation and rebirth upon this new age of ours. The transformation will not be easy or painless, however, it is necessary.

It’s the perfect time to take that step forward, wherever it may lead us. The Fool steps lightheartedly off of the edge of the cliff because he trusts in the universe. There is no way to control the future. The only thing we can control is our own choice in each moment. Where will your free will lead you?