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Under the vanishing light of the recent eclipses, the Goddesses walking this Earth planted new seeds. We got down on our hands and knees and dug our fingers into the dirt. The sweat dripped off of our brows as we repeated mantras to manifest plentitude and new beginnings. With this work, we sent our intentions to the stars. And so, this Imbolc, which is dedicated to the Fire Goddess Brigit, is the time for the seedling to peer out from the soil.

Many of us are closing a cycle that requires us to release painful things that are no longer serving us on our true path. This is the power of the eclipse. That which we can no longer ignore must be brought out into the light. The Tower has been looming – daunting and terrifying. Yes, we have had to stand up and face our greatest fears and yet choose to walk forward unabashedly.

In spite of the turmoil, in the belly of The Mother lives the new child. Young, precious, innocent, and in need of our nurturing. We have the love to birth forth a thousand. The last of the transformation is happening beneath the surface as this new moon approaches. Decomposing the remains.

The time is nigh to speak up for what you believe in. Do not back down. Confidence and decisiveness are your truest companions. The Goddess Brigit holds you in her light.

This Maiden Moon marks a new beginning. Nurture her.

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