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III. Resistance is Futile, Authenticity Rules

by Jan 7, 2020Vanessa's Musings

The empath without a sword is merely a lamb. The lamb cannot help anyone when it is being led to slaughter.

The High Priestess and Pluto: Ten Steps From Darkness to Light

There are those who will be fighting to preserve that which is dying. In so doing, they will remain stuck in a pattern of resistance for the entirety of the next major karmic cycle, of which we will not see the end in our lifetimes. And that’s okay. We all come here to learn and grow and we do it at our own pace.

Free will is beautiful. We choose what we need even if it’s not always what we think we want. Our weaknesses tend to lead us, and that is how we learn. Most of us need to experience things many times before we make any progress on the path toward enlightenment. And in most cases, this takes many lifetimes. We each have our own unique journey.

However, throughout this paradigm shift, one thing is universal: A time of enforced authenticity is upon us. The ugly truth that lay hidden and disguised began to emerge as early as the beginning of 2018 for some of us. Now these laughed off shadow sides are crawling to the shore from the stinking waters in which they’ve been denied and repressed – and its not pretty.

The Great Reveal

For generations, these “shameful demons” have been left in the unconscious to fester, and now they are doomed to explode onto the world as violent projections onto “the other.” Whether the scapegoats are women, the poor, minorities, or any other typical target, this unintegrated aspect of the shadow self will emerge raw and unprocessed. We have already seen the beginnings of this over the last year. Do not flinch. Because for those of us who’s lesson it is to stop giving our power away, this is our moment to make much needed changes.

The empath without a sword is merely a lamb. The lamb cannot help anyone when it is being led to slaughter.

Rampant betrayals are being revealed. Deceit, manipulations, and destructive forces that were unleashed for the sake of pride and pleasure, are being exposed. And they are beginning to ripple through the collective consciousness toward realization. We see this on the global and the personal scale. They are in sync.

Oh, my dears. We have been asleep. We must wake up now or the shock will be overwhelming. The longer the lies are allowed to hide, the greater the lies become. We do not make our challenges any easier by burying our heads in the collective sand. For those of you who are strong enough, this new age demands that you stand up for all that is good.

When we say that we should surrender to the universe, it does not mean to stand idly by. It means that we cannot control anything other than our choices and actions in this present moment. What are you doing to bring the light into the darkest of corners?

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