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A period of unavoidable stillness. Mercury churns in reverse through the dreamscape of Pisces. There is no unseeing what is being revealed. The chasm between the old and the new expands. We must choose whether to fall or fly.

When the Hanged Man looks at his life, he sees it from a new perspective. He has been content to hang by one foot. We nurture our own hell when we resign ourselves to ignoring our hearts. Life is only a prison if we let them make the rules. Passengers in someone else’s story.

The world is ablaze. Now is when we need our dreams the most – the soul’s life raft. One is a bridge to liberation and the other an anchor to despair. Be grateful for the messages as they sear your tender heart. Awakening is painful.

When the Great Mother gives birth to something new, the violent contractions of her womb push forth new life. The closing in forces an eruption, tearing away with it whatever remained attached to the old.

The child cannot remain in the womb or it will die. Resistance is futile. The innocent soul is violently hurled into dark compression. But this is where diamonds are formed. The light only sparkles upon them once they reach the other side.

Maybe loss is liberation. Stripping away our reasons to remain suspended where we are. Maybe fear is really adventure. The battleground between our purpose and our resistance.

I don’t know, but I’m writing my own story – and I choose to make it beautiful. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up. It means accepting what the heart already knows. The Universe whispers at first. Then it roars.